Halloween / Samhain / Witchcraft / Pharmakeia / Hugo Talks

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220 Comments on “Halloween / Samhain / Witchcraft / Pharmakeia / Hugo Talks

  1. Nice to spit on our European ancestors, alot of the human sacrifice stuff was recorded by the Romans (possibility of bias from a foreign culture there) and there is ZERO evidence of wicker man (or men) being used for human sacrifice. You really have gone full retard with this American Evangelical/ Southern Baptist/ Biblical literalist stuff. “Space isn’t real, don’t listen to rock n’ roll music, don’t play D & D (Dungeons & Dragons), don’t celebrate/have fun on Halloween, don’t watch the wrong or bad movie, Noah’s flood and ark is real despite the sheer impossiblity of it plus the logistics as well”…… Come on dude. American (Protestant) Christianity is such trash. The US and that religion meeting was the worst thing to happen to both.
    As a Christian, I’m still gonna celebrate Halloween, watch (decent, not the modern shit ones) horror movies, drink and enjoy myself. You’ve fallen for the Fundie trap mate.

    • Seeing a lot of professional conversational manipulation tactics there. Seeing a lot of “association” tactics (what does Halloween and the satanic nature of it have to do with space, rock n roll, D&D…?), seeing ad hominem attacks (You have really gone full retard), seeing appeal to emotion (Nice to spit on our European ancestors), seeing a big mis-representation of “Christian” history (Noah’s flood and the ark IS REAL, the story IS REAL, your problem seems to stem from ignorance about the whole thing…or intentional disinformation…But a: The “Noah flood” wasn’t a global event, and b: the people on the ark weren’t the only people on earth, they were the only DESCENDANTS OF ADAM that survived).

      And for the record, the worst thing to happen to the US as well as our…ahem…”religion” (not ACTUALLY a “religion” but a racial movement) was the pollution of it by Zionist Jewry. Perhaps you could look into the Council of Nicaea, the history of the Scofield bible, the Protestant reformation, and the creation of the Jesuit order within the Catholic church by Sephardic crypto-Jews like Ignatious of Loyola just for a primer on the Jewish corruption of my people.

      And also for the record, God allows us to drink and have a good time…does it not state in Ecclesiastes “Eat thy bread with gladness and drink thy wine with a merry heart, for Yahweh sees your works and approves”? What he doesn’t appreciate is drunkenness, which is a form of idolatry for you have allowed alcohol to come between yourself and God.

      I’m not sure you’re who you claim to be. You sound like an Ashkenazi deceiver to me, or a very weak-willed, weak-spirited, weak-minded and ignorant “Christian”.

  2. Being a Christian means you are guided by the Bible as your truth source. It is God’s will for us. And there’s a lot of rules He gives to his children for our good! We always have the choice to rebel but there are consequences!

  3. Please, Hugo, who do we share this from her to others please, as I can’t find the share button…. Thank you, excellent video, by the way..

  4. The Dr changes his mind after the big pay off. He never really changed his mind he knew all along that the jab was dangerous. Money whore and a deceiver. Never believe mainstream media it’s all a lie designed to trap you. Wake up people when the Queen died covid vanished.

  5. So much evil being pushed to the masses and they are clueless to it.

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