ISRAEL To Start Giving Schoolkids JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • This video is spot on. We can keep screaming…. and hope enough people hear us.

      • Will the older parents now wake up if their children are now being threatened with the jib jab, surely you have to now start believing what the anti vaccers and us covidiots have been saying all along. If you are a responsible adult with loved ones parents or children how will this sit on your conscience, I hope you wake up soon because the average human won’t be able to live with themselves if something happens to them. Why does the jab void your health insurance, why does the jab void your life insurance? And now they are talking about it voiding your holiday health insurance come on wake up to what these evil a…holes are doing. The minimum this jab will do is sterilise you potentially it will kill.

  1. For the first time I am delighted to be an old man on his way out of this fucking place!

    • I’m about to be 78 and share your sentiments, except I’d like to hang around long enough to see the tyrannical and obedient/ignorant get their just desserts (get royally f’d).

    • Well Hugo Talks..there never can be Truth in the devil’s Agenda..lies and deception is the norm….I am doing Modules on Covid 19, by a retired FEMA Officer, there are 600 Vaccines made by Labs all over the world, Russia, China, India, London, USA, and a whole lot more…they are putting Infected Gorrila
      Faecess: Chimpanzee, Dog, Mice, Moth, BSE Infected Cow, Bat..Snakes…and a whole lot more, in some of these Vaccines, or rather Gene Therapy, they are not telling the ingredients, because. People would be horrified,. Of course it’s for their Better Good..!! They will be doing a universal jab. With all the nasties in it…but then, is this surprising!!! THEY JAB YOU, and one becomes Transhuman, connected with Cloud A1….your humanity is lost right away…so they could STUF their wonderful JIB JABS…THEY WILL NOT TAKE GOD’S BLUE PRINT AWAY FROM ME OR MY HUMANITY…AND MAKE ME A GMO product of their satanic slavery…STUFF THESE EVIL, WICKED POLITICIANS,. THEY WILL ROT IN HELL ONE DAY WITH THEIR BILLIONS…..

      • hurray someone tells it like it is!!!!

    • Me too (an old female) but to be a youngster must be a nightmare. I’ve been waiting for a new hip and knee for 3years and now have to use a ‘rollator’ to walk and, despite living by a beautiful coast, I can no longer face the pain it takes to get there. There are FOUR Covid patients at my local hospital in Scotland, yet ALL wards shut and non-residential ops are suspended. I can’t take living with this pain any more! WTF is going on?

  2. I’m not exactly stunned by the Israelis threatening to take it away if parents refuse for their kids to take the jab, that’s always been planned to be part of it, here in the UK it’s full steam ahead for the jabbings if the queues outside my local poison centre every day are anything to go by.

    I know one person who had the jab yesterday has only recently come out of Hospital due to something pretty nasty (they spent a year in Hospital because of it), one side effect of the jab includes what they were in Hospital for, you can’t tell these people though or they’ll just get angry & stupider.

  3. Nice work Hugo, Israeli reports seem to be their test bed to gauge reaction from the zombies of just how far and fast they dare push the agenda forward. Judging by most zombies there does not seem to be anything that has upset them yet as long as they can go on holiday or to the pub! This situation will only get worse with the more Shots they take to the body..
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. Sickening and Hugo I’ve just seen the review of the newspapers today on the bbc news app-“ everyone in England to be offered two covid tests a week “ / passport to freedom / jab and go / PM Says “ covid tests at home to set us free “ etc etc and not one of them critical . What the hell is wrong with people ?!! Sticking that stuff up your nose twice a week . We are sliding into the abyss quicker by the day .

    • Yes, and those swab things have technology in them. It’s like a mini clamp thing, invisible to the naked eye (I’ve seen an image of it) that attaches itself to the stomach lining and releases a drug incrementally and then disintegrates. So, on that basis, you’re putting something in your body twice a week. The whole thing is insane/demonic. They want perfectly healthy people sticking these things into their body twice a week, endless ‘vaccines’, masks, etc so we don’t catch the flu. All other ailments can get stuffed. We’ve just got to say NO, because if we don’t, this is what we’ll be doing for the rest of our lives. Don’t be intimidated, THEY’RE in the wrong, not us. Stay strong people, you’re not alone.

