14 Comments on “GERMAN TOWER Says VACCINATION = FREEDOM / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Infren =Freinheit on the light tower makes me feel twice as sick with having a German father and English mother. Although he went out of my life when I was young, I know he would have been heartbroken by this, he was imprisoned because he stood against everything Hitler and the Nazis stood for.

    • It is just like the arbeit macht frei sign above the entrance of the Auschwitz head camp

      • It is indeed. Even more sickening is the horrific crimes and murders done to the German public by British and American soldiers after the war was “won”. Under orders by their governments, alas, they did it eagerly enough.

  2. Phycopaths that’s what they are, I don’t care about the phypropagand, I don’t care I don’t do (gene RNA therapy) period

  3. Germans always were good at proppergander.
    Least we forget ?

  4. I’m really disappointed in Germany. This could not have been a more insensitive thing to say. We all remember the sign above the gate at Auschwitz “Arbeit macht frei” or “Work makes you free”. Looks like they need liberating but there again, so does the rest of Europe with the possible exception of Sweden.

  5. I didn’t realise that Düsseldorf has a tower. At first I assumed this was the Fernsehturm Tower in Berlin which I have to confess to visiting on my trips to Berlin. You learn something new every day. Every day is a school-day… except Saturday and Sunday 🙂

  6. Hugo! You are a STAR! Short video but, FUCK ME! everything helps! honestly. The Cabal have made sure that they don’t miss a single trick and you Sir, are helping US stay on track. YOU FECKIN’ LEGEND!

  7. Arbeit macht frei (Labor will set you free, used in the concentration camps) 1940-1945 has a new variant

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