“PROJECT FEAR!” Says MP Over New Advert / Hugo Talks #lockdown

5 Comments on ““PROJECT FEAR!” Says MP Over New Advert / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. This democratic party is sick and evil. They are trying to turn our country into a tyranous communistic state. Don’t let them!

  2. Follow the money, follow the money. Hi Hugo they are really getting desperate now with project fear.

  3. Hi hugo, something else for you to look into BIT, behavioural insight team, using NUDGE THEORY to make you save, yeah so when banks go bust they can keep your money and also using it for “stop touching face” they want people to shout FACE if you touch your face hmmm

  4. It will work – project fear was here in Scotland fae 2012 tae efter the 2014 referendum on independence. Just about how crap the scots were and how they could never, ever, ever, ever be capable ae running an independent cuntry and wid fail miserably cos scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid well they could have a point, but I hink it’s a different agenda – Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government ken fine well the average Vitamin D in the population is a miserly 37.5 – well below 50 (required for bone health) and 70+ for immune system support. Dae yer ain research and there are dozens of studies done this year alone (peer reviewed) on the efficacy ae vitamin D in fighting aff and surviving coxid 19 and other respiratory infections. Distrust Governments, avoid mass media, fight the lies in the words ae ma hero Dr Vernon Coleman. Sorry, kinda threw me when I heard Project Fear – by the way I dae reckon oor governments are daen a fantastic job ae dividing and conquering us. Project Fear here in Scotland achieved its aim tae dissuade Scots tae stick wi England in control ae the purse strings, and hing on tae its FYG weapons – weans dinnae need fed but there is a great big world that needs tae be destroyed.

  5. Its desperation creeping in, the UK government know they cant keep us imprisoned forever so they start using shock tactics, its appalling and shows just how underhanded and deceitful they’ve become with the truth.
    I truly despise Boris and co along with all the mad scientists and psychologists and lets not forget the MSM, they’re all guilty of inflicting psychological terrorism on the nation.
    They feel no guilt but we should, pull the other one boys!

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