Digital Drivers License TRACKS Jab And Social Credit Score / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Fuck off with this, mind you’re own fucking business, not accepting, don’t comply, don’t have a mobile thank you.

  2. Not so smart phones but the Younger Generation will fall for it unfortunately .

    • Social media rats most of them….
      In a trance with there phones most of the time…
      No communication with them just facebook and whatsapp and texting etc

    • I agree – they don’t really care about us (with brains) and will target the youngsters who love the convenience of it all. We are doing our best to stop this.

    • Still got my original driver’s license from 1981. Never changed it.

      • Paper license all the way it’s still a legal document

      • Mine is dated 1977 🙂 . Paper with 3 points written on it, by hand, lol, in 1997!

      • Same,I signed the original contract in 1980 ,it runs to 2029,so I’m not changing my side of the contract.

      • The mark of the beast coming down the line….the transition will be smooth , disguised as another ” convenience”, so many sheep will sell their souls .

    • My heart broke on Friday night when I saw the young ones all lined up at the door of a nightclub having their ‘vaccine passports’ scanned 🙁 The only future for them is a dystopian one.

      • Like sheep being tagged….
        They have fallen for the bait and will choke on it one day

  3. Its safe to say many have had a gutful of this crap now….chinese love all that digital
    Passport crap and i told people last year this was nothing to do with a virus and just a digital society reset…
    Which its obvious even to the most deluded folk surely?…
    The jabs just act as a top up like phone credit…but for a jab pass and not for peoples health…

    • Unfortunately it’s not obvious people just don’t see it it makes me want to cry

  4. Utah’s population is 62% Mormon I believe; I thought Moron only had one ‘m’. 1200 utter fools!!

    • Otherwise known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 😀 It’s the End Times I tell ya! 😀

  5. Your life on the block-chain in the meta-verse – human capital !

  6. All that glistens is not gold. In this case it is 24 carat caca.

  7. Those things have nothing to do with a drivers licence whatsoever! Disgraceful, blatant nosy Parker elites. Saves you getting your driving licence out, he says, but you still have to take your phone out though! Shame on them! Cheers Hugo.

  8. It’s irrelevant as to what info you share on the so called digital driving licence, When you install the main government app all your rights will be given away as soon as you install it and will allow them to do what they want with any “add on” unchecking boxes to not share licence info will be irrelevant and will not make the slightest bit of difference

    It will all be in thier terms and conditions

    • Simple answer dont download it…
      The NHS app was a prototype for it…
      I was told i was a idiot for saying that last year but its actually come true

      • You were not labelled a Conspiracy Theorist was you??? And goodness me, everything you theorised about is coming true! Fancy! Who would have thought that??? None of the fking sheep would have, thats for sure! They’ll be having this tracking device in their back pocket as soon as possible…. ESPECIALLY if Doris Johnson says it will stop Climate Change!! 🤣😂😂🤣🤣

    • if you download it you might as well ditch the car. better still ditch the smartphones. a lot of people will fall for it.

    • There used to be a quiz game show here in the UK in the 1970s called `Sale Of The Century`. According to the wiki it was also in the US too. I remember watching it every week with the rest of my family. Contestants would accumulate points and then every few minutes prizes were wheeled out on a stage and people could spend their points on them. It was very popular and entertaining. But thinking out it it was actually an early version of the social credit system 🙂

    • It could still be a good night if you play your cards right. 😀

      It is quite fun watching old re-runs of these shows. And seeing the ‘latest tech’ that now is just junk. Did people really spend their money on that crap? 😀
      There is a lesson in there somewhere, I don’t know what it is, but there sure is a lesson hiding in there 😀

      Bullseye! You win a mug and your bus fare back home 😀

  9. In my country they have started telling in the news that a huge blackout will take place soon and it will probably take one week for electricity to come back. The reason is thet the EU electric system is interconnected!? I was wtf what kind of reason is this. Didn’t the EU force everybody to interconnect their electric systems? And how do they know it will take one week? Probably because they are the ones who will turn the switch off. And connected with the digital ID that the EU is already ushering in for almost 2 years it will be easy for them to force a social credit score where they’ll tell you how kuch electricity you are allowed to use…

