Spanish Flu Bolshevik Revolution HISTORY REPEATING? / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. History repeats, people that oppose it are forever demonised and you are not allowed to talk about it. Communism needs a sponsor to start, capitalism helps with this loan, who do both of these ideologies serve?! Create and control both sides, how they have always done it.The global banking gangsters are the culprits to all of this, things will change when we challenge their money system. If they get us into digital currency it’s as good as over, it will take so much to regain any sort of control. We don’t have long to act.

    • Spot on. It’s all about CBDC’s and marking their collateral. Sweden, the (supposed) free country through all this, is a classic example how they gain trust in gov. And certralisation. They are dangerously close to the final stage with regard to cashless/ chipped society.

    • William L Gates Is not related to Bill Gates. We need to be careful we do not spread disinformation like the controlled MSM as It makes all of us non compliant people look stupid.

    • where does this information come from……..1918-1920 flue epidemic , i cant find confirmation on any site…

  2. If you believe the Spanish flu narrative
    The sheep farm boys did a podcast on this which provoked a lot of thought on i)it’s existence and ii) the true cause

    • How can it have a true cause if it didn’t exist in the first place?

      • I belive your right, that they jabbed people up with an experimental vax all in the name of covid. I’m no conspiracy theorist and have had my child hood jabs, had my last flu jab in 2019. Anyway getting to the speader thing. I firmly belive this. Last summer my on of ex boyfriend who I didn’t live with and didn’t see during lockup lol. Because he was fully on board with this whole crock of crap.when I new from 2020 it was bollocks. Iv never had any jabbed since not even a flu jab. Any after lockup my on of ex boyfriend decided to come and see me and wanted to spend time with me. Dont no why we were total on different sides of our beliefs, I didn’t talk about it but he never stopped. He told me he had had his 1st or 2nd jab mid summer 2019. I dint no if the speader thing was a bit ott but let me tell you it’s not. I’m unvaxed no tests there useless and no way do we need masks . Anyway he stayed the night and he was laying there in the middle of a hot summers night sweating fine u might think but no, it was the smell coming out of his pores it was a toxic smell and hard to describe. I had never thought about spreaders b 4 but wow that smell wasn’t normal and nothing I’d smelt coming of a person b 4. I left the room begin to feel restless and went down and slept on my 20 year old son was sleeping in the next room. The very next day I felt like crap. I’m not joking it was summer and I felt so ill but not with flu or cold .just ill couldn’t move had no energy. Then my son became ill. I got us some of these from a good pharmacy N-ACETYL CYSTEINE, apparently they break down the spike protein in your body. I was feeling so much better the next day after taking just 2 of these. I still take these now during winter . As well as vit D3 zinc and a few others. I would highly recommend them . I haven’t seen my ex since. I never mentioned it to him. He already thinks I’m some crazy conspiracy theorist lol which I’m not. I will never forget that smell and ho I just new it was toxic and had to get away from it. My son has told me there’s a lot of other people picked up on this smell from vaxxed . So the sheading thing as much as I don’t like to admit it I firmly belive is real in 2022. Protect yourself with the spike protein tabs I mentioned from any good health shop. 🙏

    • @Cazcurwen – The Jab wasn’t available until December 2020 …

      I have been around a lot of jabbed people and have not picked up on any scent emitted from any one of them. Maybe just coincidence.
      The shedding thing though is definitely something we have to be cautious of until more info om shedding becomes available. Def agree with your choice of supplements. Should also add Vit-C, Serrapeptase, Selenium, Iodine and Cayenne to the daily mix.

  3. Hi Hugo, you’re a man with a good heart. You’re trying your harder best for those who have ears to hear and understand what’s going on bless you. You’re a warrior

  4. Wow wow wow. What a thorough research. The cabal is falling. The scales are falling off the sheep’s eyes…

    • Let us hope so Jee Gee but they won’t make it easy for us believe me!

      • That’s alright because we won’t make it easy for them.

    • I’d disagree. The sheep will believe this until their death.

  5. So wasn’t a Flu, bacterial newmonia ( can’t spell that ) which ofcourse was caused by wearing old dirty masks, which is why so many are likely ill, but test positive for convid, then get the wrong treatment ie not antibiotics and therefore DIE!!!