      • How does that work? Like how does it get into your stomach in the first place? What drug does it release? What effect does this drug have?

      • And why even bother swabbing anyway? Why not just bin them? Like I’ll be doing 😀

      • Thanks for this, Violet 🙂 That’s fascinating and it fits in with something else that I came across last week saying that instead of having a endoscopy tube inserted it was now possible to just swallow a miniature camera instead. Amazing! 🙂


  6. As ‘vax-ceen passports’ appearing to be rolling out full steam ahead I am wondering how HM Gov will work around the ‘not everyone can have a vax-ceen’ conundrum? Say these people are given a ‘free pass’ or maybe their ‘app’ would show a green/red circle instead of a green tick or a red cross. How would that work in practice? Especially if they are easily identified or readily suspected of being ‘unvax-ceenated’. Would the ‘vax-ceenated’ tolerate a situation whereby for example a pregnant woman was sat amongst them on a holiday flight to Benidorm or in a comedy club, or maybe at a sport match? You know, like spreading a ‘deadly virus’ amongst them 😀

    • I also suspect, well, it is kind of obvious really 🙂 , that many people will be given a ‘free pass’ in any case such as Matt Hancock. No jib-jab – no worries, here’s your QR code for your app that will open doors for you.

      • At a lot of supermarkets they have installed traffic light systems already. They say it’s to limit the amount of people going in. No, it’ll be linked this passport bollocks. Even the Wetherspoons changed in my town – Green – Entrance only. It’s just preparing you incrementally. The whole thing is a pre-scripted narrative being rolled out.

      • Passports already hold an encrypted image of the photograph. Have a look around the back of the booth at the airport if you haven’t already. Facial recognition cameras are already installed in many places. So, just guessing, as an extension of the traffic light system you would have to face a facial recognition camera as your QR code on your phone was scanned. This would be a fully automated system just like on the Underground so no-one would need to be around to check that your face matched your Cov-ID. And if wouldn’t hold up the flow of (human) traffic. Of course there may still be some security thug around to wrestle you to the ground and detain you until the Cov-ID police arrived if the system denied you entry, as that would be a serious criminal offence of course. The need for some sort of security goons is a kind of fly-in-the-ointment because if there was no security people would just force/jump the barrier. Who pays for the infrastructure/physical security though? You could ask who pays for those ‘traffic lights’ that have sprung up like mushrooms at the entrance of so many shops. Maybe in some countries, say China, you could get away with a fully automated system without any security thugs to keep an eye on enforcement but not so sure about the UK. Or will the sheep happily police each other?

    • It is indeed most perplexing of problem to solve. Will Brits get angry at pregnant woman who is not allowed to drink in pub or will Brits get angry at pregnant woman sitting amongst them as they merrily drink fine German beer on a hot summers day? It is what I believe you call a chicken and egg problem. I also believe that there is no solution to the chicken and egg problem.

  7. The reporter on Israel’s channel 12 news states “One of the things being considered is that parents of unvaccinated children would have their green passports revoked”. So yes, if they are floating the idea they may very well implement it. I can no longer stomach mainstream media as it induces a mixture of terror and nausea and so have not personally seen this broadcast but there is no reason to doubt it.

  8. It seems like the israeli govt is jealous of the Nazis and wishes to show they are the bigger fascists, able to kill more jews (and other people?) to take the award.
    Governments are the scum of the earth concentrate, formed by the scum of the earth that gets attracted to such power trips.

  9. This is nauseating, but there are good news too. A lot of this is MSM hype.
    We have been stuck at around 57% jabs for a few weeks now, with fewer and fewer people getting jabbed (currently I’d say a daily average of 10K). Moreover, more than half of daily jabbers are just getting the second dose to catch up, while fewer people are getting the first.
    So, I am hopeful that most people won’t fall over themselves to jab their kids.

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