Bye Bye BORIS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

4 Comments on “Bye Bye BORIS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. TY dude ! love YOUR vids! i am sad & shocked by the # of people who are so “willfully” blind— i share & share & share and no one wants to see😡 they want to get back to their pre-19 life so bad they just ignore it all– they are sharing recipes, birthdays, sports scores & the like and i just want to SCREAM!! Wake up you bunch of brain dead sheeple🤬…. but no, off to the slaughter they go….these are those who will take the “jab” or anything else, anywhere else.. yes it’s now time to distance from the dangerous minds & carve out a hole in the mountain for yourself…. be safe, from the US of ??? 😩

  2. Thank you for sharing your videos. You have become my daily news.

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