Katie Price’s Son Rushed To Hospital After Jab / Hugo Talks #lockdown

7 Comments on “Katie Price’s Son Rushed To Hospital After Jab / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Such a shame, why do they reckon he was extremely vulnerable, I wonder. As I’m not aware of many teenagers dying from the alleged virus, not even with pre-existing conditions. One, is all I heard about, so far, touch wood.

    • Seeing as she’s been trying really hard recently to get rid of him to some private college at tax payers expense she doesn’t have any right to whine about anything.

  2. He looks like he might be already the result of a previous vaccine injury. Maybe he susceptible .

    • You are probably right. We are only just realising that many illnesses and conditions have been caused by previous vaccines!

  3. Let’s see if she will continue to do her part for the social engineering agenda.

  4. Wasn’t she one of those many so called celebrities who were pushing this vaccine. Nothing but self centred attention seekers

  5. Hope he alright. As sister has learning difficulties and was in hospital just recently with this supposed virus. Luckily she came out. With what I’ve heard from a friend that knows a nurse. I dreed anyone going in to hospital. Don’t know if you’ve done vid on doctors going for immunity too. As what their told to do is unethical. Look in to it Hugo. Can of worms just get worse.

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