    I like Putin, he’s a straight talking leader, very rare!

    History really does repeat itself doesn’t it, scarily identical to current BS times.

  6. the difference between now and then is that the elite have the technology to take this all the way now.

  7. I’m an ancestry researcher and have seen first hand how the Spanish flu had hit my ancestors in the form of pneumonia. In particular, two relatives died in 1919 three months apart in their 30s in London … cause of death on certificate, pneumonia. Be interested to know the true statistics of people dying of pneumonia ….bacterial pneumonia to be precise …no viral.

  8. Germ theory is a lie, there are no natural harmful bacteria or ‘viruses’ they are the bodies detoxifying agents. Bacteria are your bodies LIVING detoxifying element, they eat dead and dying cells and pass out of your body before this dead matter poisons you. ‘ Viruses’ are a non-living solvent used when your body is extremely poisoned with toxic elements. A living organism (bacteria) can not deal with extremely toxic elements because they would die before they could remove it so your body uses a solvent ‘viruses’.to dissolve and remove this toxic infected tissue.

  9. I wonder what the significance of the 100 year cycle of repeat pandemics is? Everyone is brought up to believe in the ‘Spanish Flu’ was a deadly transmissible virus; this isn’t even possible in virus theory since they supposedly get less deadly the more transmissible they become. Next the doctrine of Smallpox being eradicated by vaccines. The truth is quite different when you look a bit closer: the places that rejected the vaccines and took sanitary measure were the ones that were free of it, the best example being the people of Leicester. It becomes a religious belief. Smallpox is still cited as a success story for vaccines. It’s the same with many vaccines; they often get administered when the disease is on the wane and are claimed to be the cure.

    It shocked me when I read Eleanor Mcbean’s account of the 1918 pandemic. This isn’t new and it’s all the same actors, even same names, as the video highlights. They’re mass murderers. Here’s a link to a chapter by Mcbean :

    • “To add to the confusion, the doctors tell the people that there are a lot of various kinds of flu;…..The doctors will say that the vaccine failed because it was the wrong kind of flu for the vaccine.”

      This is precisely what they did when 50,000 extra people died a few years ago in UK (The “Beast from the East” winter), the WHO said the vaccine “targeted the wrong strain”. Get-out clause and perfect cover for toxic jabs.

  10. We Estonians are smart; this video is in Estonian. An Estonian made it.
    I’ve already done my own research and found proof of what this video exposes
    so it’s no surprise to me.

  11. Of course everything repeats, every day/night is a loop, months loop, years loop, loops, waves and vibrations make this place go, but we can effect the vibrations, outcomes are not set, until reset.

    • It is all part of the script. The Covid narrative is starting to stall and people are asking too many questions. Time for plan B. They might be about to do a huge sysops to trigger the next global super bug ie.Wuhan mark 2. If they are then my bet would be on 14th Feb next month at some music or love festival where pop up jab tents are. Think Astroworld x 10 or 100 with hazmat suits.

    • That’s the way with the british and always has been. You’re right to watch out as they’re always trying to push some new agenda mainly because they know they’ve been found out and they think they can make everyone forget about how many they’ve killed in the last 2 years (and before) what they don’t realise is we English have good memories and are pushing the british away from England but they’re kicking and screaming ALL the way but WE ARE WINNING as with all their wars they lose in the end…GOOD ALWAYS PREVAILS! Don’t believe and take England back…we need ALL the genuine help we can get especially in Southend West for the up coming by-election on 3rd Feb and there’s an enormous Freedom Rally taking place in Southend “Kiosk” Warrior Square, just off Southend High Street near the central railway station and not too far from Victoria station the other end of the High Street. Starts midday Sat 29th Jan 2022. If you want to learn how to get your freedom back from the british controllers be there and get an English education the britshits stole from you and bring your family…the more the better-there’s no time to loose to learn the truth about our England that has history dating from 927!! Black, white, brown, yellow ALL welcome that believe in the English culture and are in England because they believe in living free under God as our common laws state can NEVER BE ALTERED, REPEALED OR VOIDED BY ANY GOVERNMENT OR MONARCH as they are above their pay grade!!

    • I hear your concern. I feel the same. Don’t forget, 90% in western countries have received 2 jabs…..I don’t the % of three jabs, but if they prime you we could be looking at massive death count.

