120,000 Care Home Staff Refuse JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. They cannot be forced, it comes under the nuremburg act 1946

  2. One of the reasons care home workers are reluctant to have the jab may be that they’ve witnessed and heard through their industry first hand accounts of fatalities. Censorship is relying on people’s laziness on looking at sources.

    I will put the Irish Times link on my facebook page, but it’s highly likely to get a fact checkers label stuck to it. I had one about a New York care home: fact checkers claimed it was trying to say that a covid break out was caused by the vaccine, when it was pointing out the vaccine wasn’t having any positive effect and that 24 residents died within a week of the jab.

    These people are immoral. The 77th are supposedly part of the services: they are waging informational warfare on their own people. In war, lies manipulation and general dirty tactics are all acceptable. I hope that some of them wake up and come forward as whistle blowers; they could save lives. Just following orders are they?

  3. I work in a small family run care setting and today we the staff have been asked to say if we want the vaccine by my bos,s as she’s been asked by social services to forward on names, along with their NHS numbers. We are a team of 6 and I’m the only one that has declined. At the moment my boss is saying that it’s not a problem and that it’s a personal choice. But I remember her saying that when I wore a viser instead of a mask at work. That didn’t last long. Social services sent out letters saying that all staff had to wear masks, visers were not allowed. So I’m just waiting to see what happens next. I will be leaving my job, which I love, if they insist on the vaccine.

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