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  1. These small ,medium, or large businesses must be off their rocker to follow the government’s dictates . They are on the road to throwing their livelihood away. I won’t follow them …that’s a bloody fact !!!

    • I’ve just cancelled my family’s Christmas Day meal at the local boozer because they would not commit to staying open if they were instructed to close before or on the day itself, that’s just cost them close to £350…they returned the deposit and said nothing…there all mad they are destroying their own businesses without question? We booked it to support them but they won’t support themselves so fuck them now I’m they deserve what’s coming.

      • Na mate, Id say they all have been Well compensated at this stage… I know of one country pub in Ireland, where the owner was getting 5 grand a WEEK while he was closed.? 5 grand… He didn’t even have to pay his staff … There was a video of him saying in person that he wished the lockdowns would continue… You see this is the problem…GREED.

  2. Go to freedomfirstnetwork.com a lot of info on there, regarding the 3 types of people who won’t buy into this garbage, plus the inventor of mRNA Dr Robert Malone once again trying to defend anti vaxers; guilty conscience probably, because he says he had a feeling it would be used for evil purposes, not his exact words, but why make it then!

    • He developed the technology in the 1980s not this shit they are peddling now, he developed the delivery system not the drug.

  3. Well put Hugo I still remain unjabbed and never will be jabbed I follow my God

    • As 85% of the deaths are double jabbed and only 55% are jabbed, this means your 3xs more likey to die if double jabbed.

      You just can’t make this up lol


    • Whoop whoop…..HOLD THAT LINE….lts going to be a ‘bumpy ride’….

  4. What if you break the curfew and your smartphone is still in the pub where it tracked and traced and a fine comes through to your smartphone, and if you don’t pay 5000 your qr code gets cut off and you get locked out of society, it’s not about control honestly, it’s about transhumanism and the jabs are something to do with it, of grid anyone? This is the social credit system coming in. As long as you don’t have the jab or smartphone you will be fine, with self respect in tact, if they cut us of it will be time to go off grid where not there yet but it’s coming roll on spring when the weather gets warmer I’ll be out all the time, I’m dreading next Christmas already. Unless there’s a massive awakening world wide.

  5. Fuck the pub owners and restaurant owners you must be joking if you think they will unite, they took the bribes from the government and they will take it again fuck them.

    • Did many of these pubs & restaurants receive huge cash grants? I heard not all business owners were even savvy enough to claim what they could have done. I work with jelly babies who got full pay for 11-months during furlough. Some are happy to get their boosters every 3-months when guy’s like me won’t get one jab even if they offered me £100M or put a fucking rifle to my head. “There’s nothing to it, it only takes a few minutes and it’s done, I don’t understand what the problem is” they say. I’m convinced these lot are under total hypnosis

  6. That’s why not worried about allowed into the pub ( mine won’t check to worried I’ll burn them down ) there all going to close soon anyway lol

    I’ve got the cold called moronic sore throat and all, gf was shes recently had convid August the last cold that went around, and triple jabbed so she cantget it lol, it’s a completely new cold, there are no jabs for colds so you’ll get it tomorrow and be!ieve it’s convid.

    i feel so bad, i might only do 1 hour in the gym lol

    • I told my gf that she wouldnt get any uprotected action if she took the clotshot

    • Don’t understand you people getting colds all the time lol
      I havnt been ill at all for years !?? …must be your age? haha.. glad uz working out loads bud…I don’t need the gym anymore…I workout at home every day and then go for a run….its free ….

  7. I’m too bored and exhausted to even bother debating the issues with these morons anymore. Data is irrelevant to them, so I just try to stay away from them. I’ll never look at them in the same manner again as I regard them as cowardly, thick, lazy braindead, selfish, bullying dunces. It’s the herd that enable all this bs to be enacted, like that masked jackass on a train reported on “We Got A Problem’s” channel yesterday.

