UK Govt ACCUSED Of “Covert PSYOP” On Public / Hugo Talks #lockdown

4 Comments on “UK Govt ACCUSED Of “Covert PSYOP” On Public / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Everything they’ve been doing and saying for months is a psyop
    They should be tried for murder especially the 3 stooges.

  2. Stop listen to the main stream media,Turn them off ,then you will have no fear.

  3. Doris says sorry about the so called deaths, but does he apologise, for all the deaths caused by the NHS not treating thousands of patients, they have ignored all this time?

  4. I’ve not had a TV since 1978 and stopped listening to the dire BBC radio etc, in March 20. Of course I still know what BS is peddled from every media orifice and see headlines but it has none of the effect that repeat IMAGES do on the subconscious, going in at a deeper material level than actual ideas that you must weigh up. FEEL, DON’T THINK is the push, and this giant psyop crime could never have happened without screen technology. Anyone simply ‘reading’ about Covid/Coronavirus would soon look around and see the falsities – and then be horrified by the sinister Government and vax industries.

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