IRELAND HARD Lockdown Till JULY? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. In my 72 years on this planet would I ever believe that humankind could be so evily manipulated as it is now.
    And sad to realise how many people worldwide have been lobotimised by governments and media.

  2. This is the link to the most important scientific video you can watch now! Interview with Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, who is an internationally recognised vaccine developer, virologist.

    PLEASE DO NOT dismiss this information, it is VITAL please watch and share it to warn those you love and care for who have not yet had the vaccine,

    • Wow,,so after the vaccine you will always need the next vaccine for the next variant as you no longer have any innate immune resonse!! The question I need answered is this .Does Geert mean if and when an asymptomatic person sheds the virus ?does this kill/stop it spreading ? Is this the definition of Herd Immunity ?As brilliant and informative as this man is he never got an opportunity to give his advice for a better solution ?
      Many thanks,George.

    • This is a really good vid, only wish on one section Geert hadn’t more than once stressed the words war, weapon and attacked. A couple of weeks ago I had already stated I wouldn’t accept any more blood transfusions because of the make up of the jab entering the bloodstream. He briefly mentioned that after talking about it entering the lymph nodes. Thanks for putting this vid up watching68, I hadn’t seen it, also after watching for 10mins on Hugo’s channel I stopped and went over to youtube so I could share it easily.

  3. Hugo having been watching and benefiting from the messages in your daily uploads, all of which I’ve enjoyed. I do have a concern about your use of the colour purple in you logo. I’m sure you are aware of the significance of this colour and its use by the masonic cult that is behind all that is bad in this world. I have for a long time studied closely the use of the colour purple and orange and the message it sends. Why do you use the colour purple? do you have an agenda of social priming with the uploads you bring to your audience. Please can you explain???

  4. Hi Hugo, have you seen the interview of a vaccine expert called Geert Vanden Bossche? It’s

  5. It is amazing how they have got the Retard to go along with this and create their own prison with blatant lies and never ending false promises? This World Rally is very suspect, yes they could use it to end their covid B/S but more likely run worldwide false flags in order to lockdown further? After all they released the Sarah Everard psyop that has got Retarded women now calling for curfews for all men!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  6. Hey Hugo,

    Does any body else have the same feeling that this whole Sarah Everard killing is a set up just like George Floyd? Seems very suspect to me another Divide and Cancel propaganda piece?

    • It’s certainly a great way to distract everyone away from the scamdemic & put into place some more rules to keep us in lockdown.

      • Yep, like George Floyd it seems that they are all set up and ready to roll. My local park was festooned with tributes for Everard. That is if Ms Everard ever existed. When I see her photos it reminds of a friend who played the ‘dead child’ in a TV detective drama; the series opened with her photographs on a mantelpiece. It was funny when she mentioned it and I said, oh, I remember that and I remember you. It is no doubt being repeated on one of those ‘drama’ channels – Taggart. But I digress, this is like #MeToo all over again except that we have a new hashtag #ReclaimTheStreets. The ‘tributes’ on my local park were all about ‘changing the narrative’, ‘all men are rapists’… 6pm curfews for men? – would men really go along with that level of insanity?

      • Oh yeah, I was also going to say that (young) men are being murdered day in – day out in the UK yet we don’t see an ‘outpouring of grief’. This ‘Everard’ business like George Floyd is a psyop with an agenda.

  7. Here is roof positive that the mainstream media lies to us – as if you didn’t already know ๐Ÿ˜€ According to mainstream media ‘key workers’ are not a priority when it comes to the ‘vax-ceen’, and even BoJo said: “Everyone must wait their turn”. Weren’t the fuzz protesting that they were being ‘made to wait’. Well, lo and behold, as I passed my local ‘vax-ceen clinic’ the other day – like you do ๐Ÿ™‚ – a bloke with his kid in tow struts up to the checkpoint and blurts to the security bod: “Key worker”. So we are being lied to.

    • *that should be ‘proof positive’. It seems like I dropped a pea ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I’m sure everyone knew what you meant trev, hope your hospital is still not making problems for you.

  8. This is the problem, most people think they can stop it by a change of party, totally agree with what Hugo says. No party, no member of the “royal” family is going to save you. Unfortunately, I very much doubt if the police or members of the armed forces are going to turn round and be on our side, unless they’re long serving or the older veterans ( I don’t mean ancient!) who have left the forces.
    If the USA are deliberately hiring those with psychotic tendencies, you can bet we are and the States have been been doing it for several years now. I can’t be exact on how long because all things that become public knowledge are already taking place for a few years. The only estimate is a good decade. With all the courses they are sent on here in UK, if they weren’t already psychotic, they’ll be well on the way now. All very preplanned.
    We can only hope a world wide demonstration works but I’m sure the government could turn it to their advantage.

    • In Denmark a newspaper wrote that there were some remaining covid19 vacc. (after vaccination of elderly) and a doctor suggested that people from other age-groups could get those vacc. Among younger volunteers for the vaccinations there were several policemen. When their boss heard about this, he got very angry and gave an interview to danish newspaper, where he said: “Doctors have to throw their excess vaccines out to trash and stop vaccinating policemen”… Masons are taking care of each other…

      • Indeed, Masons are looking after their own. Also police were told not to download the test and trace app. For those who already had done, they were told to ignore any messages to isolate because they’d been in contact with someone who had covid. And not because they wanted them to spread it, just that it didn’t exist. I also saw something where army were not to go and get the jab but as I can’t remember where I saw it I can’t back it up. I think it was put in a comment after I’d watched something on lbry, I can remember the person writing claimed to be in the army.

  9. It is up to each of US !!!!! Be there on 20 March!
    We are fighting for our rights, our freedom, our future, our children’s future.
    This has GOT TO STOP !!!!! Only WE can do it …. together. xxxx

  10. Hi Hugo
    Have you seen Dr Vernon Colemanโ€™s video about the threat to the human race yet. O M G

  11. The Sarah Everard story is fake!
    All the Tv coverage has masonic symbols.

    Watch RR Extra Youtube channel, he breaks it all down. Watch it to understand its all psyops warfare on us all!!

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