What Is He Talking About? Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Love the video in the park. Id imagine the security on that wouldn’t be that amazing. I would hazzard a guess someone could pretty easily plug their own media source into that screen. It would be hilarious to start broadcasting Hugo Talks or the Corbett Report, or the New Normal short film. Failing that, set up your own screen somewhere else in the park. Last resort i suppose is to leave it to the children. Just dump a box of spray paints in front with a sign that says ‘express yourself’………after which play a counting game of how many cocks can you see.
    (Yet another sign of desperation, as time is ticking and these vaccines aren’t being used)

    • We all need to explain and encourage our friends ,as a first step.

      • Your handle/name suggests to me you know about Artemisia annua – the best natural cure for covid19 (and most other inflammatory agents, including malaria). 😊

    • Leaky vaccines look it up, about vaccines making the vaccinated super spreaders to them selves & un vaccinated I really feel for the one’s that have had this as they are so trusting of this evil government

  2. The thing is there are cameras in the screens that video you in real time. Yep. Samsung has a patent for that very thing. They say it’s to improve your viewing experience by cataloguing your facial expressions to certain shows so it knows what to recommend. No kidding. Boris need to own a comb that comes with instructions.

    • Omg!
      Every day I learn of another Big Brother “1984” prediction that has come to pass. Can’t we just unplug these polluting devices? Isn’t a beautiful park like that meant to be a serene retreat?

  3. The scene of the (deserted and rightly so!) park: Bizarre, Dystopian, and the stuff of Sci-Fi Psychotically Uneasy Nightmares!

  4. Think they should start being afraid, we the people are not taking this anymore.

  5. Boris will only allow pubs that require passports to open…. can see it coming a mile away.

    • They will push all businesses to enforce without specifically mandating it (because they can’t). Insurance companies will refuse to insure public & employee liability. Leaving employers with little to no choice. Any push back from staff will be purely independent; most people don’t have the time, determination and money to seek legal action. Government know this….however, they were counting on a larger up-take of compliant vax takers, hoping there would be a dominant contingent of employees in each workplace to bully the other members of staff. If a majority of people won’t accept, we could reach a stalemate, at which point it will be lockdown again.

      • There is no public or employee liability for ‘flu. Anyone with AIDS/HIV, hepatitis or a host of other diseases can freely any any public space. You could come into infected blood in the supermarket and become infected with a deadly disease.

  6. I’ve just checked the bbc news comments section for this news, a you mentioned yesterday seems people are waking up. Vast majority have slammed the idea. I’m a foreigner but I know that the pub is strong part of the British culture and such an idea affects everyone not just holiday makers etc.

    Not surprise now that they rushed to have the general election before all of this had started. Now they carry on with this for couple years, you can see in Germany, they have election this autumn and Merkel apologised yesterday, Israel has opened as there is election soon.

    I hope this clown and his clan will be bring tong to justice!

  7. Best of luck with the pub thing.. The last time I went out for a meal it was shite, we were all treated like biohazards and once the meal was over they started to apply pressure to get you to leave.

  8. The thing in the park is like something out of George Orwell or Aldous Huxley, anyone who has never read 1984 or Brave New World should do so asap, they aren’t so much a warning as a blueprint for exactly what’s happening right now. Instead of being at war with Oceania, Eastasia or Eurasia it’s Covid. Welcome to Airstrip One proles.

    • Yep, also reminds me of The Prisoner TV series, appropriately enough.

    • Can’t recommend them enough, read both of them numerous times. It’s worthwhile reading H.G. Well’s 1939 future blueprint called ‘The Shape of Things to Come.’

      • Also recommend watching the ‘Hamburg Syndrome’….if you can find an English Subtitled copy. You’ll shit when you see it!

  9. It’s really all UN agenda 21. Covid was just the distraction to implement it.

  10. Hugo, That MAY have been your best video yet.. There’s no limit to a councils spending, that screen would be great in something like a Pub? Can’t see it lasting long in that location…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  11. Hi Hugo talks

    Again thank you for your kindness and keeping in touch with us all out here✌️💪

    I watched a documentary about water, it’s on the YouTube we used to trust lol 🥺🤣 but u may want take a ganda at it? Called.. The Global fight over water .

