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  1. I trust the bible be in this world but not part of it

  2. Hugo ( or anyone ) do you know what the music is at the end of some of his videos. ( this one too ). The guitar harmonics aren’t normal 5th, 7th and 12th fret natural harmonics so it will be interesting to see the tab for it.

    • This is the technique you will need to master to figure it out.

    • I’m not musical so I don’t pretend to know what you are asking. But, I do know that someone, somewhere, in the fairly recent past, altered musical tuning from the natural (sacred?) 432 to the unnatural 440.

      This video might be of interest

      • Guess who ? A fuckin Rothschild , who else . Can’t remember what one though.

      • @ Rockymarshmallow. Why am I not surprised!

        They changed the tuning to impair us psychologically. If you are interested in this, research the Scottish father and son who found musical staves hidden in the (Templar) chapel at Roslyn…they both died, of fast-acting cancer shortly after. Coincidence, I’m sure.

        But, I can’t help feeling that the Rotten schilds are the bone that they have thrown us. I have no doubt that they are up to their necks in it but…we need to look closer to home to find the whole cabal. Go to the and look up Elizabeth (queen mother) Bowes Lyon’s ancestry. The East India Company didn’t die – it just transferred its liabilities to us.

  3. Apparently “shut up! my dad works for the CIA” is a meme (or code) where a small boy is making a veiled threat to other small boys that he is right and they are wrong and they better watch out or else! Also some connection with scientology??

  4. Roll up roll up for the Greatest Scam show on Earth .🤣🤣

  5. Back during the 80’s Alex Jones went to Bohemian Grove believing that there was a giant owl in the forest that would ‘hoot’ on his coming. Sadly for Alex a storm passed through the Grove that evening and owls for some reason don’t usually hoot during or after heavy rain, often because they are too wet to woo.

  6. I also believe Alex Jones and others are controlled opposition. They could have shut him up somehow a number of times through the years but he is still there, doing what he is doing. No mysterious death, accident or anything like that like so many other real whistleblowers have suffered says a lot I think. They want him there for a reason.
    God bless!

    • Everyone who doesn’t talk about the crimes and agendas of international jewry, Israel and their role in it, the Rothschilds and the city of London etcetera is controlled opposition or are just cowards.

      • True! We are and have been ruled by the cable in England’s green and pleasant lands for a long time..
        Masonic jewry illuminati bankers are very real.
        Modern day pharisees
        and scribes.. They are behind feminism, gay rights third world invasion they have the means and power to shift millions upon millions to all white nations, they have been doing this here in England since 1948..

        MSM is owned by them! Puppets on a string! There is no truth in them!

        After they had depleted the cream of Europe’s men through the banker war. And thus weakening christendom..
        Judaism is bolshevism is communism and their useful idiots liberals, leftists etc helping in the destruction of all that’s English.. German Anglo saxons! the jew hates the most!
        “They rejected Jesus Christ” and killed him, truth is not in them!
        “If you abide in my word you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”
        If you reject me, you reject the father also”

        Judaism is communism, satanic in nature..
        God bless!
        Christ is king of Kings!

  7. So lets be positive, so whom can we trust if just about everybody is involved in this huge world performance.If theres nobody why do you think that is??

  8. An agent provocateur is a person who secretly disrupts a group’s activities from within the group, an instigator, troublemaker. The name Roger Stone come to mind; another creep associated with Alex Jones. I won’t waste a minute of my time listening to these liars.

  9. Good call on making you to scared to share anything incase police come knocking, the 1 or 2 that have, are likely setup to scare people.

    No comment on the Cia/Mi5 bit as I’d have to kill you all later!! 🙂

  10. If someone was in the CIA/MI5 would they really shout it from the rooftops? Wouldn’t discretion be part of the job description?

    • I am sure they are discrete to certain extend but it’s not that the family does not know. Usually whole families are part of the Intelligence as they are hidden peerage. Some lower tier Intelligence is from the street but most are privileged and have faked bios.
      Basically it’s quite opposite to what you see in the spy movies.

  11. Wild video in the link. Hadn’t heard the Scientology angle, but it makes perfect sense.

    I had known about Scientology & Intel connections–all of it occult and connected with other occult groups. And I certainly already believed Jones and many others like him to be controlled opposition from that general network… I’ll be looking for part II from “Sinews of War.”

    So, who is “Sinews of War” and where did he come from? Pretty slick website and videos with not a whole lot of views nor followers. Anonymous, like Hugo… There are layers and layers of controlled opposition–especially on what Hugo calls the “black mirror.”

    Even Hugo could be controlled opposition of some sort. He seems to be genuinely interested in the Truth and headed in the right direction, but we’ll see where things go from here.

    He does respond to emails. Seems earnest and honest.

    But I think that even Hugo would agree that it’s foolish to fully trust anyone/anything that’s only available on the black mirror.

    • The intelligence services commonly use the occult as cover, that’s why it comes up a lot with all of those interconnected groups. It spins people into all sorts of intractable quagmires.
      Hugo speaks the truth on most things, but lately he’s been steering things pretty hard down the occult/end of times/satanism rabbit hole. That should tell you what you need to know.

      • Are you sure its the intel services using occult as cover?

        Or is it that the intel services are dominated by occultists?

