MSM Alice In Wonderland / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Contingent suggestion is what professionals call it, or, Hypnotic suggestion.
    Advertisers use it, as do Supermarkets.
    For example, when people impulse buy.
    That’s contingent suggestion at work.
    It’s not only the sheep that it’s being used on, it’s also used on those of us that consider ourselves awake!
    All those television celebrities that are apparently in agreement with us?
    They’re controlled opposition, and are in on the contingent suggestion plan too! (They may not even realise they’re also being used).

    • As usual great call Hugo

      …Tony you’re right, the contingent suggestion is about control, but only to confuse and distract from the real issue here, which first and foremost just happens to be about the money or more specifically the cost to the nation, not only the human cost, but …money in such large amounts that it is almost beyond belief.

      If you take a moment to realise that most of the government’s special advisors/experts have had or are still linked to the pharmaceutical corporates it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this gravy train is going. I believe Vallance resigned from GSK where his benefits package was in excess of £1,000,000 and this didn’t include his salary, to take up the menial £185,000 job at SAGE.

      Consequently the Pharma biased think tank convinces the government to to indemnify against adverse clinical episodes unconditionally and at the same time introduce emergency powers to suppress all adverse vax dialogue as ‘misleading’ as they don’t want their ethics or experimental gene therapy scrutinised in public or risk litigation and hey presto you can have organised tyranny!

      Then take another moment to do some basic maths …I believe all GPs get approximately between £20-25 per jab given. If we are to believe the figures of how many people have received the dose already …let’s assume that a total of 70 million have been given either as 1 jab or 2 at £20 per shot …then that’s £1,400,000,000 or £1.4 billion and that doesn’t even include the purchase price, which for argument’s sake is a conservative £10 …that’s another £700,000,000 so a grand total of £2,100,000,000 or £2.1 billion.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg …then they say we may have to jab every 6 months or more frequently …and now they’re going to jab the children …oh and by the way AZ and PFZ announced recently that the price of the ‘vaccine’ is going to rise.

      Thanks to globalisation you may safely assume that other countries’ governments are also infiltrated by the same corporate pharma’s executives and suddenly there is a world problem of the same making, unless you happen to be a leader of a country that doesn’t want the jab for your people, then unhappily I’m afraid you’re going to end up a little bit dead.

      Eugenics maybe a convenient side issue, but lets not cloud the main issue …the government have been duped, coerced mislead or are simply happily complicit in assisting to commit the worst atrocity to public health in human history and for what exactly …MONEY!

      The true cost will probably never be known particularly when one factors in lost livelihoods, losses to industry and the human loss to families …society may be broken, but the mad hatters are already working out ways to ensure how those of us left will pay for it all!

    • Imho it all boils down to trauma whether on an individual, societal, national or even planetary level. Personal attacks or attacks on the collective psyche vis-à-vis political assassinations, false flags and plandemics have the identical discombobulating effect. Hugo is spot on highlighting this critical tool of the Kabal’s agenda. Per Fritz Springmeir and others, trauma based programming i.e. MKUltra and Monarch Training work on any level from Britney Spears to Britain, from Wacko Jacko to the White House. Whether physical or psychological, trauma is trauma. Solzhenitsyn documented the multitude nefarious ways of the Cheka. Andrei Sarkov, Putin’s media magician, has perpetuated the same s.o.p. on the entire Russian Federation.

      One has to to be wise and strong to fight against it.

  2. No chance of confusing me.. I don’t watch, listen or read any of this BS. None of it. Just get on with my non masked, non jabbed normal life. They can all go and fuck themselves

  3. I always said when someone has said to me “it doesn’t make sense” and I have always replied by the Answer
    “it is not supposed to make sense”

  4. Yes Hugo it is very accurate as to what is happening right now.

  5. Cheers, Hugo. I do think they have had so much time to prepare this game of chess using us pawns, that they may be one jump ahead of us already. But then there is always something that they don’t expect which causes much panic on their side. We need to be as contrary as possible.

  6. Hugo mate we are well and truly fucked. At this point I just want to be re inserted into the matrix and forget that I ever saw the real world… and I wanna be rich too !

