Blame It On The Variant / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hi,

    I found this back in December..see attached.

    Best regards Franco Gargaro

  2. Hugo,Van Tam has been trained – see at 20 mins, he’s in the audience, front row white shirt, learning how to screw the public via the media.  Communication and Public Engagement by Marc van Ranstand added to that we have SAGE – see page 6 doing the same.  Covid-19 is a mind bending programme.  Linda @LindaL16

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  4. yes totally agree where this is heading….. they needed a crisis and using this scamdemic as a tool to tranform human society.
    where are all the risk assesments on wearing of masks?
    what are the health impacts of wearing a mask?
    do lockdowns even work? where is the evidence?
    this so many deaths after 28days of positive test? is coivd the actual cause of death?

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