Nike Human Blood Trainers / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I had to barf in my mouth while I was watching your video, mate.

    Saw a twit by Mr. Vernon about this and looked him up as I actually kinda like “Nas” and I was wondering it if was the same as this other dude. Weird times…

  2. Sad. Love Jesus ! 💜✝️🕊 Hey ! Jesus Loves us All … New Testament 💕💕💕💕💕👀

  3. Oh Goodness me I sit here shaking my head from side to side total craziness😳Who is the craziest the leader or the followers??

  4. Nike is also an Ancient Greek Goddess. Oh how clever of Satan to fool the world into idolatry, gradually with names, symbols and false idols. But this is blatantly obvious who he worships!

    The music clip of his video does have a true interpretation, “he’s getting hard shafted by the devil.”

    Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention. May they wake up to the satanic world they live in. May they repent and let Jesus in their hearts.

  5. I have no problems with arese bandits or blacks but I do have a problem with black arse bandit devil worshippers .
    This just sums up everything that is wrong with this world .Please Jesus come back soon and help us .

    • The day Jesus comes back is the day when all hope dies, basically when there’s no more believers.

      this fool believes in the Devil and he knows there’s no Devil without God.

      God created heaven and hell, the Devil doesn’t run hell .

      Keep believe in god keep the flame alive

  6. Speaking as a “gay” man. None of this stuff to do with satanism represents me…It’s evil and this nasty boi is just another in a long line of possessed people in the artist industry, be it Michael Jackson, Eminem, Nicky Minja, Beyoncé, or Bob Dylan to name a few who have admitted and even boasted about selling their souls to satan….. Live right and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Read the books of Daniel, Revelations, Matthew, Mark Luke, John and Enoch and ignore Saul (aka st paul) <<< antiChrist and pharisee … these are the last days and the vaccine is part of that, whether you believe it or not….once satan/lucifer harvests your soul you won’t get it back. The vaccine is all about DNA alteration….

    • If you do read the Holy Bible, there is a place where God sent fire from the heavens and burned down a whole city of homosexuals – the city of Sodom. So it is more becoming to you to be humble and repent rather than teach others to blaspheme against a saint of God, Saint Paul. All the books in the Holy Bible are holy, it was a council of holy men inspired by God who separated the books of men from the Books written by God’s inspiration and put the latter together in one Book, called the Holy Bible, or the Holy Scripture. So also ask yourself honestly, who is giving you these ideas to ravage through the Holy Scripture, and it is not God, nor a spirit of God.

      • And if you read your Bible properly instead of spouting hatred and ignorance it was for the sin of rape that sodom and gomarrah was burnt down by God after the men in the town wanted to “know” the angels … also the early apostles and Jesus brother James identified Saul as the antiChrist…. you know nothing yet you talk in judgement…Jesus Christ made it clear when he said, “Judge not lest ye be judged”… he will judge me not you you vile evil old whore, burn in hell witch

      • And if every word in the Bible is true how do you explain away in Deuteronomy the acceptance of having and keeping slaves or in Leviticus the stupid laws written down and changed over nearly 100 years by pharisees in the Persian era ? You’re full of shit nadya u dim fukwit and you use the Bible to promote you’re own hatred and evil…

  7. Masonic blazing star on Nike trainer. The Masonic blazing star is a symbol of the peak of Masonry. The freemasonry club must be very “pleased” to be associated with Satanism……..unless they are.

  8. Dear Hugo I put a comment up on YouTube relating to the above video it was loveheart emojis and a link to Mooji(he is a spiritual teacher) Amen song it’s so nice, I said something along the lines love conquers evil and YouTube actually took it down there is no copyright it was a YouTube video open to the public. I know we can’t talk about a lot of things on YouTube but it is truly turning evil, soon it will just be a horror show filled with evil hatred videos. I would also like to say I’m very grateful for all the hard work you put into your videos it’s nice to hear a truly human reaction to this nonsense. I am the only one within my family and friends I know whose veil has lifted and I think a lot of people who can see through this  are in the same boat so it’s nice that we have you and can share how we are feeling. I don’t know if you saw the clip in America they closed churches just like here but the casinos and Walmart was open so the congregation booked a hall in one of the casinos and held their service there!! They also sang in the aisles of Walmart Ha ha!! That kept my spirits up! There might be a lot of bad Hugo but there are a lot of good loving things happening too we just have to find them because it is so uplifting to everyone.Thank you again my friend 🙏 😊 💕 

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  9. Also it is no surprise to find murdered babies in the development of many so called va c in e s Satanists sacrifice children, Satan is putting 2 fingers up to the one true God. Their day of judgement is coming! The day of the Lord! 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 KJV

  10. Now we are talking about what’s REALLY GOING ON Hugo!! Of course that blood doesn’t come from the little ones???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. Hi hugo, I live here in Barcelona in a town,here like a week ago catalunya government announced that people can travel inside the catalunya province, I guess most of the people are so happy and they are not coconcerned about anything like masks,tests, lockdown, night curfew, vaccination,Fines. Here in the school if a student have a positive the whole class have to do this pcr test and the teachers too,they do this every time some kid get sick. I am wondering how to communicate with the people in this tribe I am in group called Big Reset Movie There are like more 6000 members Check it out, Thanks

  12. Love your videos,you talk about everything that is worrying at the moment,this one in particular made me cry for the world my kids are growing up in.

  13. I dont even no who this twat is lol
    When I was a kid I used to go to sunday school, it was only because we got to go round to the vicars house after he had a huge house and his kids had a trampoline and loads of stuff is poor kids didnt have. The vicar used to pump heaven and hell type shit to me and my brother. My brother let it go over his head but not me I thought if I be bad in anyway I was going to hell. I used to cry alone as a 10 year old child because of this shit. I find it difficult to belive in anything now. It’s all total bollocks hell is on earth , we are living it right now. Let’s hope things dont get even worse. Hes pulling a huge publicity stunt. I believe someone should buy a pair of these shit trainers and see if there really is good in the red ink. What a joke to get publicist. If hes gay he is gay I no a lot of gay guys .ffs this is bad on gays they dont want any of this crap. I bet once all the markets are open if u wanted a fake pair of these u could get um for 20 quid or from China 😅😂🤣. Who does he think he is the only person to ever be gay. The only person to b soon fed this hell shit. Idiot stupid fucking idiot

  14. Thank you Hugo for drawing our attention to this insane nonsense.
    As a 72 yr old gay man I feel nothing but contempt for this utter nobody, and someone who is beyond parody.
    He is pandering to his lobotomised fanbase. And sadly, with this plandemic,
    a great many people have had the same operation. More power to your elbow.

  15. You are a great seed planter and I agree with the crop you’ve chosen to sew. But how do we harvest the yield as the knowledge starts to grow ? 🌱

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