Hannah Fry BBC Unvaccinated Coinkydink / Hugo Talks

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Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gge_R_eoX0

Part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcWsDJX3EYY

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  1. I totally agree with you, I don’t watch the news on any channel

    • paul w …. so you are saying 91% of “covid” deaths are triple jabbed,my question is: where is the evidence “covid” (SARS-COV2) has been isolated,and proven to exist?,please forward your information to Christine Massey at fluoridefreepeel.ca ; she has so far sent out approx 200 FOI’s asking for this evidence,still nothing……as for the remaining 9% unjabbed “covid” deaths…..where do they fit into this storyline?

      • Nuremberg,
        I think you’ve taken Paul’s comment out of context?
        91% were scared into taking the jabs as they trusted the science and look where that ended up.

        You have a valid point about isolation!
        Without that all this is complete bollox

    • Since Jan to date ninety one % of Covid deaths are the triple jabbed.

  2. Best kick in the bollocks, backfiredd documeteries the British Bullshit Company have shown.

  3. I watched that and thought yes trace and track take your money including trust fund ect we being set up thank u Hugo

  4. There is no such a thing as coincidence especially knowing that B Gates is sponsoring BBC..the gullability of people sickens me..thank.you Hugo, spot on!

  5. Thanks Hugo, very interesting. As for the dirty BBC, they’re the most disgusting purveyors of toxic propaganda among all of the matrix media – from their support and celebration of pedophiles, to their flag-waving, ongoing cover up of history’s greatest crimes against humanity.

    And their choice of language too – “who refused the vaccine” vs ‘declined the offer of an unnecessary and experimental gene editing shot’.

    The only thing any of us “refuse” is to be brainwashed into sleepwalking into, or accepting our totalitarian enslavement.

    • They’re so devious, evil most people have no idea of how they’re being brainwashed by jewish owned MSM..
      Judaism is bolshevism is communism..
      They’ve infiltrated every institution in England’s Green and pleasant land.. And most of western Europe too… The three stooges left in the race for number 10 are all puppets of WEF! Shwaab is their master…

      They’re disgusting creatures! We are ruled by foreigners!!
      The worst is yet to come, from these monsters! People have no idea? We live in a matrix!!
      NWO is satanic! All humanity will be under the jack boot of communism!! They still try to flog us the dead horse of covid!!, So pathetic!!
      These liars!! And traitors within!!
      Will rot in the deepest bowels of hell!!
      God hates liars, traitors!! They’re of their father the devil!!
      Don’t ever forget these people hate our “Anglo saxon roots ” because we are founded on Christianity of God!
      They want to destroy christendom through mass third world invaders.
      Every perverted law, they have passed is to destroy our (Christian moral code)
      Equality, lgbq, feminism, abortion to destroy the family order.. The father as Head of the family..anti white race hate laws.
      Liberalism is the death of the west!

      Because we didn’t stand up for our Christian moral beliefs..
      We tolerated the intolerable! Under the spectre of equality…
      We allowed lies and evil to flourish.

      They’re slaves to sin!! And they will die in their sin! If they do not truly! Repent!
      “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the lord”
      No one escapes justice!!
      What you reap, you will sow!

      People have no idea, what’s coming!! As was in the days of noah, so it will be again.. People marrying, drinking, building etc. And then it will come.
      The west stinks to high heaven!
      We have forgot, who we are and where we come from..even the victorians a mere 100yrs ago will be ashamed of the cesspit England has become, we have lost our heritage!! On the alter of diversity!!
      God bless!
      Christ is king!

  6. Yes I had the misfortune to watch some of this this . Was shouting at the telly most of the time !! Knew it would be totally biased

    Clearly heavily edited and the main thing was to make the people involved look a bit odd and off the wall .. ie the chip in the vax

    Never heard of this presenter before and she seemed to either have a smirk on her face or have a face liked a smacked arse if she didn’t agree with what was being said

    I’ve also heard 2 of the most vocal women Vicky and Nazarin have said they were going on GB news to put their case as they were heavily misconstrued ?

    • GB News had them on last night yes. Not seen it as GB News is vomit inducing too and also a front as Hugo suggests.

