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  1. Got more data on this, UK gov links to Terrorist Israel on tech and and security look on UK government website, right there.

    Operation Libertad in Israel look into that rabbit hole if people want to know more about the false state/terrorist state Israel involvement as well as Bhaphomet Trump’s decision to move US embsassy, hint it was to cover up CIA involvement in human trafficking, forced organ harvesting and baby farming as well as slavery of non-Jews in Israel.

  2. There is a backlash !because people are leaving and there are a lot of social networks. and I don’t think that this will be relevant at all in the near future, because the first question will be -What To Eat?!? look, people are already not even interested in clothes and this is very noticeable

  3. I never get taken in by them, the tribe they control both sides…
    Media, music, entertainment, etc they’re all bought and paid for…
    Selling their souls for money, money, money.. Fame
    I’ve known this for a long time it’s just more obvious now, who they worship….
    We are in a fight for our souls!
    People don’t realize this!
    Only way is to know Jesus, he will guide you and keep you on the narrow road..
    My brothers and sisters I have left behind, I tried to warn them, but would they listen. No!
    I love Jesus more than anyone in this world. I walk alone, but I’m not alone I have Jesus….
    To withstand this evil, you need Jesus Christ more than ever before.. You can’t do it alone!
    You will be deceived! They want your soul and they will play every trick to capture you! Be warned!

    We must be “wise as serpents, innocent as doves”
    know their ways, so you will not be tricked..
    Turn off the TV and open your Bible, it will save your soul…

    Gospels, Gospels, of Christ!!
    Cling to and follow him! For he is the way the truth and the life.
    Time is short!! Take heed!

    Glory be to God!
    Christ is the king of glory!

    • I agree with you completely. People need to read the Holy Bible, it’s very, prophetic and true. But sadly they are all fooled by Satan. We must ALL be vigilant.

      • Yer but …the lengths i went to to make 0 money our of musuc just to say no and i have no support or fans or help or family ….soul cannot be won by anyone but jesus the truth but he said no ….my way not like Frank, frank didn’t die on a cross … my god , my saviour did ..loose the fear , get some crypto and lets john connor these mofos xxx mr Anderson signing out

        Help is coming to those we hate , lets change xxxxxxx

  4. I disagree with you this time. Musk is in cooperation with the White Hats to clean up the Deep State member boards in Twitter hence his recent purchase. There’s nothing cynical.

    • Really? So, what’s with all this ‘authentication’ business, then? Just asking… I’m with Hugo on this.

    • @Frank Nyarko

      So Musk’s billions invested in transhumanist enterprises, developing man-machine interfaces, implantable chips, bio-hacking of the human species, full-on globalist tyranny coming down the tracks – that’s just a little side-line / hobby of his, then?

      I am so sorry you are so naive to believe the bullsh*t propaganda that he’s a ‘cool dude’ fighting for freedom!

    • You are delusional, my friend. Did you see the sweatshirt he was wearing that said New World Order? And that’s just one small leak from this disgusting tranny shill.

  5. Who can be trusted apart from God? I am getting fed up with what the enemy is doing. I want to know the truth. And it seem very few are telling it.

    • Daniel 2:44
      In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom+ that will never be destroyed.+ And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people.+ It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms,+ and it alone will stand forever,+

  6. And yet Hugo you have Twitter and Facebook on your page. Stop helping them, ban them.

  7. Keep at it Hugo, I’ll be resisting this bullshit for as long as it takes.

  8. So it’s FREE Speach, but if you say something wrong, then real world consequences, which will affect your social credit score and maybe even get you jail time.

    No I like Musk 🙁

    This will then link into the grass on your neighbours for anything and win prizes and increase your score for being a good citizen and reduce theres.

  9. Why is it people don’t bother doing any research? I just don’t get it at all.

    • Realiant on social media and news too much….
      Especially older generation and younger…
      It amazes me how the youngsters constantly are on there phones yet didnt bother looking around all this crap instead of at it…
      Theres not much social interaction with people now unless its media based or on a bloody phone which i call a media handset with a phone…

  10. I have never used Twitter, Facebook or any of these sites so Whatever goes on there will not affect me. If people want to chat to me they can just e mail me, that’s how it used to be before these sites appeared. People need to open their eyes and see what is going on.
    Can’t trust anyone.
    Well done Hugo for doing all the homework / research for us and spotting what is going on.

  11. Evil demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic scum freaks can bugger off I don’t use twit-er anyway so don’t care

  12. Have never had much with Elon Musk and now it turns out that it is indeed a scary man with strange ideas.

    • I agree. His weird ideas to chip humanity included…… whaat??His mother uses the one-eye symbols a lot too.Hmmmm…
      Just a bunch of wealthy spoiled elites pretending not to be.

      I thankfully never used Social media. I have even easily managed to survive without it …. amazing huh?😅

  13. Think of the people that have been completely screwed by this pandemic rubbish and scared into having experimental jabs and staying indoors while losing there jobs or buisness…
    I never fell for that trick but people have been royally screwed over last 2 and a bit years

  14. Folks, there is not one of these talking heads, from the chattering classes, who are on the level. Not one! It is easy to tell. Firstly, they are allowed to broadcast on and on and on…blah blah blah…yabba yabba yabba. If anybody says something that is pertinent and they begin to reach an audience, they will be threatened physically, in the real world and secondly, they will wax lyrical on the ‘what,’ but never the how. Never any mention of ‘central banking,’ or countries ‘owned’ ‘offshore.’ Entrapment via Judicial and Governmental fraudulent grammer. the Vatican, the ‘square mile.’ This is the ‘how’ of our subjugation.

