3 thoughts on “2 Jabs, Every Year Says Hancock / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. You may note that during a visit of Hancock to Davos, Hancock was there promoting, according to the WEF, a five- year plan to combat vaccine hesitancy.


  2. Oh look here is Mat Hancock at the World Economic Forum in February 2019 being proud oc his Compsny GENOMICS ENGLAND with DNA Sequencing


  3. At 74 I’m going to be put under pressure to have the Covid vaccine soon. I say under pressure because I shall decline the offer when it comes and based on the five attempts to get me to take the flu shot I’m anticipating similar attempts to shove the Covids jab in my arm. I discovered Hugo recently and like what I see as people I’ve been following, such as Max Igan, Jeff Berwick and others seem to have their own agendas and I’ve actually caught Max Igan telling downright lies. So for me it’s become a search for someone genuine in their truth seeking.


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