NO JAB, NO FREEDOM! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Then I will have no freedom. At least I will have my health.

  2. Being retired I can keep a low profile as it were, but soon I know, that at 74 I’ll be getting the vaccine callup, which I’ve no intention of having. But by refusing I will expect repercussions, of that I’m sure. In fact it will be interesting to see just what will happen to those who refuse the jab. Bring it on.

  3. Until the MSM can be usurped, we have no hope of stopping this. Maybe some of the newspapers might begin to realise the agenda may not be their interests in the end. There can be competing factions as with Brexit : the city wasn’t happy to give up it’s financial influence. Social media is their biggest long term threat though, hence the censorship.

    This could get quite stressful, but we must never compromise our health or human rights for freedoms of convenience that might make life a little easier in the short term. There is no hope in the politicians: they are all sycophants, therefore morons; they only care about the popular opinion, not what’s best for us; they only tell us what’s the expedient thing for us to hear. Scientists are not necessarily intelligent either; they had brains once but they let them turn to shredded wheat for an easy life. Everything is political or has been hijacked by politics/ money.

    I feel dread about all this; it does help to have others to share with. We need to support each other and find ways of setting up alternatives like the airline Dolores Cahill and others are setting up: ‘Freedom Airlines’. Can the courts be used? Robert Kennedy Jr has been pursuing something against the big social platforms. How much time do we have? I’m sorry to be negative, but I think we have to prepare ourselves for the worst and a limited life style at the least.

  4. Thank you Hugo, for your work, I hope it is ok to post this here and that it is something people read and share and we learn and grow and begin to demonstrate our Common law constitutional rights

    Dear Reader,

    There is a way to help ourselves, maybe you feel this is too late, but I don’t believe that. Please go and check out the following, show your support for our constitutional rights!

    With accurate education, something many of us never learned at school, our inalienable rights as free men and women.

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