  7. Patrick King being interviewed on The Stew Peters show.
    Patrick was arrested and fined for breaching lockdown rules in Alberta, in his defence, he asked Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer
    to provide proof the Covid-19 virus has been isolated (and that the pandemic actually exist and they couldn’t provide it!)
    So there is now a record in a Canadian court of law stating that proof of the existence of the virus cannot be provided
    This could provide a break through .

    • Hi morning

      Yes I watched it’s
      Very interesting stuff 💪👍

      Have great day 🦋

  8. Its all piecing up together and beginning to make sense. There’s never going to be any normality. The Sheepple/nornies are getting more gullible and now are holding on to masks like its dear life… thanks again Hugo

    • Not in Australia “ people can’t stand the freaking things “ we got have some faith and hope Jo” The Satanists want to tip this world upside down “ with constant “No more Normality “ Keep turning it right side up” even against the Wind”
      And keep smiling 🙂

  9. LifeSite hosted a townhall conference with The Truth For Health Foundation, “Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story.” This online meeting will feature Dr. Peter McCullough, Attorney Thomas Renz, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Sister Deidre Byrne, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Dr. Jose Trasancos, and other prominent physicians, scientists, attorneys, and religious leaders who will be discussing vital information related to the COVID jab, clinical trials, and more.

    watch it here:-

  10. you called it the Alice in Wonderland technique. The BBC often use this. I wasn’t aware that it was used by the CIA but it is commonly used by the BBC

    • watch the minds of men. a documentary by Truthstream media, it goes into detail on the mind control techniques that the intelligence and medical community have used on unsuspecting people, and how they have carried them forward. it is long (nearly 4 hours, but great viewing for knowledge.

    • I read about this but can’t immediately remember which of the many books I bought it’s in. I know it was to do with creating a mind control assassin and it was used in the initial stages.
      It reminds me of an intense good cop, bad cop scenario.
      Really glad I haven’t had a television in years, can’t imagine having that crap pumped into you daily.

  11. Thanks so much for all your work Hugo. People like you keep me sane through all this insanity. Trying to do my bit educating people but sometimes to no avail.

  12. Hugo I’ll see if I still have the copies of some documents from when I lived in California relating to a HAARP/CIA joint project about testing various forms of mind control on the population of LA

  13. Thanks again for all you do Hugo. Yes I think you’re spot on. This was very interesting information.

  14. It’s the technique called destabilized perception. Especially the Tavistock institute in Hamstead England and in the US are specialised in it.

  15. Thanks Hugo,
    I used to be called ‘The Mad Hatter’ in the old ‘normal’ when I said I didn’t vote because politicians are a bunch of narcistic wankers. To me it is not seeming very much curioser right now.

  16. “The Rape of the Mind” by Joost A. M. Meerloo, subtitled, “The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing”.
    Excellent read for these topics, pre-dates the information source in the video (1956), analyses the effects of these techniques on the individual and the greater civilian population. Still reading through it, feels rather current despite being 65 years old!

  17. I made a comment the other day which relates to this. I strongly believe that we are having an Alice in wonderland scenario pushed on us, everything we are being told at this point is nonsense. Whether 1% or 99% truth in what they tell us still means it’s nonsense! For us to take part in any of the arguments and situations they present us is just playing into the game! But, what can we do? While they have the power of the narrative it’s very difficult to brake the spell. They give us total rubbish to argue over while the grand plan goes ahead behind the scenes. I think they are wasting our time and getting us into position until they are ready to “release” the robot tech. Maybe I’m mad, but we will see!

    • I agree with this, have believed with a long time, this could be an alignment issue for wearing or interacting with ai, neural link etc. You just need to let it take control when “wearing it” kinda like the Tesla via the same guy.

      What would happen to a “wearer” that doesn’t relinquish freedom of thought, a stroke, a clot? Nano tech at the cellular level, what if it doesn’t resonate at the same frequency.

      Another rabbit whole, this is more and more matrixy by the day..

  18. I think it’s been used for a long time, the trans/pro nouns madness – for example today in the news was a story of a trans woman (i.e. a man) who raped his mother and is being sent to prison, and because he identifies as a she, this rapist of females is being put in a female prison. Then there’s was the trans female – i.e. male – weightlifter and everyone was up in arms about how ufair it was – then by magic he came last, so you have idiots saying “see, there is no advantage, he really is a woman”. Then you have the “pregnant person” nonsense, because men can get pregnant too. It’s been going on for ages, and if you dare to call out the madness you get attacked. When in reality anyone who is not clinically mentally ill or retarded can see it’s a load of utter fecking bollocks. So it’s being done for a purpose, and it’s probably this, so people can’t make head or tale of the jib jab nonsense and can’t think straight or analyse facts any more.

