Numerous Care Home OUTBREAKS Appearing / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. So, with all the safety procedures in place, with all the checks, tests, distancing, masks, scrutiny etc…..then we should be seeing less deaths? If not, then those, procedures are not working and we need another approach.

    However if those procedures do work, yet we’ve seen a spike, coinciding with the vaccine rollout, then its obvious……no?

    • Yes exactly and it will continue. Most people are lazy about details; great big massive glaring in your face details.
      The techniques being used to influence thought and behavior are identical to those cults use, which include informational control and isolation.

      The incongruence causes cognitive dissonance which is overridden by fear. The cognitive dissonance becomes a tool of control undermining faith in our own judgements, causing insecurity and undermining mental integrity. Hence, cult members, for example, have long lasting issues long after their experiences.

  2. You mean that scum Nazi Klaus Schwab trying to achieve what Hitler couldn’t

    • He seems like a parody of a Nazi scientist. The arrogance is terrifying and from someone who is obviously related to a tortoise

  3. Yeah alot are false positives but they don’t tell you that if the government want the figures to go high they can soon make that happen. Purely so they can keep this FARCE FLU going on. My partner works in a care home and she knows what’s going on

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    • These pcr tests have got something in them FACT I’ve been I’ll for weeks never again

  4. Hi there, alright on safe grounds.

    Here’s a nurse from a care facility speaking up. This is so messed up. Let me ground myself here…

    Earlier this week I started taking note of infection rate patterns – I’ve been recording them too. Then I saw your post about the influx of cases in care homes – then the nurse and finally your post concerning resident homes.

    Quick final say, I’m a student studying investigations- yes I’m a young copper but please hear me out, I knew from March that these were not safety protocols. These are pressure tactics, military grade. These are NOT health protocols. Fer fack sakes seriously, this is CCP not WHO protocols. I have (the WHO) their emergency guidelines- I study emergency protocols be it for cities, highways, buildings- private public sectors on grounds of bomb threats, hostage or mass casualties.

    In my cohort we see it. We’re outraged. I’m not a traitor to humanity but seeing what officers are doing to their fellow citizens is … is low. So low. They are brain washed – but so are families neighbors!

    I’m not taking the jab. My husband will not. We will protect our two young children. Everyone this is an economic war and it was deliberate.

    Court case: Peru court charging Bill Gates, George Soros, Rockefeller family. I can send you the link if you want. Please respond.


  5. Thank you for your reporting, they’re superb! I hope you have these videos on another platform too. These will be removed from YT in the near future I believe. Might I suggest LBRY / Odysee as an alternative?

  6. Hugo, thanks for this. It’s very alarming. I look after my elderly mother and have kept her away from care homes. They’re so vulnerable in there and at the mercy of anyone who ‘cares’ for them or has a vested interest They have been the Guinee pigs for this for obvious reasons. Life is so precious at that age; every day is special to them. It’s interesting, also, how the ethnic community are being prioritized for the jab too, considering they’ve had the worst experience in the past with vaccines.

    I tried to post via the share button on yt to fb but it wouldn’t work; in the end I had to copy and paste the url. Maybe it’s coincidence, but I fear this is the sort of thing to expect; it will be harder to get information to people.

    It’s getting difficult not to get enraged; somehow we need to channel that anger in intelligent and tactical ways. People are not waking up quickly enough though. We might need eventually to start our own communities to support each other and protect those we love.

  7. Looks to me like the vaccine is finishing the job they started with the virus, kill off all the poorer old people & all the sick & disabled, saves money on treating or looking after them when they’re already dead.

  8. Hi there,

    The comment I left was taken down on YouTube due to a bit-chute link. Does this happen on here too? I posted a long and informed comment yesterday and I dont see it.

    My studies are in investigations. I noticed the same pattern as you in regards to surging cases found in care homes. I found this nurse speaking up and then found your video.

    Here it is again:

    Thank you for your research,

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