BOJO Don’t Know & Tesco’s 6 RULES / Hugo Talks #lockdown

2 Comments on “BOJO Don’t Know & Tesco’s 6 RULES / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I work part time at Tesco and it’s gotten so bad recently. Is there any way I can share some private information to you about some of the mistreatment of staff that are exempt?

  2. Absolutely ludicrous! If you can’t answer on transmission, (which the vaccines don’t stop), then it pisses in the face of all mandatory talk. The basis for mandatory is that you’re not harming anyone else. In which case it’s up to you if you feel the vaccine will make you better. I suppose the counter to that is ‘flattening the curve’ and not allowing your illness to burden the NHS. The argument for that, is spend the money wasted on all this bullshit and build hundreds of brand new hospitals, employing and training more people, thus paying into the economy. Speed you say……for now we’ve got the disused Nightingale sites; but if you kick arse and getting moving, we can throw money at this baby, of which will bring the poor back into the picture. It’s win, win.
    Sorry, forgot……we must keep class divide, we must suppress the proletariat and popularism. Oh……and I forgot…….kick start the cashless world

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