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  1. Paying over £200 to wallow in mud to see geriatrics like Paul Mcartney , Diana Ross. Then having to virtue signal to Zelensky, Greta.Insane.

  2. You R Greta. Waving get a flag , just like little Greta.
    You, Hugo are fucjin’ Greta. – “Oh, no I’m not, I’m real.” But of course . Everyone is rwal.
    Yet we have Hugo Gladstone and Greta Tunberg. Before the unwashed, washed.
    Don’t turn me In fucking-hugo.

  3. Then we have Lord Ukraine Midget Professor ,
    So, of course Lord Ukraine Midget Professor gets 1st class press.
    We got the ,title Lord piping get through all the fighting . Just as planned .

  4. “He would attend the opening of an Envelope” Nice one Hugo, brought tears to my eyes 🙂

  5. Please don’t tar all pagans with the same brush, many of us work against the darkness. The airhead neo wicca types are the ones that bring us down paganism is our indigenous roots not the sand cult of a foreign death cult with a corpse on a stick! Oh by the way Lucifer has nothing to do with Satan instead of the brainwashed Christian who can’t get dressed without checking out what the Bible tells them what to wear that day or what they can eat for breakfast try studying paganism before attacking it.

    • There is no ‘light’ in paganism… only dark disguising as light. This is how you have been brainwashed into making excuses for your earthly god satan.

    • You want to practise what you preach you hypocrite ! I wasn’t going to comment but once you started attacking others beliefs, that was the point I changed my opinion. Seems to me you have only a limited grasp on your own fake beliefs which makes me wonder, just how in depth is your own knowledge or belief. Your outright hatred that encomasses everyone that doesn’t conform to your own particular warped view makes you stand out as a particular distastful individual who spews venom from your mouth, while expecting others to listen to you in any sort of favourable manner. To spew hatred from one side of your mouth whilst pleading with others to listen to you say from the other side is double speak. You speak of ancient indiigenous beliefs . . .”Paganism is our indigenous roots” yet you speak of Lucifer . . .
      Actually Lucifer is a Latin word (two words actually) which means “light-bringer”. lucefer from words ‘lucem ferre’, derived from roots LUX (light) and FERRE (to carry)
      The Greek translation is Phosphorous (light-bearer), alternatively Heosphoros (dawn-bringer). Both Latin and Greek words were translated from the original Hebrew writing “HELEL” הֵילֵל which means “the shining one” or “the bright one”, from this verse right here

      Isaiah 14:12
      “How you are fallen from heaven,
      O Lucifer, son of the morning!
      How you are cut down to the ground,
      You who weakened the nations

      So you see there is nothing indigenous about Lucifer his origins are from the Hebrew Bible not ancient British/Irish pagan culture. In fact I strongly suspect you would not know an indigenous pagan god from an umpa lumpa. If you are going tro lecture others about their beliefs, it is at least advisable to learn something about the origins of what you claim to believe in. To spew hatred is no way to win followers or to have anyone take you very seriously.

      • Thank you battlebeth for putting Lisafer (telling moniker) in its place. I really appreciate your in-depth comments on this vlog. Peace.

      • @battlebeth Lucifer as a name for Satan doesn’t exist!

        From the corrupted KJV:
        Isaiah 14:12 (KJV) How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

        From the Hebrew Transliteral Version:
        Isaiah 14:12 (Hebrew Transliteral) How you-fell from heavens howl you son of dawn you-were-hacked-down to the earth one defeating over nations.

        From The Concordant Literal Translation:
        Isaiah 14:12 (CLV) How you have fallen from the heavens! Howl, son of the dawn! You are hacked down to the earth, defeater of all nations!”

        Notice, NO Lucifer in the Hebrew original text, nor in the CLV – it ain’t there folks.

        Exposing The Lucifer Lie And With it, All The Luciferian Myths!:

  6. Hugo, you got me worried as I very interested in Budhism and lotus flavour us a Buddha’s symbol? Can anybody shed some light on whether Buddhism is a scam??

    • Check out enterthestars on YT or one of the other sites. He mentions the lotus a lot and coincidentally he talks about in in connection to recent events in the US.

    • Hi June they are just subverting everything that is good. I cannot abide with anything that smacks of bullying. I am only responsible for my own soul and choose to greet everyone I meet with love and understanding. I feel I know very little so try my very best with the knowledge I have to be as consignent as I can be and can only say who I am to judge.

