4 thoughts on “WHO IS WE? The Great Reset / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Satanist.
    The EXPERIMENTAL vaccine cannot be forced on anyone. Nuremberg code + informed consent.
    Democracy has been an illusion for a long time now
    Now Biden is falsified into power all the pieces are in place so full steam ahead with the great reset.
    The slaves are not needed anymore we’re to expensive to maintain. Hence Ai
    The jab is about Genocide not covid.


  2. Great analysis. It would probably be useful to point out that what they are calling vaccines do not actually meet the legal definition of vaccines, so they are deliberately misrepresenting the gene-therapy treatments, for which they have no immunity to being prosecuted for damages for, in the event of side-effects. As explained by Dr David Martin. Although, I think you’ve covered that in other videos, have you not?


  3. You are a bloody star Hugo and a massive inspiration when it feels like it’s all falling down around us XX

    Get Outlook for Android



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