5 thoughts on “BBC Announce Wearable JAB SMART PATCH / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Only Jesus Christ Saves…. John 3 v 16…
    We are in Revelations…. If you don’t know anything about Jesus Christ, please get in touch with me…
    Please understand, time is very short, and Jesus Christ will return soon… Please except him in to your Hearts 💕..


  2. It’s a no nonsense site for sure, politics doesn’t come into it, it’s simply about information backed up with evidence and for this he risks being silenced. What a weird world we are existing in.


  3. If the powers that be wanted us shipped off to a concentration camp on the Poland-Germany border to be exterminated the BBC would push it. Anyone still paying for a ‘TV Licence’ seriously needs their head examined.


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