BACKTRACKING Boris / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Yes, also What’s on the the dust everyone has been talking about to.

  1. brilliant truthful news channel… keep up the good work hugo…… “have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness but instead expose them”. ephesians 5:11

  2. Lets keep meeting on the streets of london 24th april! if you missed the others youve missed out! on a wonderfully liberating day! Come on be the 99%

  3. Commenting here as I’ve already been locked out of my YouTube account!
    I agree 100% Hugo, their goal is to get us all to accept an app, then they can add on the digital wallet, social score, and whatever else they want.
    My theory is that once they’ve got people on the app they can start making tests harder to get, or more expensive, so going to the pub becomes a bit more challenging. Eventually a “supply chain problem” might mean there are no tests available for a month, so… you’ve guessed it… “it would be more convenient if you just had a vaccine”.
    I think everything is geared towards pushing people towards vaccines by whatever subtle and not-so-subtle method they can dream up.

  4. This business is so ridiculous. Do we also need to sit in the back of the bus?

  5. 2 months ago Tony Blair was on GMB and when he was asked if he was going to take the jab his face looked very unsure.

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  6. Great work Hugo I’m sharing it every where , bloody hard work with the sheep , any way check out John Hopkins 25/28 pandemic . Keep plugging away

  7. Hey all!Im so happy that i found you Hugo.Im not from UK but from Estonia.Our propaganda situation have gone bad.All news outlets only talking how bad all is.Our Covid numbers are very high,EL nr.1 lol.Test numbers also everyday so high but those testingtents are almost everyday empty.Now they tell that summer lockdown will continue if people dont start to behive lol.Some people are so hyptnotised that already wearing masks outside and in the cars.Luckily i see more and more people to wake up.I go to comment every day when the new Covid horror story comes again. I write the facts, the links to the right places where you can get the right news.
    Keep those news coming,im have used alot of your storys too :)If in UK happens then it happens here too 🙂 Its like a script 🤣

  8. I am sharing this vital information/resurce. We need to get behind this :-
    The Peoples Union of Britain PUB – join the PUB and rally to the developments for the New Era
    In the creation and move towards a Sovereign Era under Common Law, all people of these Isles will be free of the tyranny it has suffered.

    A whole new paradigm is in formation. Much of it is already in place and awaiting the overthrow of present tyrannical rule.

    To move to a place where the Common Law is the ONLY Law of the Land requires people to wish to enter this new way of being. Therefore it will be through The Peoples Union of Britain that this will be attained

    Make sure you place your name down as a member of the PUB, so that the joys of freedom, autonomy and sovereignty become your absolute and divine right.

    • Checkout Alex bellfield voice of reason..on YouTube. BBC & Nottingham police harassment… Shocking.. our civil liberties GON.. what future awaits us all.. don’t ignore

      • Don’t follow Belfield, he was praising both Boris and defending as he put it, poor “Sir Cliff” Richards… even though he’s also homophobic too… Belfield is defo controlled opposition only an idiot would be fooled by this crass attempt by Belfield and the bbc to divert innocent people up the garden path

  9. There’s still many many deluded people who would absolutely love the idea of a passport. Judging from the comments in my local paper they far outweigh sensible thinking people. They are filled with hate for those who do not get jabbed

  10. We The People – Where Focus/Attention Goes Energy Flows – We HAVE The POWER.

  11. MSM only ever promotes what they themselves create, absolutely NO exceptions!
    While it is good to be informed don’t allow anything the newspapers, tv news etc, radio to influence your thinking or emotions. We have FREE WILL and do not have to give this evil any of our attention.
    Everything is controlled, there is no, nor has there been any democracy.
    So while we can’t stop what they plan to do, we can turn away from it, refuse to go along and stop giving it attention.

    People who are still wearing masks after a year are as complicit in this lie as the ones forcing it down our throats.

    So much drama all the time isn’t there but that’s narcissism for you and the worm is the first narc and knows his time is running out!

    All of history is a lie because satan is a liar and this is his story.
    The worm was released for a small season in1850 after the 1000 year reign of Christ which he has hidden, eradicating as much evidence of Christ’s golden reign as he could but he failed as there is so much evidence of Christ’s reign to verify this truth out there but you have to seek it out and who can be bothered or has the time right?!…..Exactly the way the worm wants it.
    The worm is spinning plates and they are now smashing to the ground, this final tantrum will be a doozy but we can be free of it all if we accept Jesus into our hearts.
    Oh and a small season is about 200 years.
    We need to bring Jesus Christ back into the narrative, that is where the power is, not us we are nothing but vessels and souls, our only power comes from God through Jesus Christ by way of the Holy Ghost.
    You’re either under Christ or you’re under satan and while the worm tricks, lies and tells you what you want to hear; Jesus won’t trick His way into your lives-no you have to ask Him in because of the free will law.

    Do not fear
    believe only
    “There is no doubt”
    Praise King God Jesus

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