  7. Thanks for exposing the trash Hugo!! God Bless you!!

  8. They are all nutcases the lot of them..I never watch mainstream because I always retch,so thanks Hugo.

    • This show proves that the BBC scum owned by Bill Gates, George Soros, WEF, Bilderberg is complicit in GENOCIDE!
      The statistical chance on these “coincidences” is practically 0.
      Hence death penalty for those involved, NOW!

  9. Big Brother looks like it will return in 2023 on ITV2. Picture the scene……..All the housemates for the first season will be a collection of unjabbed misfits. The host and commentator will of course be Hannah Fry. And the public will vote them out using a social credit score system from their phones. Just like in the episode `Nosedive` from Black Mirror.

  10. Nice Freemasonic black and white squares at the end Hugo. Those MI5/MI6 Rothschild agents at the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation have trained her well.

  11. Hannah the world class statistician never made mention of why the the seasonal flu deaths over covid where next to nothing, why most phizer employess didnt even take one jab and how you can scan for a device without names on your phone to pick up devices that have nano chips. paid oppostion that never asked the correct questions or the BBC just edited all the legitimate none specualtive information out.

  12. Curiosity got the better of me so I watched this programme as I thought it might be a talking point in ‘ Stand in the park’ and wanted to see what it was about. I hate watching BBC so guessed what it would be like and when the programme started and that woman introduced herself she said she was triple jabbed so I knew exactly how this was going. I couldn’t stand to see it to the end and did wonder about the outcome so I was interested to read here that none of the people changed their minds. It was just biased, the whole thing. 😩

    • They didn’t change their minds, but gave indication they might. This suggests to the audience that they have doubts. I would never consider changing my mind because I know the evident dangers, and even if I got lucky, I would always be looking behind my back and never rest easy.

  13. Thank you for another great presentation and also for the links…excellent research!

  14. Jeremy Hunt was the Health Secretary back then. Co-inky-dinky – ***drum roll*** – MP for Haslemere area since 2005: Jeremy Hunt. Shocking that.

  15. Haslemere MP is Mr CCP Lockdown, Jeremy Hunt.

  16. I’m guessing the show sucked. Like some on here I got rid of my license a few years ago and never looked back.

    For those who actually watched it, did the fame hungry people in the house actually give good reasons for not having the jabs?

    Did anyone mentioned the amount of adverse effects and deaths?

    I might be wrong but I’m guessing the British Brainwashing Corp would edit that if they did.

  17. I would suggest that this was a real world test of sheepy compliance and the Apps before the real pre planned sham was broadcast!

  18. So .. H Fry,
    wants to help ‘fry’ more people for her ‘masters’.

    I don’t watch tv so I couldn’t give a shite about her or her sheep program you talking about Hugo
    ..she clearly has ‘obeyed’ her ‘instructions’
    For her own gain, GREED.
    so she doesn’t get the sack or go skint, cold and hungry like the rest us poor sods out here now!

    She probably sat on saviles lap back in her younger day.
    In Corruption Central.

  19. It might not have been for the one’s at the house they maybe were targeting the gullible still watching the BBC

  20. Basically the beeb wanted to get across that :

    – Myocarditis is rare, not that bad and clears up on its own – who cares if kids and young people suffer heart attacks
    – Nobody cares if you or your loved one are one of the unlucky ones getting serious harm/death from the jibby (because its rare)
    – The unspeared are more likely to die of convid in ICU. We withold any context of the people cherry-picked as unjibbied convid patients such as comorbidities, age,
    obesity, or if they were already in hospital with another condition when they tested positive etc
    – Lack of long-term trial data is an inconvenient fact we can all skim over
    – The ingredients of the concoction is as follows : synthetic MRNA. Nothing else whatsoever
    – Blood clots were only associated with AstraZ (in some age groups) and that’s all been rectified
    – Jibbies are safe and effective, as per the fact-checks
    – We can ignore the fact these people are alive without help from a jibby, including the pregnant lady who had a flu like illness that tested positive whilst pregnant and
    had a healthy baby (even though convid whilst pregnant can increase the chance of stillborns by 15%!)
    – There are no cases of miscarriage or stillborns after the jibbies. None whatsoever to mention. Yellow card scheme, whats that?
    – Healthy young 28 y/o women can have a stroke, 3 heart attacks and a seizure, it’s normal and nothing to do with an injection 5 days prior
    – Natural immunity is not worth a mention
    – No health professionals, immunologists, epidemiologists or anybody credible disagree with what we’ve told or shown you, none at all
    – Anyone spending 1.5 years saying no to the jibbies must have their mind changed, they can’t be left alone
    – Convid exists, that’s a given fact ok

    There’s plenty more but that sums it up to some extent.

