IRELAND Undercover Police Caught Filming Protest? Hugo Talks #lockdown

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8 Comments on “IRELAND Undercover Police Caught Filming Protest? Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Spot on Hugo. I believe it was in your other Irish video that I mentioned the agitators had been placed deliberately in peaceful protests for decades.

  2. Well covered Hugo expect plenty of this kind of shenanigans to cover country/ world wide at these protests on 20/03/21 (2 x 3 = 33) 20/03/2021 (2 x 3 2×3 =33 33) wonder WHO picked this date after winter break?

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  3. Dirty rotten scumbags they are worst then the corrupt politicians.

  4. Dirty rotten scumbags they are worse than the corrupt politicians
    No more peaceful protests it’s time to fight back.

  5. I would think that it’s obvious what they were doing, Hugo. They are undercover narcs trying to disrupt a peaceful protest.

  6. It is a similar thing World-Wide. Authorities using force against their own people. Bullying, telling lies and it must be right wind causing all the trouble. No! It is the great reset! I did think it was happening a few months ago. Only came across the great reset a few months ago, but, thought it was made up fantasy. Not any longer! Freedom of speech is under attack around the globe.

  7. It’s ironic that these spying thugs committed more violence than (except for one troublemaker) the entire protest they were trying to subvert.

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