  8. It is very simple. You are in business to make a profit. Under normal circumstances If you introduce a product or policy and your footfall drops you remove it to get that footfall back. If you don`t you go out of business. In this case that product or policy has been imposed on you by the Gov and local authorities against your will. You have two choices. You either fight it legally and make a stand or do nothing. If you do nothing you are either completely stupid , an object coward or have been bribed enough money to make it worth your while to effectively retire.

  9. I am still not complying.

    Pubs finished years ago anyways far as i concerned when the high almighty spoke & said you must ‘Stop smoking -ban’..
    Again another personal choice
    once again they controlled

    If people Stopped complying to everything they say or “Demand”! – should I say,
    we would be a stronger world together against this BS.

    Cheers Hugo
    Take care Every one

    I know of few people heading the rally
    so Go For It !!! Good luck Every one

    • Pubs were far better places for the smoking ban and many flourished contrary to the fake stream media reports that they were all closing. Looks like it’s game over now though!

    • I don’t smoke anymore but I agree… pubs were freedom !! Ye old taverns !! Really miss them !! Sadly avnt been like that for years !! Fuk pubs now … no lose !! .. Im ready to shun this new society .. I don’t want any part of it ! Lol
      I pity them fools who do 🙂 x

      • Exactly
        I miss the old pubs
        that did bit a live bit music ect
        Smoking is a choice I agree it’s what I said
        But for the people who did enjoy a fag inside with the pint it was unfair I felt personally as stuck in the cold is not very enjoyable for some
        They should made one side none – other, being able have that choice

      • I don’t drink so it doesn’t bother me either

        Take care

  10. Interesting no one discussing yesterday’s by-election result appears to consider C19 restrictions played any part, only Johnson’s record as PM — in which case, why was Labour’s vote also demolished?

    • 10 out of 12 Lib Dems voted against vax passes in Parliament recently. That may have something to do with the result. Silly old conspiracy theorist me!!

  11. All being conditioned for lockdowns when the government tells you too.
    When the big crash comes they will locking everyone down.

    • YT are getting bad for sure
      That gates got rich off us & is now wanting wipe us out
      Man is a fraud hidden behind powerful people who need him
      They are all as insane as one another.

      I will never comply.
      I will live my life as I always did
      It is hard I agree also my daughter just been laid off because she has a mind of her own & refuses to be given something that she doesn’t want.

      So I we going have help each other best we can
      I don’t have much but theses people have left me poor for years so survival is something I strive on.

      Take care

      • Best wishes from a ‘troubled UK ‘…..the same ‘thumbscrews being applied in the EU…Australia…New Zealand…Canada….HOLD THAT LINE FOLKS….goung to be a bumpy ride this winter….

      • Morning Ericka
        Yes indeed!
        Hold the line – it’s is going be a bumpy one for sure

        Cheers for comment
        My thoughts to – go out to All the other people around the world going through this Insanity !!

        Take care
        Keep strong

  12. Protest tomorrow people parliament square please get their if you can, we need to show as much resistance to this as possible and show other people fighting this around the world they are not alone.

  13. Can’t understand why business owners haven’t got together and collectively said that they will ALL be ignoring shut down orders

  14. There must be a lot of angry double jabbed fools here in the UK.
    Me I’m not jabbed and fine so I dont really care about them.
    We have All been through the process of trying to make people listen a situation I have truly have had enough of .
    Now the double jabbed fools are being picked upon and made to feel alienated like us maybe it’s time for people like ourselves to let them take the strain let’s see what they are made of .
    Let them so the whingeing and then we can pick up the pieces afterwards.
    PureBloods Forever.

    • My partener is double jabbed….l had ‘something 2020 April…very unwell for some time….l have (natural immunity…my bodies own immunological defence mechanism kicked in)…lm shocked people are submitting their children forward for this jab….just wonder how many Doctors&Politicians have pushed THEIR children forward?…now THAT would be an interesting Journalistic scoop!!…..HOLD THAT LINE…..a bumpy ride this winter….