    • Gina ( puts arm around shoulder ) you covered it love. I feel your frustration i really do. All we can do is try.

      • Hi ladies

        I agree
        And yes Tanya
        We Never give in.

        Giving up & giving it all away
        is what the agenda is,its
        Disgusting & Disgraceful.

        And I won’t live in fear & hatred
        Not for No One!

        Have great weekend Everyone

    • They have a huge problem, and that problem is the control group. They can claim that there’s only 3m, but they can’t alter the fact that the control group is really at least 10 times higher than they. This winter, those in the control group won’t be getting ill, I also imagine they will be telling anybody who’s listening that they are healthy precisely because they are unvaccinated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMokTD25rBs&t=179s

      • I just subscribed Nigel
        Good luck
        And thank you for also
        Getting the message out to theses people still in oblivion?!!!

        Have great day Nigel

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  22. Last comment deleted so I will not bother to expand, SHES A JEW!!!!!

  23. Oh right i get it Fry is a dirty ((gheeeewwwww))
    Waste of time commenting here!!

  24. Another great revelation – this peekaboo poser’s penchant for pandemics and pinging. Also, a nice stil of peekaboo Fry standing on a very telling black and white tiled floor, as others have observed.Thank you HugoTalks.

  25. Yes indeed this whole stink is utter bollocks, all based on those wretched PCR and lateral flow tests which we all here know are completely fake! And yet still all my friends and most of my family are doing them!! Absolutely insane and ridiculous!! GinaW you’re right on the money babe, and I totally agree with everyone else too. Great comments everyone!! I send everyone here my love, please take care all. I’m so very lucky to be in this group with such sensible and wise people! We’ve all got to stick together here. God bless you all.

    • Hi ya Carolyn
      And we are very lucky to have you here to.

      Have a lovely weekend to you x

  26. Hey Hugo. Just like to say that I’ve been with you right from the start of convid. Icke on London real 😀 with conman rose made my light bulb come on. You are doing an awesome job through these long and very difficult times with worse to come. Keep it up Hugo Love and peace brű

  27. Tanya Louise and GinaW, Janie and everyone, I send you all a great big hug! I feel exactly the same as you all, feeling exasperated at the insanity of everything, but we all will always have each other ok however ridiculous and awful this whole thing gets!! Hugo thank you too for all you are doing here for everyone. Keep up the good work, you’re doing an absolutely Stirling job ok! Hope everyone here is ok. I’m having a quiet day today, as my poor hubby has a broken leg after a nasty fall at the weekend. He was carrying a gazebo into the Vicarage garden for our children’s holiday club barbecue when he tripped and fell. He now has a green stick fracture of his tibia, so hobbling about on a special boot and crutches! He’s now stuck upstairs, so I’m having to bring his food and drink to him upstairs! Anyway, you take good care here, and have a good weekend. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Carolyn poor hubby
      It takes something so simple to cause so much damage
      doesn’t it
      Bless him

      He be ok, he has a great wife taking care of him.
      Just a shame you got keep going up down stairs,
      so you take care to,
      no rushing is always best my dear Carolyn.

      Thank you Always for the beautiful comments you give us on here, I speak for myself but I know many here read your very positive and informative and important comments you post & feel the same.

      I wish hubby a speedy recovery
      And you take care now xxx

    • Ditto what Janie said. I can`t really add to that.

      • Thank you Tanya

        Have great day now

  28. Awwwwwww my dear Janie and TanyaLouise! Thank you so much for your loving comments which have made my day today!! Sending you both a huge hug right now!! My poor hubby is pretty fed up as you can imagine, being cooped up in the bedroom, especially on a beautiful sunny day like this one!! But I have to watch him all the time, keeping him upstairs so he doesn’t fall downstairs or anywhere. He’s being a good patient though, and I’m sticking to my marriage vows like super glue! I’m so blessed indeed to be married to such a special guy, so we stick together through the rough stuff cos that’s the only way to be! Anyway everybody have a lovely weekend, enjoy the gorgeous weather!! God bless you all. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • He is a good hubby listening and getting better
      Great stuff hubby & what a lovely lady
      You sound a ‘good team’ together xx
      Lots hugs Carolyn xx

      Have great day to you All.
      And u Hugo have good one

  29. Just seen that the WHO have declared yet another scamdemic, monkeypox, commonly known as shingles! Moreover the Head of the WHO has no medical qualifications whatsoever! Bill Gates is obviously pulling his strings. Oh wow I feel physically sick reading this crap! Also Rishi Sunak has said that he will declare a national emergency if he becomes Prime Minister. There’s obviously going to be another lockdown coming.