    • Yes it is a scam, one reason alone is that it believes in reincarnation. This is Biblically false and sat@nic.
      “Thou shall have no other gods before me”.
      Buddha was human man and he is in the grave, no power at all. To follower him is idolatry.

  7. Didn’t even notice that Glastonbury was even on don’t care so fucking bored and totally fed up hearing all this bs crap they come out with they’re absolutely pathetic and hugo why is there music playing over your voice hmmmm plus I’m not interested in Glastonbury crap av got much more important stuff to worry about and I love music but not that crap & cheers for vid hugo and as for thst greta freak retarded nutcase on steriods a mean that freak telling folk to start eating babies wtf saw it in a video retarded distorted freak should be fucking locked up who the fuck is gonna take her seriously ffs

  8. Can’t hear shit after 8 minutes because of the music that kicks in.

    As for Glastonbury, just another agenda driven bullshit parade. Who want to listen to nwo puppets greta and zilenski and black fucking lives matter?

  9. I first went in late 80s when it was sponsored by the anti war organization CND and cost 28 quid it was more about the people than, there was even a black community there. Once the BBC got involved on the mid 90’s it started going down hill and once the big fence went up it was done 😕

  10. It’s a real shame Glasto was highjacked years ago.

    • @Alan West Was there ever a Woodstock type music gig that wasn’t hijacked? Many of the boomer generation (My Generation – The Who)) was destroyed at such gatherings.

  11. Kids are underestimated; they’re not as stupid as the establishment think. They don’t give a fuck; most of them are just there to have a laugh and listen to music. The abortion bollocks is just another distraction to cause divide; give it a couple of years, not even that and the ruling will be overturned yet again. That being said, the western worlds population is in decline so maybe there is a reason. In the end, a countries wealth is found in its labour force; debt is the replacement commodity for gold and silver. Lets see.i really dont think the digital age will come to fruition; people will rebel. The age on enlightenment maybe? A limit will come and people will fight. Lets just hope their fight will be directed positively.
    Would it be a bad thing if food and water become the most important financial transaction. Property needs to crash. Maybe someone, somewhere in charge of all this shit has a good idea.

    • I should add that a true Pagan or witch would not be so stupid aa to perform a spell or ritual with the intent of causing harm because of the three fold rule

      • I agree, if your first principle is to do no harm, then you are on the right track. Thanks to all who comment

    • My body my choice? Your body our choice – forced vaccination… Just a thought on the possible underlying motive.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking that situation might be all about!

  12. David Lynn preached the in Glastonbury centre and the energy there is pure evil. You can see him being attacked on YOUTUBE.

  13. HUGO your video is messed up. the music comes in at about 8:20 and i cant hear your voice. @hugo

    • Hugo Talks
      23 hours ago
      Sorry!, loud music blocks out about 30 seconds between 8.30 and 9.00, my mistake,

    • You don’t say much Angela but I always love your understated comments and I feel you are a sweet and beautiful soul. Thank you love Sue : )

  14. Yes I agree it’s nothing but a commercial event promoting bands backed by the establishment BUT I wish you would stop connecting witchcraft and Paganism with these people – Pagans DO NOT worship the devil, the devil is a Christian concept that was used to bring in a patriarchal system and witch burning. Witches were and healer s, teachers, midwives,wise women etc etc and Pagans have NEVER sacrificed babies and the celebrations they held when an animal was killed was because meat was a rarity and the it was a celebration of thanks. You consistently mix many traditions, cults and religious traditions together which is buying into what the elite wants because yes they worship the devil and want people to believe that it’s a Pagan practice. Please folks don’t comment saying I have no idea what I’m talking about because I am a lifelong practitioner and true Paganism and witchcraft does not worship evil