  15. As a small business we are reliant on big suppliers not closing too. I think its going to be incredibly difficult even though we will not close

    • Hi Kathryn

      I hope you keep that strength going bless you
      i may not be in your position my dear
      but i know how hard it would be if i was
      so i really wish you all the best
      & good luck

      take care

  16. In a new world order you don’t want people congregating in pubs where they might start talking to each other, so best get them closes down.

  17. Guessing there allowing PHE data. Justvas likely to test positiv3, 2xs as likely to need hospital, 3xs as likely to die for a reason.

    It’ll flip soon. Jabbed will ne on lockdown, to hide the mass deaths and stop them catching common colds and dying, while they role out rebranded HIV drugs called Pfizer Convid pill, to fix there immune system.

    Getting to easy to predict!

    • Not sure if you seen
      Carl Vernon just shared Korans being made to mourn the dead leader

      Have a watch
      We moving in that direction Carl is right
      They even been told not to smile!
      Crazy crazy world
      All for power i SMH!

  18. That’s right, we must be together against this circus. but individually, we must maintain our rights too. (at work they gave out masks with the image of clowns, who wants to, like for Christmas – and you won’t believe, many of them dressed !!! no respect for yourself , not the slightest clue and interest in what is happening !!! I look at them and think, what a humiliation and a cruel joke, and they are CLOWNS)Really disgusting 😏🤢

  19. …business collapsing is what they want…a lockdown as in the past would ‘entitle’ some money to business owners…
    Just a curfew will just stop people leaving their home and go to shops and restaurants..so businesses will die out…
    Gloomy indeed.
    Hugo you are awesome🏴‍☠️

  20. Hugo, you are nearly right. What they actually do is leak to the press a version of their hellish intent that is along the same lines, but worse, hoping the public will greet their final diktats with relief rather than rage. In this case, they leaked a 5pm closure for pubs and restaurants only to announce 8pm shortly afterwards in the expectation that the Irish people would say ‘Phew! Not so bad after all’ instead of ‘Damn them, how dare they?’ Same in the U.K. with ‘Plan B’ and ‘Plan C’. Pathetic that they should consider anyone dumb enough to fall for such a fatuous ruse.

  21. Yup its happening! Strange how pubs shutting as only fully “protected” can enter for months! So for all the clowns that got it for a pint ha fucking ha! Idiots! I blame them not the tyrants

  22. Hugo you should put a link up to this tune! We are the 99% on sportify and youtube! At the moment anyway Absolute class!! You can shove yr vaccine passports up yr ass you can shove yr vaccine passsports yr ass more thats gets out the better

  23. Just returned from a work Christmas party and everyone was talking about how they’d booked there boosters. I’ve not had one jab and never will but I’m seriously the minority now, where I live anyway.
    Still keeping the faith though ain’t no arm spear getting near me or my family!

  24. Petitions,,, fucking idiots,, I will beg no one for nothing, people disgust me, fucking mindless worms!

  25. TBH, I will be more than happy to lock myself away again. Basically just because I’m completely scunnered now by all the idiotic madness that’s consumed just about everyone I know! Only yesterday I was told by someone that I should “just stay home” when I asked about myself being unjabbed and not allowed to enter places without a jab pass.
    People have turned into psychopaths and the sooner I can avoid contact with them the better!
    TurveyD mentioned on another post how he observed how men especially, have aged since being jabbed. I also made that same observation a couple of weeks ago. It is noticeable on all of them how they look about 10 years older.

  26. Worldometers annual statistics on deaths (Millions/year). Children under 5 : 7 316 849; Sida 1 618 202; Cancer 7 905 816; Tobacco 4 812 107; Alcohol 2 407 573; Suicide 1 032 251. Covid (2 years) 5 361 644.
    Sure you can’t ‘catch’ any of the above except Covid, but how many deaths have been for lack of treatment whilst we have been locked out ?

  27. 23 million unjabbed…Come on over to the Lord’s side. He is in full control🙏🏼🕊

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