      • I agree with you. Intelligence must be filled with pathological narcissists because they love to cause goose bumps in others by making a show. Paranormal stuff is a great tool to fool people and even to seduce women. Combined with fear yields enormous impact.

      • @Edgardo
        They are not occultists. Most of them show minimum of emotions / have little if any spirituality.
        If they perform some occult rituals it is just a show to provoke and/or to mock spiritual people.
        I would look for evil people higher up. The ones who enable/pay for this theater using their credit card that has no limit.

      • Yes, and there’s so many different strands to the infinite rabbit hole of mass distraction to get lost in and guarantee you’ll never find your way to the truth.

  12. I prefer the term “Bankers Bitches” over government assets.

    You make millions by towing the line, not breaking the mould.

    They are slaves, not freedom fighters.

  13. 21:38 at Centre Parcs Cumbria an ambulance with lights but no sound. No details but hope the person is OK. 🙏

  14. Hugo,

    That’ll explain why Tate mentioned the War room in one of his interviews. He said it was next as powerful as a nation state. I thought that was strange at the time.

  15. Well my Dad was a jedi fighter and could win a fight against your dad
    You know why you haven’t heard anyone else going on about their family being in the CIA? Cause anyone that’s in the CIA, their family have no idea and never will know, in all likelihood

    • Sorry but I don’t believe in this but they sell this lie in the movies like in the Mission Impossible that they live this double life. They definitely are not worried about foreign spies or assassins because this whole thing is a big fraud but they programmed it into our brains through movies like 007 James Bond or Bourne franchise. Their double life is to live at our expense and lie to us in exchange.
      It could be these spy movies are to increase morale of these corrupt people, make them feel better about themselves. In those movies everything is pretty much black and white so serves as a therapy to these frauds.

  16. There is always Lt. Col Michael Aquino. Creator and High Priest of the Temple of Set. He had a lovely collection of Nazi memorabilia.
    “U.S. Army, career officer specializing in psychological warfare, began 1968, became Lieutenant colonel in military intelligence, retired; served in Vietnam!”
    He was on Oprah! Speaking of Oprah… What’s she up to these days? Still slanging pagan garbage?
    “In the United States, an estimated 460,000 children are reported missing every year.
    Federal Bureau of Investigation, NCIC.” The numbers for other countries are horrible as well.
    Lt. Col Michael Aquino was involved in child trafficking. He was never convicted, but you can watch video footage yourself and decide if he is a savory character.

    “Nothing goes viral by accident.”

  18. There is a lot of talk about ‘bypassing meters’ and such on here but what you forget is that the power companies are heavily weighting the increases to the ‘standing charge’. I have made an Excel spreadsheet that tells me that according to the ‘projections’ that come April 2023 I will be paying £25 a week standing charge on the electricity alone!

    • I live in a caravan. My bill for the last month was £20. I only have lights, fridge/freezer, kettle, TV (watching 30 years old programmes occasionally) and computer charging…plus the ignition of my (bottled gas) boiler. That’s it.

      When, I have to, ‘cut down’, the first things to go will be the internet contract and the TV.

      Let’s see how they control the population when no-one can afford to be connected to their propaganda. Or, maybe they’ve baked that in too. Who knows?

      Someone should challenge that standing charge in court.

  19. All who show at InfoWars are Intelligence spooks.
    After this phony trial of Jones they all should go down the drain with him including these Brits (don’t remember the names) who collaborate with him. It’s a theater and they don’t even hide the facts but brag about it.
    There is little to be proud of being part of this Intelligence community. Liars and criminals sanctioned by the government I mean the Sick Lords who own it and S&P500.

    • What is your take on David Knight? He left INFOWARS, and has his own show. I think it is pretty good. But you never know!
      “It is better to take refuge in the LORD Than to trust in man.” Psalm 118:8
      “He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: But he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.” Proverbs 28:19

  20. You can add Tucker Carlson to the list as well, he’s started spouting the approved government narrative that everything to do with the convid jabs is Trump’s fault, even though the jabs were already being produced, bought & paid for before he even took over the job.

    • Maybe originally but since then he’s been red pilling everyone. He’s done some great videos of showing the lies!!!!

  21. The UK is collapsing in slow motion – look at some of the videos posted by Auditing Britain by AB for the evidence. Meanwhile, where I live in Finland, the media over here asked Sanna Marin whether she was being blackmailed! More and more Finns are waking up, and a high proportion know that both Sanna Marin and the Finance Minister, Annika Saarikko were former World Economic Forum, Young Global Leaders

  22. He was also “bill hicks” . I noticed they were the same guy aaaaages ago. Way before the Internet really took off. He was younger then.So obvious!Now not so much

  23. While we are on the subject of AJ and controlled opp. I would like to ask the group for any comment that they may have on the late Alan Watt. He was a regular guest on Infowars and prison planet in the noughties. He is a very convincing speaker and seems to have a loyal following. I thought he seemed relatively legit but began to wonder when i found out about his AJ connection. Any thoughts?

  24. Alan Watt was a regular guest on AJ’s shows in the noughties. I only became aware of this recently. I found Alan to be a really convincing speaker and more genuine than other well known ‘truthers’. Would be interested to know what others here make of the AW/AJ connection and Alans content in general. Any thoughts?

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