    • It’s happening across all the so-called western democracies.They’ve got a psyop to suit everyone – even the meekest of the sheeple. I think that they are trying to force chaos and a total lack of confidence in our governments – so that we will all be begging them for their totalitarian one world government.

      Maybe that’s what the Djokovic thing is about? In France we’ve got Macron going full-steam ahead with vaccine passes even as his MSMerdia begin to expose the problems. Also (and this is as hilarious as it is scandalous), it is being reported that the First Lady of France is not only a trans-sexual but is also Macron’s biological father!

  12. Bacterial pneumonia isn’t caused by bacteria. The bacteria are merely there because they clean up the mess.
    Viruses don’t exist and bacteria are not the cause of disease.
    If you could just get this blatant lie out of people’s mind, the world would be a much better place.

    • Hi Robert, yes Bacteria are useful scavengers the terrain needs to clean up dead cell debris, debris which is often mistaken for viruses.
      out of control Built Bacteria in a Terrain which auto immune has been compromised are a probem, antibiotics in that situation have saved many lives, but at the price of often killing healthy scavenging bacteria too.
      BTW you should have been hung in 1890 when your dead TB Bacteria in glycerin “tuberculin vaccine” killed hundreds of TB sufferers,
      but your reputation was white washed by Bismarck in exchange for supporting his fake Virus plague against British ships

  13. Amazing video! I’ve been so sick of being told things in 2020 like “vaccines save lives”, they eradicated polio/smallpox”, and all the lies about the Spanish flu. And of course people saying mRNA jabs are no different to other routine jabs. I’m sick of my health and (very modest) freedom being interfered with by evil people. All nations deceived by pharmakia. Shaming and attempting to cancel Christianity. Not to mention the lies in the history books regarding world wars etc. Everybody in the world needs to watch “Iron Mountain”, “Trust Naomi”, this one on Spanish Flu and plenty of others like them. We need a bigger awakening. Thanks Hugo. God bless folks.

    • CFR – Communism For Rockefeller = Bauer (real name)
      ECFR – Europe Communism For Rothschild = Bauer (real name)
      EUROPA The Last Battle…
      Kalergi was Rothschilds right hand man stated he wanted to create a European Sovereignless Superstate based on Mussolini’s Fascist Model of Italy.
      Look at EU today. S0R0S filling Kalergi’s shoes with his NGO Migrant Slave Ships.
      UN pushing for global gun control (One World Unelected Technocratic Govt)
      UN Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development / Green New Deal – All the same just different names. The Final Leg of the Master Plan.
      UN (Khazarian/Bolshevik Mafia) > Treaty of Versailles > Club of Rome > Murder of the Czar > League of Nations > Creation of Communism > UN >The Cold War – It’s the same fingers in each pie going back such a very long way.
      *Q1 UN HQ NYC ( Cabal/Cartel ) – built on whose land ?
      *Q2 Which 2 families are the biggest funders of the UN* ( Cabal/Cartel ) ?
      *Q3 Who owns and controls the UN ( Cabal/Cartel ) ?
      *UN pushing for global gun control*
      *It is far, far easier to create a centralized global 5G control (enslavement) grid for a planet of Gun-less Sovereign-less Super-states than 195 Armed Sovereign Countries*

  14. In WW2 the Nazis operated a policy in the USSR of scorched earth. Destroy everything they take over so that it cannot be used by the enemy if the enemy recapture it.

    If this lot want to kill us all and commoditise forests and oceans and everything else – which is what it looks like – creating a 4 quadrillion bond market of everything – then maybe we need to initiate our own scorched earth policy.

    Start destroying everything so there is nothing left for them, literally set everything on fire, but start with the things they own first – their mansions, palaces, amazon warehouses, factories, big tech buildings and properties, etc.

    Let them see that if they carry on there will be nothing left, and their stuff will be the first to go.

    What have we to lose?

    • That’s the british for you and their scorched earth policy-everything they ever touched has been ruined forever…countries they’ve made up (including gt britain/britain/uk which are land masses not countries) whether at home or overseas…wars they’ve started in order to divide and rule (as now esp) and if you look at it they do nothing except take money from both sides but this time they’re s**tting themselves as we, the English, are awake and kicking arse which they never expected…they started this crap too soon and it hasn’t gone to plan and now they’re running round like headless chickens…I’m just loving the show as their plans all fall apart one by one as they still try to kill off the populous of the world…western world at least!!

