14 thoughts on “Saga Holidays TO REFUSE Customers With NO JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    1. Even if they backtrack, now that they have ‘shown their hand’ they should be boycotted forever. This is the approach I took with a German ‘discounter’ supermarket beginning with an ‘L’. At the very beginning of ‘lockdown’ they switched their tills to ‘card only’. I was truly shocked. They may have backtracked recently but I have not set foot in one of their stores since March 2020. Saga should receive the same treatment.


      1. Katherine Austin Fitz used the word shun to denote what should be done and that’s what we should do. If a business acts like Saga then we don’t give them our business Last week their was an open up business business protest in Birmingham that apparently fell flat. The only way for things to change is for the real ‘woke’ people to act.


  1. They will go bust! Peoples have to understand this is a experimental biological solution that should not be taken hastily. Im going to refuse it to my last breath and i say that as i believe it will kill me taking it . Now watch the ammount of peolle dying of sars cov 19 the wuflu as people are having a injection of this with other chemicals but you wont get the press talking about that Thanks hugo Love and light

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  2. Myself and many of my friends have taken saga holidays in the past – we are unanimous – NEVER AGAIN! Aligning themselves with medical tyranny – BIG MISTAKE. Do they really think this is a wise move? They must be BONKERS and completely OUT OF TOUCH!!


  3. Well I haven’t got the cash for a cruise, though I wouldn’t mind seeing my grandchildren some time soon. I hope this backfires on all companies that adopt this stance. Let people have the vaccine if they want it but it shouldn’t become mandatory by stealth.


  4. In the light of the so far available vaccinations, not by definition being Vaccines at all, with nobody claiming the honour of isolating sars cov 19, or it’s varìants, this all seems to be propagandist material to make the fearful have a jab containing who knows what?
    With the Pfizer jab being a genome manipulator, a previously untested on humans form of treatment, somebody really wants Big Pharma to make big money out of the most useful and resourceful in any tribe – the elderly.


  5. This type of thing is to be expected with the with what is happening Worldwide. I think any honest thinking person knows that the pandemic is a lie and is being used to promote the lockdowns, masking and vaccinations with the ultimate goal to enslave and reduce the population, remeber Bill Gates said the vaccine would help to reduce the population. I know what I say seems extreme but I believe events are proof. Dolores Cahill is promoting https://www.freedomairway.com/ as a means to travel internationally so I think it something to look into if you want to travel unvaccinated; you can see her interview with James Corbett from the 19th January 2021. We have to stay hopeful or we will fall into despair. By the way I will not follow any of their measures to control us that includes having the vaccine. As Citizen Smith used to say ‘power to the people!


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