Build Back Better Video Goes VIRAL! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

9 Comments on “Build Back Better Video Goes VIRAL! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • It’s very akin to the repetition of loaded phrases cults use. It’s a thought virus, the controlled media are spreading the thing. The light of Luciferase?

  1. Hugo what do you think to the build back better council ?

  2. Its the same thing that power mad people have always done, they all think that they have something valid to give to the world, they all want or have the power to use and want to be proved right and they all want to be adored by the masses as a great saviour.
    Dangerous things are afoot, genetically engineered viruses, food, people and socially engineered societies full of drones wearing masks and compliant with every order their masters give them, its on display now. We are tagged with our phone use, every movement is recorded, every written thing is recorded online, every doctors visit, every shopping trip, there are reversible microphones in phones and other devices, its one massive experiment in engineering the human race by people who have too much money, power and massive GOD complexes and its all done with an insincere smile and an iron fist.
    Shove it up their arses back better I say! (that’s easy to say but hard to do ha ha)

  3. They are all in it together and signing from the same hymn sheet. A war is happening between good and evil. These evil people need to be overtaken…..

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