    • @LanfearV

      I will acknowledge you have been respectful in your comments and will give you credit for that. But there is only one God and he is the maker of all things. I fear you are another who knows little of ancient indegenious pagan belief and tradition of Britain and Ireland. It is laughable for you to say . . . “Please folks don’t comment saying I have no idea what I’m talking about ” because it is obvious you don’t. I have no doubt the ancient pagans practised human sacrifice. I live in Ireland and here we once had a pagan god who was called . . .Crom Cruach who was one of the old ancient celtic pagan gods of Ireland, one of the few mentioned as a god in the Annals of the Four Masters, an ancient Irish codex telling of the times before Christianity came to Ireland. His name may have many meanings, but he was most commonly known to the people as Crom Dubh, or the crouching darkness. Nowhere is the name Crom still known as well as at Magh Slecht. A lonely and windy plain between Leitrim and Cavan
      It is believed Crom was appeased by sacrificing the first born in return for good yields of milk and grain. Described as wizened, crooked and stooped Crom was hidden by mists, it is believed he was worshipped since the time of Erimon. Magh Slecht (“The plain of prostrations’’) became the nationwide centre of the cult of the god Crom Chuach. Situated in the parish of Templeport, County Cavan, legend tells us that an early High King Tigernmas, died along with three quarters of his army, whilst worshipping Crom on Samhain eve. A poem contained in the 14th century Book of McGovern, states that Crom was situated at Kilnavert beside the road and that local women used to tremble in fear as they passed. There is a local tradition that the Killycluggin Stone is Crom Cruach.

      The Tripartite life of St Patrick (The Vita tripartita Sancti Patricii is a bilingual Life of Patrick; 9th century) tells us that in 452AD, St Patrick had heard that the pagan’s were worshipping a stone at Killycluggin in County Cavan. St Patrick went to the place and battered the stone. He raised his crozier and struck the mighty idol, breaking it open and banishing the sly darkness that oozed out from within back to the hell from whence it came. Failge Berraide a chieftain of Leinster was outraged with St Patrick and waylaid him with the intention of killing him. But, St Patrick’s charioteer Odran, suspected something was afoot, and that it might be dangerous he persuaded St Patrick to change places with him, just before an ambush was sprung. Thinking he was St Patrick, he threw a spear which pierced Odran’s heart and killed him on the spot. Soon after the killing of St Odran, Foilge dropped dead and it was believed he was sent to hell by the Almighty God. St Patrick ordered a church to be built at the spot. This was the first Christian church to be built in County Cavan. St Patrick also converted many and then led them to a nearby well where he and baptised them.
      In 1921 whilst excavating at Killycluggin, County Cavan (site number 93, Killycluggan townland, ‘ Archaeological Inventory of county Cavan”, Patrick O’Donovan, 1995 P, 19) the stone was discovered in several broken pieces close to a Bronze Age stone circle. The stone is now in the County Cavan Museum at Ballyjamesduff. A replica has been placed about 300 yards from the original spot.The stone’s surface is covered in simplistic scrolling designs of the Iron-Age La Tene style. It is thought that originally it would have stood at the centre of the stone circle, which currently consists of eighteen standing stones, many of them fallen, and has a diameter of 22m.Tall trees now encircle the stones protectively, casting them into deep shadow. Moss has draped a delicate mantle of soft green over them, shielding them from sight, and brambles bristle like a guard of honour; if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you could be forgiven for missing it altogether.

      Numberous Bog bodies have been founnd that bear witness to ritual sacrifice. So don’t even go there with your . . . “Paganism and witchcraft does not worship evil” History and Archaeology tell a different tale.

      • @battlebeth “I will acknowledge you have been respectful in your comments and will give you credit for that. But there is only one God and he is the maker of all things.”

        Satanic Monotheistic garbage. The Godhead is a DUALITY as from Genesis 1:1 H430 The ELOHIM – PLURAL of ELOHA SINGULAR!!

        LET US make man in OUR IMAGE and in OUR LIKENESS!! Genesis 1:26 (KJV) And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:
        The Duality Godhead of The Father and The Son:

    • You must recognise by now how much the world leaders, celebrities and Hollywood celebrate satan and mock Christ. Not to mention how selfish, narcissistic and wicked man’s heart has become recently? By stating satan is just a Christian concept you are playing right into his hands. Satans biggest trick was fooling the world hat he didn’t exist.

    • Please explain Alastair Crowley in this picture. You’re no doubt aware of his connection to Confederate Mason and KKK Klansman, Albert Pike

    • Yes they do, there are only to spirits one being the spirit of anti-Christ and the other the spirit of Christ.

  15. Last 25% of the video was ruined because of very loud background music. Couldn’t make out what you were saying Hugo.

  16. I thought all religions were created to create divide alongside race, colour, rich, poor, left, right, gay, straight and now men versus women. No one questions anymore. Thanks Hugo for all that you share.