    Cheers again Hugo Talks


  12. It is patently obvious that ‘jab for a pint’ is all about getting a foot in the door, setting up the infrastructure for this ‘vax-ceen passport’ or whatever-they-are-calling-it-today crap. ‘Jab for a pint’ needs to be headed off at the pass.

  13. The local authorities are the government lacky to keep shops and pubs closed because local authorities issue the licence to trade and the police enforce it being paid by the local authorities. It’s important that when the elections for police and crimes commissioner takes place this May you vote for a constitutionalist i.e. English Democrat party member to bring back your rights and freedoms.

  14. What a nasty spiteful little man. Bet he was a bully in school as well.

  15. HI Hugo

    in confidence, my wife is a care assistant with the same care home all her working life, she is 40. She declined the vaccine and was asked to reconsider, she declined again. Shes now been told she has to attend work to sit and watch videos about covid, ( I assume they are propaganda videos from the government) because she does not want the jab. She said this has come from her head office.




  16. I can imagine throngs of vaccinated people stood in that park all quietly staring at that big screen getting their daily instructions!

    • Then indulging in the two minutes hate when they show the faces of unvaxxers.

      • That will definitely be used next. The excuse for prolonging the Autumn lockdowns will be new variants and un vaccinated people. It’ll be used to divide, distract and create animosity.

  17. I love the frankness of your videos – so refreshing! Most other people seem to think I’ve lost my mind, I think it’s the other way around. People are still repeating the mantra – if we can all just be good for now we’ll get our freedom back later – it’s like an episode of The Demon Headmaster!

  18. It’s been so long since I went in a pub that I don’t miss it any more. Unless I can just walk into one and buy a drink like in 2019 I won’t be going back in one.

    As for that big screen: 2am, balaclava and a big bucket of paint!

    • No harm I’m sick of the fucking lockdown can’t get a hair cut can’t do nothing apart from going to work every day is just like Groundhog Day and with all the videos on YouTube I have seen and it’s all starting to look like that movie equilibrium where people are not allowed to do nothing but to be controlled it’s like the government is trying to do a Purge lol fuck there jab and there passport

  19. All of this stuff (vaccine passports, fines for going abroad etc) is psy ops on the UK public to see how much they can get away with. If the sheeple don’t respond then they figure no-one is too bothered! The sheeple really don’t know what they are in for.

  20. Hi Hugo just a quick bit of news regarding the cancelled vaccinations this weekend ok just so you know my dad needs to go in hospital for an op if it is left it will turn cancerous so he is opting for the jab. So he was booked in this Sunday at 10.10am they cancelled it I rang them this morning to re-book the appointment as instructed ok so they come back and said that he could have it on Saturday this Saturday only 1 day before he was going to have it anyway so as they were doing what they were doing on the phone I said to my dad that’s scary that’s not right and the nurse or whoever quickly came back on the phone and said yes we had to change them being very brief what the feck anyway just so you know this and I am from South of England in Hampshire just so you know as the riots have been in Bristol and London

  21. It takes 6 weeks to break a habit, so after a whole year I am well over going to the pub now anyway. Much prefer a few drinks and a bbq with friends in the back garden. That’s the way I believe things will go moving forward if Boris continues to push this draconian agenda!

    • I agree, the problem comes when they require it in the supermarkets, or to tax your car, or order stuff online.

      This UN agenda 21 planning started in 1992! I guess they have already thought about most of the flies plans for escaping the spiders web…..

  22. Covid: Vaccine passport review due by April, says PM

    The PM says drinkers will not need to provide they have had a vaccine when pubs in England open for outside trade from 12 April

    It may only be possible to implement a vaccine passports scheme once everybody has been offered a jab, Boris Johnson has suggested.

    The prime minister said a review on their use would report in April but no decisions have been taken.

    He said there were “lots of difficult issues… moral complexities, ethical problems that need to be addressed”.

    It comes as publicans cast doubt on Mr Johnson’s suggestion pub-goers might have to prove their vaccination status.

    Speaking on a visit to a nursery in West London, Mr Johnson said: “There are some people who for medical reasons can’t get a vaccination, pregnant women can’t get a vaccination at the moment, you’ve got to be careful about how you do this.

    “You might only be able to implement a thorough-going vaccination passport scheme even if you wanted such a thing in the context of when absolutely everybody had been offered a vaccine.”

    Mr Johnson said previous coronavirus infections could be a feature used if Covid-19 health certificates are adopted.

