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TRUMP & JESUS / Mind Control Watch #4 / Hugo Talks

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How MANY PEOPLE Today Are Under The Spell of WITCHCRAFT? / Hugo Talks

Wormwood, Burning Lamps & Asteroids / Hugo Talks

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Blue Light, Mind Control, CRT TV’s, The Amish & Optogenetics / Hugo Talks

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The Tell Tale Signs OF A PSYOP / Mind Control Watch #3 / Hugo Talks

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The Mk-Ultra Show / Hugo Talks

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Mind Control Watch #2 Russell Brand / Hugo Talks

The Russell Brand Allegations / The Anti Establishment Validation Pantomime Program (restoring credibility to the pretend anti establishment figures that are placed in the fakestream media to control the perception of a certain demographic) problem with video playing back? alternatively you can watch this… Continue Reading “Mind Control Watch #2 Russell Brand / Hugo Talks”

hated for his name’s sake / Hugo Talks

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MIND CONTROL WATCH #1 Tim Pool / Hugo Talks

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What Is The Holy Ghost? Trinity / Hugo Talks