      • England – it’s a far off land that no one ever speaks off 😀

  10. Thank u for your work👍🏻😍love it…but to send to sleeping ones -no no no.sorry,but nothing can wake them up🙄not worth it.we have our way-they have their way.2 years it’s a lot to understand what is really going on….if they don’t,they never will

    • D, I’m with you my friend. It is pointless passing TRUE info to the brainwashed sheep, they are far too gone to be saved. We Thinkers know whats what…. I’ve taken a whole load of flak and abuse during this past 20 months of this ’14 days to flatten the curve’, for speaking common sense, so Fk em all, let them burn !!

  11. What happens if your out and your phone dies or you drop it and it breaks. Screwed then. Absolutely ridiculous

    • Don’t you worry, all your details will be safely stored in the governments own ‘cloud’ or somewhere. Once they have you, they will always have you, with or without a ‘smart’ phone.

  12. I always thought you had to be smart,to use a smart phone!now I see that’s not so!

    • As above, as below. Usually opposite of what they say.

  13. Whilst on a fruitless hunt to track down that the source of that ‘leaflet’ 😀 I came across these comments: “My rep is the House sponsor. I’ll ask the next time I see him. I would guess they’re pretty backed up with Real ID changes and the pandemic, so they are probably behind. My license expires this summer, so maybe I’ll be able to try it.” :D, “I know Apple has been partnering with governments around the world for a protocol to digitalize government ids (similar to Apple Pay), would be great to have that option here or be an early adopter.” 😀

  14. thank fuck i’m not daft enough to have a smartphone causes relationships problems why would i be daft enough to ruin a good conversation. looks like ill be ditching the car too, and opting for a pushbike instead or using my feet, i’ve got to watch my carbon footprint. will be boiling a kettle over a fire at this rate, these pricks are no way linking me up, i’m well in front of there game, slowly cutting us off where not there yet, but it might be coming, hope it does. freedoms just around the corner for us all. we either win or lose, time will tell. smartphone addiction is through the roof, i think we might lose, i don’t think there’s enough of us. i might be wrong. we will see. i hope we will win fingers crossed. ive been 50/50 for over a year, don’t know which way its going to go

    • Look at it this way: Of course they want you believe there’s no hope. Those who see what happening also have to be kept in a dark place and fearful! We’re all being played. Take back your life, live for yourself, stand in your truth. Don’t be pulled into the negative force-field they want us all to be in. It’s hard sometimes, but have faith. Many, MANY more than they would have us believe, ARE waking up.

  15. And re that ‘leaflet’ it says at the bottom ‘Utah is the ONLY state to have signed up for the app so far’. So not an official State of Utah publication 😀 Sounds more like what someone envisions these ‘digital driving licences to be all about’. That is why it has got ‘vaccine records’ and ‘social credit scores’ and meaningless guff such as ‘dietary preference’s and ‘spending’ 😀 I am calling guff on this one 😀 Filed in the bin along with ‘deagal predictions’, ‘graphene oxide’ and all the other guff 😀

  16. What do you really need a ‘digital driving licence’ for anyway. It is not like something that you need to carry around all the time. You only really need it if you are pulled over by the filth or collecting a parcel or something. This is really more a digital ID card by the back door that every nosey-parker Tom, Dick and Harriet will be wanting to see 😀

  17. Gordon Broon tried to introduce ID cards in the face of great public opposition. It is probably what cost his party the next general election. People weren’t so stupid back then or it appears so. I don’t know what is wrong with people these days, and there is something very wrong. Maybe it is something in the water.

  18. It looks like they’re keeping everyone distracted in the US with the different responses to the vaccine “mandates” across different states while they quietly install all the digital control technology.

    • Yes, and rumor has it when the supply chain breaks down these digital ids will be required to get your food rationing allotments. Fun times ahead.

