80% Jabs STILL Not GOOD Enough For Next Christmas IRELAND / Hugo Talks #lockdown

7 Comments on “80% Jabs STILL Not GOOD Enough For Next Christmas IRELAND / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Yeah that about sums up the shit here in Ireland. Not only that now there are check points outside airports and ferry ports which result in €500 fine for been outside the 5km travel limit from home. In other words house arrest.

  2. Hi Hugo

    Check out Mercola.com The articles he writes about vaccines is showing the scientific research behind the data



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  3. I’m Irish and stuck in Australia desperate to come home, this is more than just a virus it’s taking away our civil liberties and I just want to go home before I never see my family again! How can these people get away with this? Why aren’t the Irish protesting and dragging these scam artists out of the Dail?! We just want to go home to our families, my mental health is screwed up because of this. I’m on my own and feel trapped and scared. These people are evil, no wonder people are taking their own lives.. I don’t know how much longer I can go through this nightmare on my own!!!

    • Please don’t give up. I know of something that will help you. Please look up http://www.tfttapping.com and http://www.rogercallahan.com on the internet and do the exercises whilst thinking of your anxiety. Just briefly. First, write down your upset on scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst upset). Then tap firmly on start of eyebrow, under your eyes, under your armpit, collarbone. Then find the gamut spot, which is on the back of your hand, the valley between your little finger and next finger – tap this spot continuously whilst looking down to right and then down to left, roll your eyes in a circle one way and then in opposite direction. Hum a bar or two of a tune, count 1-5 and hum again. Now reassess your upset and repeat until you get the anxiety/upset down to zero. This works for fear and trauma.

  4. Leo is a jackass. It seems he is trying hard to be recognized at Davos.

  5. Hi my name is Steven and I’m from Ireland 🇮🇪 all them 🤡 are covering it up as they are using the vaccine 💉 to control our minds and to kill off half of the population

  6. It seems pretty obvious now that they don’t want everyday people travelling by air anymore,part of their global warming measures and nothing to do with the virus.Air travel will be just for the unavoidable such as politicians/businessmen/film and sports stars etc.Why do you think Bill Gates and Black Rock investments are involved in a 4.5 billion takeover bid for a UK private jet servicing company!!!!!.

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