10 thoughts on “BONKERS! Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo talks #lockdown

    1. Great report Hugo, more proper information than the joke that is mainstream media, Oddesey is the best out there I would say and more and more creators are leaving YouTube.


  1. Speak to James Corbett at the corbettreport.com
    He offers up alternative platforms along with the conciousresistance.com
    The fines were never more than a threat. If anyone follows through on them they usually drop them, with the exceptions of large showcases. Doesn’t matter now. The damage is done and the economies will spiral to the point of dependency for most on the state. Man…..can anyone tell me where I can see an English translation for the ‘Hamburg Syndrome’ movie. Clips are circulating…..wow!


  2. Tellie Tubbies segment reminded me of the out of work guys wearing a sandwich board after the war saying “EAT AT JOES”
    On the hospitals front intensive care units have to run at 80% in order to secure the same or increased funding for next year, so they will be happy to reach full capacity.


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