  19. Hiding from technology is never the answer
    Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer

    Destroying smartphones is putting your head in the sand and hiding
    Smartphones can be reversed engineered like any technology stop promoting ignorance

    you sound more like controlled opposition everyday
    Supporting protests that achieve nothing other than virtue signalling

    Your message
    Hide from technology stay ignorance
    And believing in the waking up the masses nonsense all amounts to people doing nothing
    Screams of Controlled opposition

    What about people learn how to circumvent smartphones and the inevitable technocratic control that enslaves us

    The sheep are so dumb the fences that keep them contained will not be very high

    Stay dumb and ignorant learn nothing
    Hide from the enemy
    Keep protesting
    Nothing but a wild goose chase sponsored by controlled opposition

    • Repent! Repent! Turn to Jesus. Beg His Forgiveness. It is not too Late. You can still be Saved!

  20. Now they have gone to £100 contactless their next big move will be to say that there is too much fraud going on (yawn) so the solution will be use your phone to pay for everything and receive a nice text to alert you of what you spent giving you 15 minutes to question your bank if you did not make the purchase! Played the same game to move you from signing for a purchase, took you away from chip and pin to give you just a swipe… utter madness but should get them to the final destination
    a Chip and Pin in you…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join

    • So what’s the ‘simple secret’ to stop all this? Get rid of your smartphone? Or are you still not telling? 😀

  21. This has always been a goal a biometric digital identity. This will eventually be linked up to the internet of things and your dna,
    facial recognition will bring up the code and link to all the ID information. Will be used for everything including law enforcement.

    • Yep, I have being saying this for ages. Your face will act in the same way as a vehicle registration plate. ANPR for humans 😀 A lot of cities in the UK are already fitted out with facial recognition cameras. And it goes without saying that any of your data that is ‘safely stored in line with data protection regulations’ 😀 and all that guff 😀 will be shared with the cops and government agencies 😀

  22. If you listen to the clips you will clearly hear “…you can load as much (information) or none as you choose…”
    I like my iPhone and my iPad and find them useful tools in my day to day activity – including listening to Hugo Talks on my iPhone. I use Apple’s digital wallet to load boarding passes, train tickets and other documents. I use Apps to see weather forecasts, buy online via Amazon and eBay and get notifications on delivery. I get weather forecasts. I talk and see family and friends on WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Skype and Zoom. Oh, and I log into Facebook. It allows me to take fabulous photographs and videos. My smartphone does not control me, I control it – I can switch it on and off…

    • Repent! Repent! Forsake the Devil’s Tool before it is Too Late and it Devours You Into the Fiery Pits of Hell!

    • Ahh yes but can you do without it? It is just like internet in the home almost impossible to live without it these days especially now most bank branches have closed down. The world wide web has got us all caught up in it. I have not got a smart phone just old phone Nokia. I do have a chrome book indoors though so that is similar to the smart phone. I would like to switch everything off and just live and pay with cash but there won’t be any of that soon. This has been planned with military precision for years just awaiting the right crisis opportunity to get everyone compliant enough to walk straight into the trap.

      • There is a reason it is called a ‘world wide web’ 😉 😀

      • Hello watching68, good question: can I live without it?
        Yes I probably could – and sometimes do when I’m sailing offshore on long passages – but the advantages of having so much computing power available in phone the size of half a slice of bread is compelling me to keep it. I am not a robot as someone rather sillily wrote, but I have become dependent on its ease of use and an aid to day to day life. Hmm, food for thought

  23. In that case, I’m turning my phone off every time I drive. I’m not getting this app. I’m not complying.

  24. I had my bank account frozen for no reason I knew of and when I called the online service they said I would need to go to my nearest bank branch to sort it out. They had shut my original branch so I went to another that said they did not hold my account but would try to find out what has occurred – after several hours they could not answer my problem but I was told to go back home and try to log in again and Voila it let me in – I was never told why it had been frozen. So is this what we must face in the future.???

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