  17. I agree with Hugo about the dangerous time we live being amongst so many people possessed by demons who are influencing and leading others to losing their souls. I wrote about this just yesterday on another vlog on the subject.

    It’s difficult to imagine after seeing these “entertainers” in action how people can justify engaging with them. I can’t help feeling tainted when I listen to their satanic music, watch their rigged games, view their soul contaminating Hollywood productions, and woe to me for listening to their fakestream media “news programs”.

    I believe the world has finally reached its “critical mass” of evil. Those disembodied spirits, those demons whose destiny is to remain here in the hell of their own creation, who have roamed the earth since the days of Noah have reconquered the earth. They have taken physical form once again possessing the masses, the souls of God’s creation.

  18. it seems to me that they are wasting time with these rituals and signs. The crowd of people does not understand and does not want to.They come, dance, drink and have fun. Therefore, I see all their efforts as absolutely in vain and ridiculous.this is my vision of this situation!thanks for the information, as always interesting😊personally, I don’t spend a penny more either on movies or on concerts etc.These “stars” will never receive another minute of attention or money from me

    • I did that years ago , well done, your life will be so much better.

  19. Surprised no one has mentioned the music which starts around 7:40 and gets louder until I could no longer hear what Hugo was saying.

    • Hi Steve, I noticed that too. Very strange because it blocked out Hugo’s voice completely for a while, yet no one has mentioned it?

      Hugo doesn’t usually play music like that either….hmmmm strange

    • I heard that as well and was wondering if anyone had commented on it. You are the first one I saw on it. Maybe only a few of us heard that, lol. It was pretty annoying.

    • He did apologise for that editing error !
      Quoted”Hugo Talks
      23 hours ago
      Sorry!, loud music blocks out about 30 seconds between 8.30 and 9.00, my mistake, …. “

  20. The occult is the bottomless rabbit hole of mass distraction used by the intelligence services as a cover for their activities.
    Hugo speaks a lot of truth then spins things in that direction.

  21. These evil one’s have lead many astray.. We are ruled by the wicked ones, pretending to be hollier than thou..
    They have pure hatred in their hearts for the native Christians of Europe, (christendom) is their goal for destruction and along with it the Anglo saxons..
    Make no mistake! This is a spiritual war. These demonic entities know their time is short…
    If you don’t know Jesus! Than God help you! You’ll be easy pickings for the fallen angels!
    “Gospels of Christ” and believe in him!
    Your soul is eternal, this life isn’t!

    “You will indeed hear but never understand, and you will indeed see but never perceive”

    For this people’s heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed,
    Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them, ”

    “Be wise as serpents, but innocent as doves”

    God bless!
    Christ is king!

  22. Me personally I think there going to fake a alien invasion using projectors and propaganda they keep banging on about aliens and all of a sudden there is all these leaked documents about aliens it sounds mad but thats where it all points a war from space

    • The 9/11 hijacked planes hitting the buildings were probably holograms. I’m not kidding.

      • That is absolutely correct , they were aimed at the floor that was investigating the missing billions ( also the area investigating the same crime at the pentagon ) that had preset c6 explosives . C6 explosives turn steel, concrete and glass into plastic , that is why we saw paper everywhere , c6 explosives do not affect paper , the dust we saw everywhere was asbestos.

    • That is an obvious now , explosive will be detonated where the hologram beams land , c6 explosives , just as they used on the twin towers.

  23. If you believe in predictive programming – have any of you ever watched the TV show Lucifer?

    In it Lucifer (yes Satan) is portrayed as a good guy, someone who punishes the evil, and he even meets (and saves) God, who he calls father, and God calls him son – not the rebellious angel who started the war in Heaven and was cast out – “I can’t even remember why I was angry with you” says God.

    Must be related to Potato Joe rather than the all knowing, all seeing omnipotent one?

    In the end Lucifer becomes God, and the cast of the show kneel before him, in his glory.

    THIS is what these idiots are trying to achieve – the idea that Lucifer is good, God is bad, and we should tun away from God to Lucifer, and make the evil one reign supreme.

    Maybe that’s why in society what’s good and right is painted as bad and wrong, and what’s wrong and bad is painted as virtuous and right.

    They all need to be ended with righteous vengeance and unflinching finality in the name of God The Almighty.

