Come And Get Your CERTIFICATES! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. hmm what do people feel most passionate about, I know Their Music and Sport, Well you can stuff it all.
    I Ain’t Avin it !

  2. You hit the nail on the head with the child catcher reference!

  3. His smiling face at the end, says it all…..
    We are living through very dangerous times 🥺

  4. Passport/certificate is just the beginning

    Once the passport/certificate is rollout it’s going to fail purposely, they are going to engineer and let people use fake coved passport/certificate which would laid to new coved outbreak.

    The Final plan is chip/quantum dot.

    See the plan is to make some people not take the vaccine and then blame them for upsurge.

    Get the Picture

    Like with out criminals there is no law
    and with out law there’s no Control

  5. thank you for all your interpretation and point of view. it is refreshing

  6. Ask any black cabbie in London and they will tell you the politicians refer to the general public as the Children. Maybe someone should let Dowden know the simplest way to fill these places is allow the doors to be opened, even though in reality they could be if all these venue owners did a little study? He almost starts to laugh when talking about the terrible changeable disease!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  7. The child catcher from the London Olympics opening ceremony seems really appropriate on this vid. certificates, passports, they can call them what they want. The answer is still NO.

  8. Wait a minute, didn’t vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi say that vaccine passports would be “discriminatory”?

    It must be okay to discriminate against people with allergies and pregnant women then, as both groups are currently being advised not to have a vaccine.

    The MHRA say people with severe allergies should not get the vaccine, as the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine resulted in early reports of anaphylaxis.

    The NHS currently say if you’re pregnant then you should not have the vaccine.

    If you’re of childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding, they say there’s “no evidence” the COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe.

    However, they then admit there’s insufficient evidence to say it is safe, as more data is needed before you can routinely be offered it.

    So, either we discriminate against people, or we just force them to get vaccinated like Dr. Josef Mengele with angel of death style forced experiments. What’s it going to be?

    • But hang on they said it dont mean u cant get this fucking terrible DISEASE?? Lol wtf. I’m betting a lot of the place will be very empty then. People have got minds of there own ? I also dont belive after seeing the turn out in london yesterday that as many people have been jabbed up as the government have said. Look at that lovely pic of the queen behind him ffs she has a pedo for a son. Hey but that’s ok just as long as they havent had the jab hey. All bollocks. When r the police gonna get theres I wonder.

  9. I never enjoyed large crowds. And I have very few friends because mostly people bother me. I like to spend my time at home. Reading, painting, listening to great music (Steely Dan, for instance), learning the piano and, of course, being on the internet. I don’t talk to my neighbors much. I’m retired. What I’m saying is I have actually noticed very little change in my life since this madness began. I already had an Amazon account and just the other day my remote broke and within a day I had another one! I don’t wear a mask and I will NEVER allow them to jab me. The bastards stole the election and Biden isn’t even alive enough to speak well. Man is committing suicide and I simply don’t give a shit. I do tend to babble on as most old guys do. Babylon? Babylon sisters, shake it!

  10. There’s an uncanny similarity between those two villains. An apt, artful and well-deserved lampooning.

  11. This is why Ian Brown pulled out of the Neighbourhood Weekender festival in Warrington in September.

    In February, he appealed to all festival promoters: Please do not collaborate with SAGE/ GOVT re vaccine passports for entry. Dont help to usher in the new nazi normal

    In March he Tweeted “My Saturday night headline show at NHBD Weekender Festival will now not happen! I refuse to accept vaccination proof as condition of entry. Refunds are available!”

    Brown said “All major festival promoters have held talks with SAGE/GOVT since early December planning vaccine proof as condition of entry. Money is their God. Any musician going along with this is a collaborator and a disgrace!”

    Back in November 2020, Brown said that “Talk is of us having to have a digital health passport, our physical, biological and now digital identities to be merged for our own good!

    HA! A plan by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (who are basically the worlds richest corporations chaired by an unelected monarch whose family robbed this country a thousand years ago) to work, travel and play, to access concerts, theatres, libraries, schools, public facilities, shops, the street?

    A vaccine refusal could mean permanent isolation. Fancy a bit of that?”

  12. The government, promoters and any musical collaborators can stick their concerts and their revenue where the sun won’t shine.

    There are going to be alternatives to this totalitarian eugenicists wet dream .

    There is the UK freedom festival – No vaccine passport needed #NoVaxFestival V-Stop Festival United Kingdom 2021

    You can follow V-Stop Festival on Twitter @vstopfestival

    There are artists with integrity; like;

    Morrissey who played a show in London amid the coronavirus lockdown.

    Ian Brown “NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX #researchanddestroy,”

    Eric Clapton and Van Morrison anti-lockdown “Stand And Deliver”

    And, Van Morrison’s No More Lockdown

  13. In any other business if you say the words “no thank you” they leave you alone or else run the risk of being prosecuted for harassment, not the NHS it seems.

    I’ve already told them once I’m not interested in their snake oil jab but I’m now being bombarded multiple times a day every day with phone calls & texts (and 3 more letters) offering me appointments to have the jab that I don’t want.

    If anyone from the NHS jabbing squad is reading this, LEAVE ME ALONE!

  14. This is simply childish………..All of it! Thank YOU for the truth HUGO!

  15. Oliver Dowden is concerned about the safety of journalists. In an interviewe with BBC’s disinformation reporter, Marianna Spring who reports on, “crackpot theories about coronavirus and vaccines.”

    Dowden said, “I have no doubt her work will save lives. But, she receives vile threats.

    Our plan, will build up an accurate picture of the problem. We will act to give journalists the support they need to stay safe.
    Every police service will be given a designated journalist safety liaison officer, the police will work to update training around journalists covering demonstrations.

    We’ve secured a commitment in the plan from Facebook and Twitter to respond promptly to threats against journalists on their sites.

  16. Found a recent article in the Toronto Star about vaccination passports. Seems pretty logical to me. People who travel, especially to 3rd world countries have had to have certification of vaccination for years. It’s nothing new. If it spews to other areas of life that’s a different story. But I wouldn’t be getting my knickers in a twist about travel.

    • Yeah, but having to scan a QR code on your smartphone to prove that you have been injected with an experimental Covid ‘vax-ceen’ to enter a supermarket is not the same as going to your doctor to pay for a vaccine for yellow fever, typhoid, rabies… and being issued with a certificate to present at passport control because you want to visit, say, India. It is like comparing apples and oranges. We have to be careful not to mix them up.

    • The vaccination certificate obviously ties in to the wider digital identities.

      The government published draft rules on governing digital identities in February 2021; they say;

      Digital identities can be used to prove who we are without the need for physical documents, they can verify identity and create a process as trusted as using passports or bank statements.

      Digital identity will allow people to prove who they are, where they live or how old they are.

      They are set to revolutionise transactions such as buying a house, and buying age-restricted goods online or in person.

      They can also help us prove things about us, such as our age or our qualifications.

      Digital identities can include attributes related to:

      physical or digital documents such as a bank statement

      devices such as a mobile phone

      credentials such as a university degree

      someone’s health condition

      Some examples of attributes are:

      the number of children someone has

      someone’s bank account number

      someone’s National Insurance number

      someone’s NHS number

      the number of people that work for a company

      a Companies House company number

      that someone is over 18

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