Government ‘VERY, VERY STUPID’ Says MP / Hugo Talks #lockdown

12 Comments on “Government ‘VERY, VERY STUPID’ Says MP / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. All a plan; they know what the public’s reactions will be. What should we be focusing on, what are we missing?
    International Finance. The cause of all this bullshit. I’m optimistic……in the end, karma is a bitch. It may have taken centuries, but with the exponential technology we’re currently witnessing, I feel that technology will run away faster than the great minds can keep up, eventually causing a meltdown which will put everyone in their place, including the elites who will end up having to farm the land themselves in order to eat.

  2. Seen all this state control coming years ago and everyone said I was nuts .
    All about the compliance .It started with the smoking ban ,then the carbon footprint issue ,more recently in the last few years The “Opt out ” I.E the workplace pensions and organ donation, all designed to prepare us for what was on the horizon .
    Now being coerced ,blackmailed and virtually press ganged into taking a vaccine that by the sounds of it is a load of rubbish .
    In the not to distant future we will have no freedom .Goodness knows what it will be like when our children grow up .

    • It’s funny; you type in the Italian MP into Google and instantly you get Reuters debunk, false claims. If you take the time to read, their debunking skills are so thin on the ground it’s laughable. Sadly, most people won’t get past the headline on’Debunked’

  3. Just found your website today …. amazing content. Great work Hugo. Helps join the dots with other videos out there. (from Ireland)

  4. The only variant we need is a new PM,one that has testicles.The current occupant is a public sector captured weakling.

    • The liar Johnson is not showing a lack of courage, the fuck is pushing this all by himself, this is what you get when Ashkenazim/Muslims infiltrate the government over years the liar Johnson being both… you need to stop believing MSM and do some actual research

  5. Bill Gate is saying there is a new viruses coming soon which will be more dangerous than covid 19, can these viruses be also the zombie infection/virus they are on about at CDC? Interesting read!!

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