IRELAND Zero Covid PSY OP LEAKS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. You know where all this is going don’t you.
    1) vaccine passports / pcr tests to travel goin pubs etc
    But however these could be forged! So they really need to know WHO YOU ARE
    2) The third jab needed as Bill Gates says , put forward for this year is going to be a ‘different one ( already stated by Bill Gates on the same speech)
    So maybe THIS IS THE ONE that has a tracking system so that no forgery can be done. Everyone will welcome that won’t they?
    Their reasoning’ all these knobheads are stopping fully complying sheep goin on their olidays ‘
    So then we arrive at the goal, everybody’ tagged’ and under control
    Thank you

    • Apps on smartphones are a ruse just like the cardboard ‘vaccine cards’. They are not meant to be ‘workable’. They are meant to be forged, passed around etc. They are a ‘stepping stone’. You wouldn’t need a crystal ball to foresee some sort of Radio Frequency microchip implant with encrypted data. This would be the Final Workable Solution. The technology is already there. They just need to herd the sheep into the pen.

  2. I think everyone who watches Hugo knows this is going on but to see it written in black and white somehow makes it all the more horrifying. And that’s me who has stacks of books on this sort of thing.

  3. Hugo look at LifesiteNews, CHD Children’s health defense Robert Kennedy Jr, Dr Kaufman and Dr Coleman, Pamela Acker, Dr Sherri Tenpenny and many more, they show CLEARLY all LIES.

  4. There will be staines if the public ever wake up. these little weasels have never had a job and without Gates (government) money they would have to do a real job or better still be on the dole..

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  5. And today we learn that ‘people with learning disabilities are to be prioritised for the vax-ceen’. I accidentally sat on my remote control which turned the normally OFF TV ON and was unfortunate enough to catch the end of ‘The One Show’ on BBC1 and caught the in-a-wheelchair-presenter Nikki Fox wetting her knickers as she gleefully broke the news to the grinning head-nodding Alex Jones and Anol Rajan. You would think that someone who was disabled would know better. Good grief! It is like Nazi Germany and Hitler’s Aktion T4 programme all over again, except this time it is on steroids.

    • According to the Reich News Jews, Gypsies, the disabled, unemployed, homosexuals and trade unionists have been added to the priority list.

  6. This is a recommendation on reading Henry Makow Ph.D. who’ s telling a lot about the fivepronged star and what stands this for.

  7. Well, I have just accidentally sat on the remote control again and discovered that BBC1 is showing a game-show, yes, a game-show – Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance (contains some strong language if you care ) – in the 9pm slot on a WEDNESDAY evening. A game-show, mid-week, on prime-time BBC1! That surely must be a first. What is going on? I would expect some sort of ‘drama’ on at that time – not a game-show! Are the gas-lighting BBC now trying to distort our sense of time? As Morrissey would say every day does feel like Sunday. But this! At first, I thought I had dozed off after switching off ‘The One Show’ and woken up on Saturday evening.

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