    “There are three basic components. There’s the vaccine, there’s your immunity you might have had after you’ve had Covid, and there’s testing – they are three things that could work together.

    However he added: “No decisions have been taken at all. One thing I will make clear is none of this is obviously going to apply on April 12 when it will all be outdoors anyway.”

    A Downing Street source earlier said the review would include looking at how people’s vaccination and testing status could be stored securely and displayed on a mobile phone, and the circumstances under which such a system could apply.

    MPs will vote later on new coronavirus laws for England’s roadmap out of lockdown.

    They will also be asked to approve the government’s plan to renew emergency coronavirus powers for another six months. The Coronavirus Act was introduced in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic.


  23. This is up to the pub landlords to go up in arms over. After-all it will have a detrimental affect on their businesses. Why aren’t they shouting from the rooftops?

  24. Wot doris says is not the law, it’s just him throwing pub and club owners , managers and staff under the bus. Vaccine passes, will break data protection laws. You’re personal information is private.

  25. Hugo , we are part of a group of 2400 like -minded folks and are thinking we might introduce them to your HUGO TALKS but are a bit concerned about some of the language you use -it can sound offensive – and can potentially endanger the credibility of what you have to say . Great research though so keep it up . Malcolm Hedley

      • Mere words. Its that very language and familiarity which speaks to a certain demographic of people. Why is it we are trained to laugh at certain sounds that come out of our mouths ‘poo, fart, bogie’ etc. But then to get angry at other sounds ‘fuck, bastard’ etc. They’re just noises…..your response to them is your own doing. Hugo presents himself as he is; to change is to lose what people like about him. Besides, this comment will only cause conflict…….or is that the intention?

  26. This link got sent to me and I think as everyone here does not agree with the vaccine passports we should all write the email there requesting also send to like minded people too. We got to put our foot down and have our say before our fate is in these fuckers hands .* URGENTLY Passing this on – (and could you forward to others on your list) * . . .

    On Monday Parliament debated the issue of VACCINE PASSPORTS, in response to the Petition which gained a whopping 290,000 signatures.

    However, the Government has now decided as the next step, to issue a “Call For Evidence”. It is a sort of Public Consultation which anyone can participate in.

    The full title is: Open Consultation. COVID Status Certification Review Call For Evidence.

    It is vital that as many people as possible tell the Government why Vaccine Certificates are a bad idea.

    If ALL the petition signatories did this, we would overwhelm their system, and we might frighten them into having second thoughts.

    The closing date is 11.45pm on 29/3/21 so we have JUST days to do this.

    To do this, you need to go to the link below and submit your comments.


    Please try to get as many people involved as you can as quickly as you can‼️

    You don’t need to write reams. Just think of some bullet points which matter to you, and submit them ASAP. If you have any good links to articles about the implications for health freedom and privacy, or any other evidence you feel is important, then submit it too.

    Your opinion matters, so speak up. It does not matter that you are an ordinary person, you don’t need any specialist knowledge. This will impact you and your family. Tell them how it will effect YOU negatively!


    If we are ever going to be able to get on a plane again without the necessity of being jabbed like a GUINEA PIG, (with an “experimental” vaccine), which is now being shown to have a higher level of harm to it than covid itself, and risking our own health as a result, losing sovereignty over our bodies and our rights to make informed decisions, which the State respects, being forced to do something which is against common sense, good science and public health and safety, we are going to have to fight for it. Because it won’t stop here – going to the theatre, concerts, football matches, or cinema will also require a passport!

    Even shopping – who knows? To give up our right to basic freedom of movement, is a huge thing to hand over willingly.

    And there will be NO going back‼️

  27. Time to go bozza, no credibility, no joke, what a smug disgusting individual you have become. Be careful what you unleash with these lies and coercion. It will bring you down.

  28. doing great work hugo, im in North Belfast…. Northern Ireland is much like everywhere else im hearing except the police here are definitely not as hands on as they seem to be in most other countries…. maybe just as well because the people here wouldn’t tolerate it as im sure you know we are the professional rioting capital of the world…
    but that said it seems most people here are brainwashed like the rest, but man many people in Northern Ireland dont buy it…. me included since the very beginning of it….. if people don’t know by now whats going on…. they must be stupid…. im sorry if that offends…. but that can be the only conclusion.

  29. I can see the case for opening bars for the unvaccinated.

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