    • @guaranteedcarfinancesite I am encouraged by this kind of news, (I haven’t watched TV for years) for it reinforces my beliefs that we are in the last days of the last days. Yah (God) is definitely kindling His fire, for the burning up of the satanic dross you mentioned in your comment – the earth will be cleansed and purified.

  24. Psalm 5

    You are no God who loves evil;
    no sinner is your guest.
    The boastful shall not stand their ground
    before your face.

    2. You hate all who do evil:
    you destroy all who lie.
    The deceitful and bloodthirsty man
    the Lord detests.

    3. But through the greatness of your love
    I have access to your house.
    I bow down before your holy temple,
    filled with awe.

    Psalm 5 says it all.

  25. All this is just sorting the wheat from the chaff.

  26. Noticed the wef maggot levensky got air time on a big screen there…

  27. The Lotus has been a Buddhist Symbol along with many others the lotus commonly serves as a sacred for purity, rebirth, and strength. So now it becomes to the focus of controlled destruction .. Seems familiar.

  28. This will be the greatest economic catastrophe in the history of finance. They’ve built a tower of usury debt over generations, and its been on life support, and beyond repair; rather than let it fail freely, its inevitable destruction must be controlled. They’ve been preparing for it for a long time.

    In order to instigate this control they are currently playing out an ancient eschatological script, eschatology is the most prevalent theme and superstition in most of the propaganda. They have different names for that same archetypical story, depending on the group/herd/identity being targeted, in order to hypnotize the world with a constant state of hysteria and discombobulation, with your favourite celebrities working the dialectic.

    Perpetuating myths & cults is the real 33rd kabbalistic secret of gnostic control, does god exist or not? there are no viruses, Bio-Labs, global warming (note it’s a flood story), singularity, Jesus, moschiach, QAnon, terrorism, nazism and communism etc. These events play out as a nail-biting whodunnit, while leaving clues to crimes in plain sight before, during, and after the event, leaving the decoders to read the twilight language and decrypt the ritual messaging.

    It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on a card carrying member of team reality or useful idiot on the lockdown left, you’re still part of the same problem. You have been taken hostage by a series of false narratives laid on with a shit shovel by the covert occultist parasite class. What these hellhounds want is for you to pick your side, choose your battle, but make sure your battlelines are social media, and that you’re not throwing Molotov Cocktails at the Tower of Babel.

    When the money system implodes and all asset values return to zero, they want people to revolt, to destroy everything, to kill each other. The shift from capital forms of production can have only one consequence: large-scale genocide against the populations, to usher in the (false) new messianic age globalist agenda. The prophecies from Revelation are being re-used on a cyclical basis to mediate the newest reset/age.

    In summary, there is no shift in global power, and no Russian or Chinese threat. There is only one interrelated global business kaBAL of ancient merchant families, playing their respective roles on the world stage, robbing, abusing and deceiving gents for millennia. They have an instinctive compelling desire for attaining as much wealth as possible, regardless of the means employed to attain these goals or the harm it may cause to others. There are thousands of years of unimpeachable historic precedence.

    Stand firm and refuse to compromise your beliefs, refuse to give in to bullying and intimidation no matter what. Study Onomatology.

    • @The-Crypto-Rationalist, You started off well and then got lost in secular nonsense, or is it philosophical nonsense?

      Your biggest fail was no mention of The Jews and Roman Catholicism. The latter being rulers of the world since Rome was founded (and consolidated its power when it conquered Greece circa 169 BC), with the former becoming the rulers of the world since Vatican II. This Jewish takeover began with the Jew Ignatius Loyola in the 16th century with his so-called Society of Jesus – a murderous satanic organisation and no more Christian than you’re local mosque.

      Your second fail was not emphasising that Communism (Jewish Internationalism) has now taken over the world. These obvious omissions make me very suspicious of your agenda.

  29. Hello Hugo – love your videos – just wanted to say that most of the traders wanted cash & were only taking cash – or “cash preferred “ & there were cash points there with massive queues which was good ! My sister was very put out as she struggled not having much cash !

  30. I’m going to a festival next week, gonna be amazing. Rave time

  31. great interview about how confused the new age followers really are Hugo:

  32. I am trying to watch your video on Glastonbury which you posted last year (2022) and when I reached the section about The Burning Man, background “music” began getting louder and louder and louder, drowning your voice out so that I could not hear what you were saying about it. Are you aware of this? Is there a way to know what you said on this part of the video?

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