    • Cut them down before they can get them working! They’ve used our money unlawfully as governments don’t have any money and until 1911 mp’s didn’t get paid…be good to do away with that then you’d not have any politician parasites anymore…

  15. for those who still struggle to understand the situation…’s the satanic forces making a riot , they use their human slaves to fight against God and the Christians.

    • They use all humans to fight against each other…sooner we put a stop to that the better I’d say! They’re trying to remove God and Christianity from England-it ain’t happening we’re fighting back and the britshits hate us…England has counties, villages and towns not f***ing regions…that’s the eu and they can do one and all!!

  16. I think the mask mandates were just an American thing back in 1918, don’t think it happened in the UK. Apparently some people over here wore masks during the 1968 “Hong Kong flu” pandemic but it certainly wasn’t widespread. I don’t remember seeing anyone wearing them then (I was 11 years old).

  17. No virus brought the Spanidh flu. It were the vaccines US soldiers got before going to fight in Europe, one was against meningitis and the other I believe was against typhoid fever. Soldiers were getting sick from the vaccines, and were spreading bacteria in “fertile ground” or in a world at war were hunger and sickness were rampant. No “flying”SARS CoV 2 virus can give you Covid, unless it is injected in the bloodstream.

  18. Couples should wear face masks during sex, new study insists. A study from S & M Quarterly?

  19. For some reason a lot of those masks from 1918 look like poor photoshop images, the barber just after 8 minuets looks positively a photoshop addition. As an amateur photographer and someone who has used photoshop in the past I would say they are fake. Not all of them but definitely some of them, but what would be the reason for this.

    • Yes, laughably fake. And why? Anyway, hasn’t this video already been ‘debunked’? There is something ‘off’ with it like so many of what emanates from the clickbait conspiracy theory industrial complex.

      • There’s Nothing “off” About the well researched 2008 NIH “Spanish flu” report about it being Bacterial Pnemonia from crashed autommune
        due to toxic jabs, even fauci agreed with its findings at the time, so he cant claim he doesnt know now

  20. Another thing that happened 100 years ago was prohibition , at least in the USA. This was with the Volstead act which came into force in 1919 before being repealed in 1933. One of the reasons Congress initially voted for it at the time was because they said it was to curb anti social behaviour. As we know there were plenty of speakeasies and organised crime during that time as people found ways to defy it. I can`t speak for other parts of the world , but here in the UK many people have said that the pubs , and bars were targeted with some of the harshest Covid rules and closures because they didn`t want people to socialise. Ie. this time around they don`t want social behaviour instead.

    • Read ‘Alcohol can also be a fuel’. The Volstead Act and prohibition I think was brought in by Rockefeller to monopolise the then new petroleum industry rather than use ethanol (which US farmers made). Ford’s first car the Model T could run on both ethanol and petroleum. It had a lever to alter the carburettor. Ethanol burns totally clean unlike petrol.

    • I started to notice over the last 10 years or more. Pubs being closed down to make way for more and more housing. It’s been creeping in bit by bit. All of this is nothing new. Even the ads on certain TV channels telling you to start paying for your own funeral once u hit 50. Its all brainwashing. I can remember my brother worried about his funeral lol. He said he better start a funeral plan. That was about 6 years ago . Now it’s gone from funeral plan to a quick cremation in a wicker basket lol family can have a good old knees up when they drop of some ashes. They can fuck of if they think I’m gonna worry about my own death. I think it’s disgusting the way they advertise this shit. We are getting more and more like America ever day and have been for years. This is the UK not America.

      • A lot of these funeral/direct cremation/soylent green ads have moved the goalpost down to 30.

  21. It’s for your safety. Now comply or be rendered! 👮
    🙇 😷

  22. History repeats itself, itself it sure does history repeat:

    19(19) – 20(19)
    19(20) – 20(20)
    19(21) – 20(21)
    19(22) – 20(22)…

  23. In need of a Christian community. (North east England)

    • @The2ndBestPriest, Check the Monastery of St John the Baptist, Tolleshunt Knights in Essex

      • Do they have a website or email address?