    • I will do my utmost best to ignore the lot of any new hysteria. But I will express my enormous distrust of big pharma and these corrupt organisations to anyone who actually seeks my opinion. Some people you think are “pro everything” actually now agree with us secretly, they just feel a bit foolish and don’t want to lose face. Hope your hubby is doing ok, Carolyn! Bless him, getting injured trying to be kind and helpful! Best wishes to you both!

    • I say screw this fake pandemic and screw the people that believe it….there all have there face nappies on again shortley😷🐑

  30. Absolutely right dear GinaW! I will do exactly the same. We all have to be really strong minded, tough as old boots, and stand up for ourselves, refusing to be bullied by these scumbags. Those of us who are intelligent enough to see the full picture of what is really going on need to stay true to ourselves and not let ourselves be drawn into any of this shit. As Carl Vernon quite rightly said a long time ago, we have an abusive relationship with our Government, and the British public need to wake up and face the truth in the cold light of day, acting accordingly. Anyway thank you for your supportive loving comments regarding my poor hubby. He’s hanging in there, and we’re coping by cracking silly jokes to keep our spirits up. My hubby has a lovely sense of humour, and always make me laugh lots. It’s no fun for him, but he refuses to give in to it. We have to pray that these next 6-7 weeks will go quickly and his leg will heal up quickly too. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  31. The coinkydinks are not caused by man alone…
    Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  32. Why in the world would anyone change their minds now?!? We’ve all had covid at least once, the SARS part (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome = cytokine storm, i.e. the thing that made it unusually deadly for some) doesn’t even happen with all the later variants and it’s certainly no secret that the vaccinated are all getting this cold multiple times and are as much a part of spreading it as any control group.

    It wouldn’t matter if they convinced us all that all our previous reasons were wrong, crazy or delusional, it’s so blatantly obvious to everyone who hasn’t taken the stab that there is absolutely no value for us in taking them now. And having caught the coof and sailed through without dying or suffering the dire consequences they promised, we’ve already been vindicated as having made the right choice.

    • “All had covid “😀 that was the swab testing positive yet does not work as a test for infection or sickness….everybody has been had over with this crap and them jabs was never actually tested on virus…
      As for them masks😷….useless and let aerosols right through them…like wearing a colender on your face….

  33. What I can see around me here in Finland is that the vaccinated are already sick with chest infections. Much of the heath problems people are now experiencing are due to the mRNA injections, which are slowly destroying the immune systems of those who consented to the mRNA injections. The good news is that they were never able to eliminate the control group, which was, and continues to be, huge! This winter time I expect the un-jabbed to be in rude health. Furthermore, I expect the un-jabbed to be telling the sickly jabbed that they are healthy precisely because they never took the mRNA. This explains their desperation, they can’t stop the awakening process now, it’s too late for that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMokTD25rBs&t=179s

  34. They employed this busty girl so there is enough male audience.
    Of course the selection of antivax males is astonishing.
    They look like they are on leave from mental asylum.
    Women watching BBC are programmed to perceive antivax men as ugly creeps.

  35. Freddie Light, there’s no such thing as covid! It’s a hoax!! Oh dear you’ve been brainwashed like so many others, which is very sad indeed.

    • The fact they use children
      Is sinister and we know
      It’s been happening through kids programs for Years!

      I always encouraged me kids
      as growing up
      to play out
      not sit in front of the ‘Doom Box!’

      Sick world

    • “Covid” is the cold and flu and summer colds….
      Its all a goax as you say based on unreliable swabs that test for nothing

      • CO “6” D if the VI is seen as “six”. Then look at “L” and with a curled bottom right end it looks like “six”. So yes, “COLD”.

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