  19. Mass Deaths reported in Texas from Covid/Flu where they’ve the Johnson and Johnson Jab, good job didn’t role that out in the UK.

    Trans Male original sex offenders can now useFemale NHS Wards LOL and if they complain about waking up to find there dick in them, then I guess there Transphobic.

    The Entire world has gone PC/Woke mad and this needs reversing.

    I got banned from a group, for saying the next doctor who is black, which he is, so merely stating a fact, didn’t even say the BBC these days only employ black actors, which is pretty much true.

    Hearing doctors advising woman that want kids to not take the Jab 🙂 Doctors are having enough of this crap aswell eventually.

  20. In Ireland last year it was ok to drink in a pub (yes, last year) but there was a catch, you must order food, some didn’t even want the food, hence it was ok to token gesture the establishment with coin. I think this was due to gross mismanagement as it confused the nation OR the confusion was intentional. This could have also been an explanation or an expression of the system which produced this utter horse shit. Unfortunately for some it is not merely a token gesture will suffice, now you need to really trust they say, trust THE science. BTW since everything is labels these days,in the world/universe of science it’s called the scientific community, there is no THE, there is common consensus.

    Don’t hate science people, a scatologist identifies animals by their shit. We all need to be scatologists, media scat at this stage, if this continues too far maybe then actual scatologists.

    You must do this, you must do that, I’m sure those are punk lyrics from group of anarchists.

    Ruling Class:

    Would you like some freedom, well then you MUST do this, oh and there’s a catch, over and over ad nauseam until the little guinea pigs start to move the way you want them to move.

    Crocodile Dundee:

    Here’s the trouble fella, I don’t move like a guinea pig, you’d best get back to your little lab before that mob catches up with you.

    The truth will run like a river but only the thirsty will see it. For even seeds flourish among the bullshit. – Ham Sandwich 2021 😉

    Good Night all

  21. We are being conditioned, clapping for the NHS was part of it, the masks are your badge of compliance, and people are complying: first day after ‘freedom’ day only about 20% of supermarket customers were masked, yesterday it was about 5%. Sorry Hugo, but I fear we are on the losing side.

    • Surely if only 5% were masked then we are on the winning side?

  22. Great video Hugo! It sounds like this Alice in Wonderland technique is an extreme form of gaslighting- intended to distort your perception of reality and yourself until you agree with everything the interrogator/abuser is saying. It’s not meant to make sense, it’s meant to drive you crazy.

    From personal experience, the best way to deal with that is to internally be relentlessly stubborn about your sense of self and your understanding of reality and not contemplate anyone else’s opinions, unless they are coming from people you know you can trust and who you know never would want to control you for any reason. Outwardly, you need to pretend to be in total agreement and get away from the interrogator/abuser ASAP.

    Look up narcissistic abuse, that is exactly what the NWO is trying to use against everyone.

  23. Morning thank you Hugo

    Great stuff 💪
    Got talking to a guy who served in military he mentioned it was used day in day out with them.

    The army didn’t want him no more unfortunately .. after he found out he had been exposed to ‘chemical poisoning’ leaving him now with epilepsy type fitting

    It’s very sad as this guy has family & now breaks his back working every hour he can & is extremely ill & will never recover because the military refused to give him the appropriate medication or correct doctors at the time ten years or so ago & still refuse to help him now.

    so he was dropped like a piece of garbage & left to get on with it or go nuts!
    Poor guy
    He joined way back when he was 18 because his life was going no were.. he was told
    ‘ yes this will change your life joining’ ..

    Feck sake they were Not lying !!

    poor guy!

    Have great All 🦋💪

  24. That is exactly how the interviewers opperate on the likes of the BBC. They ask another question before the subject has been given time to answer the first question and thus bombard the subject with a multitude of questions very often unrelated to the original subject the result is then confusion. Spot on Hugo!