    • Try the Diggers and Dreamers website. Lots of communities on there, although not sure if it’s what you want.

  24. The perpetrators of all the gruesome and heinous crimes against mankind are always the same:

    In 1492, Chemor, chief Rabbi of Spain, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat in Constantinople, for advice, when a Spanish law threatened expulsion. This was the reply:

    ” Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.

    The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

    1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.

    2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.

    3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

    4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches. [Emphasis mine]

    5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

    6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.


    The reply is found in the sixteenth century Spanish book, La Silva Curiosa, by Julio-Iniguez de Medrano (Paris, Orry, 1608), on pages 156 and 157, with the following explanation: “This letter following was found in the archives of Toledo by the Hermit of Salamanca, (while) searching the ancient records of the kingdoms of Spain; and, as it is expressive and remarkable, I wish to write it here.” — vide, photostat facing page 80.


    The final solution to the goyim problem is fast approaching since the goyim are blind and cannot see who is their enemy and that this ferocious enemy wants them enslaved, despoiled and murdered.

  25. Hi Hugo,
    I understand it’s not a problem to blame Jews for things that are happening, but you suppress comments questioning germ theory?
    What is this fuckery?

    • You can test germ theory quite easily just go on a bus when everyone is coughing an sputtering all over the place. I guarantee that you will be brought down with something in the next few days or if you are in close contact with someone. Are you suggesting that colds and flu are the body shedding exosomes and toxins due to the effects of 5G radiation on the body? That is just nuts! I don’t have a problem with that nutty crap being ‘suppressed’. More power to the ‘suppressors’. All it does is make people who object to having experimental medical treatment come across as fruit-loops, but then maybe that is the whole point of the exercise.

      • That’s not true. There was a study done in the 1960s that confirmed a person’s immune response was based on other factors than exposure to a virus or infectious agent. Inflammation plays a much bigger role in immune response, that’s why for COVID the three factors affecting outcome are:
        1. OBESITY
        2. AGE
        3. CO-MORBIDITIES.
        My wife and I have both had serious flu twice in our lives. Although we’ve slept in the same bed, we’ve never had it in the same year.

      • Only if you have a compromised auto immune system that day, As Pasteur said on his deathbed when he tried to make right his wrong.
        ” Claude Bernard (Terrain Theorist) was right, the Pathogen is nothing, the Terrain (body and it’s auto immune system) is everything”.

  26. I can’t believe people do the same crap again. That’s a proof how uneducated people are both right and left, both unrealistically out of brain and no education at all. They don’t know simple basic history. Basically you all fell for that shit again even though it happened again before in the past. I hate all of you and I hate how stupid you are. You are only taking free space on this earth

  27. Pffhahahahaha how dumb and stupid the people who did this shit again in 2020 are. Total embarrassment and disgrace to humanity. uneducated fucktards calling themselves “progressive” lol wow

  28. the Jooish banksters do it every 100 years or so because they know 3 generations have passed (anyone who can testify about the past is already dead) so they can pull these bigger robberies of the lower classes and they want us to remember them as world wars, pandemics, communist onslaught, terrorist onslaught etc. They keep changing the theme so they can do it more often without people realizing.

    Read Miles W. Mathis

    • 100 years ago Educator Rudolf Steiner came out as anti vaxx because he had seen and worked out the real cause of Spanish flu, toxic jabs

  29. I hate Americans. Both left and right and I want to bash their brains in. They started this shit again in 2020 then they brainwashed Europe to do the exact same shit! They are just so fucking dumb and retarded

    • And that is exactly the mentality the elite want people to have, hate and more hate.

    • @sideflip22 You’re a know-nothing numbskull. Europe was already brainwashed, and needed no assistance from the Americans, especially the Germans.

    • Yes. I remember reading a newspaper article about a strange pneumonia which was afflicting people in Maryland the summer before all this kicked off. The reason I noticed and remembered it was because it was being blamed on mail-order vaping liquids. We were camping and I had just bought vaping accoutrements in order to avoid smoking in our van.

      • Yes, it was blamed on vaping. Fort Detrick is a military base with a level 4 bio weapons lab. Supposedly, many of the american soldiers that went to the world military games in Wuhan trained at Fort Detrick. 9,308 international soldiers from 109 countries participated in the military games in Wuhan. China placed first followed by Russia and Brazil. The United States finished in 35th place.