  15. To be fair, with the true nature of the Internet it is fair game for anyone to be “ID’d” anyway: First you must consider the origins of the Internet, its Secret Military beginnings and history of surveillance, and with ties to DARPA and gov agencies, you can’t truly hide on the web, with determination and correct data investigations anyone can be identified online.

    Secondly: Most of the mainstream consumer ISP’s are actually bound by Legislations such as “Snoopers Charter”, if they want to know who you are, ISP’s are bound to store, and if required to share data held about their customers – easily connect the dots, plus most ISP customers have their Debit and Credit info tied up in the system also, so that’s another identifier.

    Rather, this is about convenience for the powers that be, to gain that extra grip of control over people.

    • Yes they already know EVERYTHING you do on the internet, BUT this is about a legal agreement to be able to use it against you under one ‘digital identity’ to tie everything under one legally enforceable punishable regime.

      ‘Wolverhampton to pilot new app to improve people’s health through incentives
      City of Wolverhampton chosen to pilot scheme that will reward healthy behaviours through a new app.

      Wolverhampton residents to receive rewards to help them eat better and exercise more Incentives could include vouchers for theme parks and shops
      A new app will be piloted in Wolverhampton which will offer incentives such as vouchers for shops, theme park passes and cinema tickets for people who eat healthy and exercise more.

      HeadUp Systems is leading the app pilot, and from Monday 29 November adults in Wolverhampton will be eligible to register their interest and sign up by visiting their website.

      Pilot participants will be given wrist-worn devices and access to an app which will generate personalised health recommendations, such as increasing their step count or eating more fruit and vegetables.

      Users will collect points for healthy behaviours which they will be able to cash in for rewards which could include discounts for cinema or theme park tickets, and clothes or food vouchers.’

      ‘The China social credit system is a broad regulatory framework intended to report on the ‘trustworthiness’ of individuals, corporations, and governmental entities across China. In this introduction, we explain what the China social credit system is, how it differs from financial credit ratings elsewhere, and how it impacts on individuals and companies operating within China.

      Key Takeaways

      1. The goal of the China social credit system is to provide a holistic assessment of an individual’s, or a company’s, trustworthiness.

      2. The China social credit system, while still in development, is arguably an extension of existing social rankings and ratings in China which have existed for millennia.

      3. The consequences of a poor social credit score could be serious. It may affect travel prospects, employment, access to finance, and the ability to enter into contracts. On the other hand, a positive credit score could make a range of business transactions much easier.

      4. It is essential that any foreign business consolidating or establishing their presence in China seek professional advice for managing a social credit score. This applies both to individual scores, and the corporate social credit score.’

      Italy Announces Rollout of Dystopian Social Credit System; Compliant Citizens Will Be Rewarded For “Good Behaviour”

      • Interesting stuff, they’re really rolling this stuff out HARD.

  16. Well, there’s always an upside. If people find themselves cut off from the internet, they’re going to be a whole lot happier. No more propaganda or fear-mongering.

    • Sadly, Hannah, the Digital ID, if one doesn’t have one, will apply to, and be required for, every single transaction in life. Thus, filling the gas tank, getting or holding a job, buying in cash (unless on the black market), accessing bank accounts, attending school, going to the doctor or hospital, receiving pensions, salary, pay, etc. This Digital ID has already been assigned to each person who has received their current injections. However, that’s just the beginning. The Digital ID will be the only social transaction token system, ultimately, for every surviving transhuman/hybrid being — w/the ability to instantly, externally, be turned off or on.

  17. Hugo can I ask if there is anyone out there who we can trust to be helping us to overcome all the evilness that’s being created in our world? Do we just have to wait for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ or is there anybody who will genuinely form a proper group to help us fight back?

    • The Bible say trust no man so dont look at any heros out there we are going to be slaughtered for we follow the TORAH

    • Typical, who will save me ? God gave you the tools to save yourself , be that person . No one , including Jesus is coming to save you , that is your responsibility . Do we have to wait for Jesus ? That is todays problem , everyone wants someone else to do the work. Open your heart and be the best person you can be , treat others as you would like others to treat you. Be kind but not subsevant .

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  19. I have never used Social Media like Shitbook or TWATER……I am not a MEAT ROBOT and i was switched on to my enemy in the early nineties



  20. Maybe he’s the anti Christ? (the big hero) , who will make way and usher in Satan. What to see if he survives what can be termed a fatal head injury (real or economical). Either way Revelations is playing out.

  21. Elon did an interview where he said he’s moving into a rented house. It stuck me as a weird thing to say, considering the money he has. I’m putting my house up for sale to rent until I can see where things are going with the economy. I do n not trust Elon. I truly hope I’m wrong. We just have to stay strong and pray that all things will be revealed ☺️

  22. Not video related exactly, but Musk related:

    I don’t watch him (it came up in my ‘recommended’, not a red flag at all lol) but has anyone seen RusShill Brand’s ‘Elon Vs Big Pharma: It Begins’?

    I could have cried reading the comments – these people have really been suckered by Brand and other controlled opposition into believing that the billionaire who wants to insert chips in people’s brains and connect us to the ‘Internet of Things’ is on our side because he’s calling out the dangers of Wellbutrin and ostensibly ‘promoting’ psychedelics; (not that psychedelics are bad but they will be when Pharma start to control them like they are trying with cannabis) 🤦🏻‍♀️

    These people are no more awakened than the sheep they mock – they have just been herded into a separate pen

    Utterly depressing

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