  25. Chatting to a friend last night who is double jabbed and also an undertaker. He casually mentioned in conversation that he’d found out that last year the Government were paying a local hospital he often went to with £30,000 for EACH patient who died with Covid on the death certificate, and was aware that many people never had a proper autopsy. 😳 He could understand why a hospital would comply to get a lot of money, but he didn’t question WHY the government were doing that. He just shrugged his shoulders when I asked, but was so brainwashed into focusing on the hospital profit, not that the government needed to get artificially high death from Covid numbers to support the fear!

    • There have been all sorts of scams like this Darron to exaggerate the figures.

  26. It is indeed a game of divide and rule. See people here (NL) walking with face masks,are so brainwashed,frightened by the media. It is being simple create a problem and take care of the solution yourself. They’ll walk away with you after this.

  27. Any company that displays rainbow colours is a company I will boycott. I do not want to be associated with this kind of behaviour and neither should they.
    Everything in this video makes sense, I have said all along we are under psychological attack.

  28. HUGO!
    If you’ve not seen this yet, watch it and reference it to your viewers. This is truly horrifying and a taster of where this thing is leading in the run up to Xmas 2021.

  29. Yuri Bezemenov called this the demorralisation period probably entering the “normalisation” period

  30. Like we are all going to be behind bars by Xmas 2021! Utter guff!

  31. Don’t watch MSM. Don’t believe or trust the government. Too much change and inconsistency. The Word of God does not change.

  32. Apparently Michaela Coel (a young black woman in case you were wondering) is the next Dr Who. It was like when that Tesco boss got pilloried for saying that the future was young, black and female. He wasn’t far off the mark 😀 But who still watches Dr Who anyway? It is woke, politically correct crap. It went right downhill when Jodie Whitaker took over. Even though I find her attractive I still couldn’t watch that crap. Dr Who was much better back in the day. Even with the wobbly cardboard sets 😀 We need to dig up Tom Baker and John Pertwee and reinstate them 😀 And while we are on the subject I was at a friend’s watching what I thought was Nigerian TV on the satellite. After about 20 minutes a white face popped up, I thought, ‘something strange here’, turns out it was something called ‘Eastenders’. nope, never heard of it either. Apparently, it is some sort of ‘soap opera’ set in the fictional London borough of Walford 😀
    Just stop watching this crap. Do not fund it. Get rid of your ‘TV Licence’, if you haven’t already done so. Let the demographic that the BBC and the other ‘woke’ broadcasters cater for pay for this crap.

  33. And the rumour mill has it that the next ‘James Bond’ will be played by a young, black woman. At least it will be if the politically -correct ‘woke’ crowd get their way. Apparently the heat is being turned up on the producer Barbara Broccoli. Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond books, must be spinning in his grave 😀 And anyway, if it comes to pass, it will be yet another franchise to part company with 😀

  34. im set in my ways and it doesent work on me …why…i got a tv but no electric i live off grid so on battery and dont wastw it on a tv so no tv no brain washing

  35. For those who want to know or don’t already know, Sky News Australia is back with 34min vid called uncanceled. I’m just going to watch it fully having only seen first couple of mins but thought I’d let you know as it starts with about freedom of speech.

  36. You should read more about the satanic tactics used to torture the political prisoners in the communist regimes…plenty of “Alice in Wonderland” tactic there and more….

  37. The most common technique governments, MSM, advertising, marketing etc. use is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), an extremely powerful hypnotic technique. They have been using this strategy for years, it’s just becoming more and more obvious to critical thinkers now with everything going on. Look up Dr. Richard Bandler, he was the guy who coined the term in the 1970s.

  38. Welcome to the matrix. A world conveniently constructed FOR you, BY your overlords.

    Do as you’re “suggested” to do, hidden behind the reverse pretext of an “expectation”.

    Get your daily dose of Red Pill, put your Glasses on – Language & Communication is the secret code to control in civilised existence. Since “The Word” was first uttered, and will be for ever more.

    It’s like magic, in fact we call it “Spell-ing” for a reason.

    Since the dawn of the Industrialised century however, the techniques in communication have transformed our world in a completely new way.

  39. Yep, spot on HigoTalks. The politicians are doing this all the time – they are constantly playing good cop and bad cop, e.g. there will be no more lockdowns, we can’t rule out another lockdown etc

  40. Who would have thought the deep state would be able to stop the airline industry ,this is the great reset by old big ears Charles and co.

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