  30. It seems that not only the establishment is good at making up stories and intertwine them with facts. I am sorry but some of the information presented in this video are very wrong and shows either that whoever put together the video hasn’t really made that much research and/or are trying to manipulate. Some of the information is wrong, other pieces of information are spot on.
    Just because someone is against the narrative doesn’t mean they can’t be wrong or that they cannot lie and have some sort of agenda. Remember the more we fight amongst each other the more control the elite would be convenient for the elite to have people on both sides to manipulate and lie, because they want to have two sides. The moment the sides disipate they lost. But the sides will not go away cause people are too blind to find the common ground…

  31. The Spanish Flu could not be demonstrated as being transmissible in human experiments carried out in 1919 in California and Massachusetts on healthy US Navy sailors. This was was done in a variety of revolting ways which, if transmission takes place, would have resulted in at least one case of illness. There were none. I believe the original experiments involved around 100 healthy individuals. Pneumonia can be caused by a number of agents eg toxins. Bacteria may be present but their presence dies not necessarily imply causation. If people are interested I recommend the book ‘Virus Mania’ by Klaus Kohnlein et al and D Sam Bailey’s video on Flu (on Odysee).

    • No Virus has met Robert Kochs postulates, UK NHS cold and Flu research stations in the 1950’s
      put real effort into finding a treatment for colds and flu, what ever it is? the best treatment they
      found was Quinine, the treatment used for centuries to control Malaria parasite.
      Of course Parasites meet Kochs postulates, you can infect healthy others.
      Its estimated there are around 15,000 infectious parasites, of which hardly any have been
      studied and treated, Big Phama for at least 40 years have suppressed research.
      With anti parasite Ivermectin costing pennys to make, they have less than no interest,
      except to suppress its availability and use

  32. I’m not an anti vaxer but I am now. In November 2019 I was very ill and as my immune system was on the floor after coming out of hospital lol I decided I would have the flu jab . My choice no 1 asked me or text me or phoned me to have it. In fact no 1 give a shit if I had it or not lol. Anyway went to my local pharmacy to have it and got talking to the pharmacy guy giving me the flu jab. He told me the flu had mutated 3 times in 2019 and the race was on in the Western world to find the first life long cold and flu jab. He also said it would take years as there’s not enough people to to test new experimental vaccines on. It takes years of trials before pharma can make sure its safe and put it on the market. Looks like all that went out the window lol. People are queuing round the block for an experimental jab. Fools and idiots. I can’t get my head around why most people don’t question a drug going into your arm. A drug your being told to have that apparently don’t work anyways . How fvcking stupid can you get. I drug that’s an experiment and if u die or get really sick from there’s no 1 to answer to . Surely by now alarm bells are ringing loud in most people’s fvcking 👂.

    • It could be nothing more than one big clinical trial. Like the ones you see advertised. At least they pay you the derisory sum of £100 to take part.

  33. totally agree cazcurwen. It beggars belief how people can be so incredibly stupid! I’ve had absolutely no jabs at all, never had a flu jab or anything, and do you know that in 2 years I haven’t even had a sore throat! This whole thing is such absolute garbage as we all know here, but there are so many ignorant fools out there!! Insane evil times we are living in right now.

  34. Great video Hugo. I had learnt elsewhere that the Spanish flu was a hoax but this video brings a lot of the similarities together. A lot of what is happening now also happened in Nazi Germany of course.
    I have noticed a rise in the demonisation / attack and arrest of white Christians the last two years, this is particularly disturbing.

  35. Nice one Hugo
    Great stuff thank you

    Shared it from rumble

    Have great day Every one

  36. Next Convid scariant could be ‘more severe’ than Omicron, Jason Leitch has warned

    The next Convid variant could be ‘more severe’ than Omicron, Scotland’s National Clinical Director has warned.

  37. So don’t know what happened but my comment was not posted. Some of the information in the video are utterly false. Either they did not look more into the info or they just blatantly lied to manipulate. Other pieces of information are spot on.
    I also think that is in the best interest if the “elites” to keep people on sides by lies and manipulation. There is a lot of hate and it only helps them to divide and conquer.

  38. Imagine that. Those suffering from Mass Formation Psychosis could still never believe it.

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