A&E Swamped With Oxford Jab Side Effects / Hugo Talks #lockdown New Roundup

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31 Comments on “A&E Swamped With Oxford Jab Side Effects / Hugo Talks #lockdown New Roundup

  1. As usual, Hugo nails it 100%. I don’t know of any other channel/person that nails it like this with truth bombs, day in/day out.. As we say in England: “The cream will always rise to the top.” And the reason is, he applies ‘critical thinking’ – IE “What are mild symptoms – why go to A&E with MILD symptoms?” Exactly.

    • Yes. I am very pleased to discover Hugo Talks. I have refused to download the track and trace app, Refused the offer of a jib jab. and am not tempted to accept the bribe of a green passport in exchange for an untested experimental injection. I can easily live without foreign holidays and pubs. All my work colleagues have been jabbed or are awaiting their invitations. Someone told me today they must be safe because the BBC says so. I replied I do not watch that biased news corporation. I have been called an anti-vaxxer and a conspiracy theorist by these sheeple, I really appreciate Hugo Talks as his videos are preventing the truth, and not the news that the MSN and the government want us to know. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK HUGO and THANK YOU for all your videos.

      • You do right – don’t believe the box in the corner of your room – it’s their to programme you – and like Hugo says – this is a taste of freedom – but fir how long – especially when bad Boris says lockdowns are why we have less cases now and not vaccinations – obviously he’s just said in his words – lockdown again coming up !!
        People need to rebel these liars !

  2. Hugo that’s already in the uk guidelines that they can by forces if necessary take you from your home to a isolation facility if you have covid or suspected to have covid as you may class as a health risk to other both in England and Scotland not sure about Wales but by the way the gov acting there would nt surprise me.

  3. Hugo have you see this propaganda saying brits willing to accept and even keep covid passes after the pandemic

    Or this article about Israel allowing unvaccinated people’s personal details to be accessed by gov so they can go to them and address them personally. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/offbeat/israel-mixed-reactions-after-new-law-allows-access-to-personal-details-of-unvaccinated/vp-BB1e6Et4

  4. Ireland is the worst news!

    Brazil looks like Vaccine Wave has started, there blaming Vaccinated and None Vaccinated mixed, madness totally and utterly, it’s obviously vaccine related.

    27th Funeral, place your odds on a terrorist well yeah false flag to bring in martial law ?? 50/50 they need something big, why all the media attention and over hype.

    Ukraine invaded soon, Taiwan from China soon after, likely drag UK/USA into, SAS and Signals already in Ukraine spotting high value targets 🙁

    World is turning to hell pretty fast isn’t it, hard to keep up 🙁

    • Republic of Ireland – the ‘Prime Minister’ is a homosexual Indian. I mean, if you wanted to taunt, humiliate European people, this is how you would do it, is it not?

      • Leo Varadkar is the man you refer to, but he is not our Taoiseach any more since last spring. Now it’s Micheál Martin, who seems to be worse!

  5. Tradgic that such a young woman should die like that. Another victim of the criminals in Westminster.
    As regards to vaccinated sheep going to A+E after the lethal injection, I think there will be many many more that will be going to be A+E departments and then you will see a real pressure on the Nonexistent Health Service unlike the fake Coroni scam.

  6. https://youtu.be/Jkwn5I8tLmE

    The above is a link to test results from Moderna and Pfizer for their vaccines. The actual efficacy rate given by Moderna was 94.1%…. the true efficacy rate is 1%…. hence why a third wave is confidently predicted by Matt Hancock. The Pfizer rate was given as 95% its actual efficacy is 0.7% . They gave out estimated efficacy rate instead of actual efficacy rate. Missing out a vital test actual figure. Crimes against humanity BIG TIME

  7. Another good round up of the madness. All TV shows are predictive programming or psyops.. Deal or No Deal, Big Brother and the latest Pointless!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  8. There is NO COVID 19..its all bullshit..oh for the thick twats..””where’s the fffing flu gone” duuhhhhh…omg this bullshit has made me realise how thick most people are.infact ye I tell them go get the jab because if your that thick then there was no hope for you before the vaccine suicide…this shit will come to a point where you will have to littereally fight this tyranny.. I would rather die fighting than live the life they want you to have… Bill Gates what can I say.. must be one scared man with that big target on his back

  9. They want us to believe that GP’s are going to send people to A&E on reporting a mild headache? We think not.
    It’s about time more NHS staff grow a backbone and speak out, otherwise it continues to be a verbal battle between those of us Joe Public who are awake, and the blind c*vidiots.
    We can only do so much.

  10. The Spars Pandemic is happening right now, check it out on brandnewtube make your own mind up, this is never going away

  11. V. R🎣🎁

    Get Outlook for Android


  12. I have just had a work email asking me if I have been vaccinated saying they want to do a ‘survey’… this is from a University – so full of supposed intelligent people…even in MSM the side effects are starting to be reported. I wonder how long I have got before being ‘vaccinated’ will be required to work..

    • Tell them to swivel. If they demand that, then it is coercion and illegal. Listen to the James Delingpole/Dr Mike Yeadon interview. They have NO RIGHT to demand this. They can shove their ‘survey’ up their fat, stupid arseholes! I’m waiting for my ’employer’ to demand this shit – and I will be handing my notice in within seconds.

      • Thanks Andy, your words help me to be strong, so glad we have this place to support each other. I shall find and listen to the interview.

  13. Hugo wats happened to the Tyson fury father rant
    It seems to of been deleted ??

  14. Please can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong. None of my posts appear in email…it is as if they don’t exist. I’m using word press…

  15. ‘Swamping A & E with Mild symptoms. ‘

    What a reflective headline. Victim blaming personified.

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  17. Great work Hugo
    Exposing the Truth the crap media and there PR newsreaders will never expose these truthful stories i see today they are promoting the opening of shop’s with the sheep queing with there nappies on and sitting outside pubs in the cold mugs.
    My Dad is in his 70s and refused the jab now he mates are all telling him he should have it he going to tell them soon Mind your own business my medical details are personal if have don’t like it they can Fuck off so proud 😄

    • Should be proud. He is one in a million. My parents have had their SECOND SHOT! My family all communicate via their mobiles – and encourage each other with all their bullshit. I’m just speechless with it all. A young girl at work yesterday: “I’ll get it (vaccine) if it gets me on a plane!”

      • I know some people saying the same thing ” I want to get back to normal ” they work from home I’ve worked 13 months on a front role and wear no mask and still ok, when it’s my age groups turn I’m refusing there jab i know people will turn against me but it’s my mind and my body, what they worry about if there had there jab i will not be blackmailed by the government or them stuff there nor and passports👍

  18. Just posted this on the other comments section but it is important. It seems there’s only a small percentage of us with a conscience. I don’t know what else to say.

    “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations).

    “From the beginning of the world until now, the basic doctrine of Satanic religion has been the conviction that one day Lucifer will openly rule this world. As long as we do not understand this dogma, we shall never understand why the Illuminati are trying to move humanity towards a world dictatorship. As long as our global elite considers the devil to be their god and believes that Lucifer’s ultimate goal is establishing a dictatorial world power, everybody on earth will experience the daily consequence of this.” The ‘Illuminati’ families, these exclusive family dynasties consider Lucifer to be their only and true god.

  19. To be expected with something coming to the market place so quickly, somebody somewhere is making a lot of money out of all this. I wonder if his initials could be B.G. ?

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