THOUSANDS Gather In Austria Vienna / Hugo Talks #lockdown

6 Comments on “THOUSANDS Gather In Austria Vienna / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Yeah, I was watching a live stream of that on Ruptly channel, all looked fairly peaceful, needs more people to come out like that here, just to get their feelings known.

  2. This the sort of thing we need to be doing in this country. We r a fucking joke in in the uk. The rest of the world must laughing at us. Ffs we need to come togther and stand shoulder to shoulder in this lockdown shit and the health passport shit cause new laws are being passed and we do nothing. It’s like no one seems to care and it’s ok not to moan about this bollocks. I am living in the uk ????

  3. Wonderful to see the people of Austria say NO, NO MORE, People of England get of your Effing Arse and fight for your Children, as we do. Thank you for the great video Hugo.

  4. There every weekend here now.
    The Austrians want their government under Kurz gone & they’re very busy doing it.
    Despite travel ban too, many thousands travelled all the way from Tirol, where Kurz locked it down in high season for them for no reason!
    it’s 01.00 & the police helicopters are still constantly circling & 100s of sirens going off outside.
    This government will crash here very soon!

  5. If only Australian folk would wake up and get off their lazy backsides and protest also!

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