What is THIS ALL ABOUT? / Hugo Talks #Pope #Cross

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24 Comments on “What is THIS ALL ABOUT? / Hugo Talks #Pope #Cross

  1. That is not the real Pope, so what he wears should not be our concern. 2nd, Eastern Church (at least to my) knowledge, never signed a concordat document. Because of that document, wars were fought and kings were killed. I know a lot about all that, so I am a targeted person who is always followed by some agents. Court proceedings are staged for me, they imprison me, break me and beat me… They have achieved nothing, I live crippled by wounds, and I know there will be more. We will see each other in the heavenly court.
    Carry on Hugo, a brave man you are.

  2. That is not the real Pope, and we both know this fact. As far as I know, the concordat was never signed. This entity has no jurisdiction over my soul. For all I know, I’m always followed by agents. They beat me, break me, and imprison me. Spies and traitors, we will see each other in the judgment of heaven.

  3. As far as I know, the concordat was never signed. This entity has no jurisdiction over my soul. For all I know, I’m always followed by agents. They beat me, break me, and imprison me. Spies and traitors, we will see each other in the judgment of heaven.

  4. Thank you Hugo your observations are very interesting. I think we can be pretty sure that nothing the Pope does is for the benefit of the people, the Vatican being a large part of the plot

  5. Man carrying the sheep is lucifer and wee are the sheep angels that fell into the human body trap souls a angel and a demon fighting against each other on earth which is the battlefield. Only way to escape is through jesus the almighty saviour el bless

  6. Look at the Vatican on Google earth it’s a serpent with a crown. The largest alter is a deid sheep with it tung out. This is what there hiding plus mocking us. Wee are the sheep for the slaughter if you don’t know you are a angel trapped in chains dna that’s what the jab about changing it so you can’t return to your creator. Jahovah. All religious on earth go back to satin and his head quarters the Vatican. Turn to christ jesus for salvation. It’s a battle off angels souls. The body goes back to the ground where it came from but the soul to the father. That’s why they hell bent on changing it. This all what’s happening is smoke screens to hide the truth and the second coming and I mean all turn to thour lord and saviour for everlasting life el almighty jahovah bless that you see the truth

  7. Jesus was our sacrifice as opposed to all the other fake ways that want to sacrifice somebody else instead of dying to themselves, and control others which is basically killing life freedoms. and when we get saved we are slaves of Christ which is actually real freedom. It can be sort of confusing until the Holy Spirit makes it all make sense thru our obedience. We “marry” Jesus. We say I do. and then we are joined together in holy matrimony as the church. or we will be when he comes back. i guess we are engaged. but no one can snatch us out of his hands. all that the father gives Jesus will come to him. John 6. He is the bread of life. funny how the devil is making us all gluten free. keto. it’s a beautiful day, I am thankful for christian friends and family to encourage one another and glorify God and enjoy Him forever together.

    • When He is referred to as the Bread of Life, it means that He is actually present in a properly consecrated host – made of unleavened bread… science proves this…see eucharistic miracles… One set of DNA which belongs to Mary is found in It,…it takes 2 sets to create a human being, matches the Shroud burial cloth, the crucifixion site and Veronica’s veil.
      This is why He was born in a town which means bread/Bethlehem and was laid in a feeding trough/manger… even High Priest Melchizedek’s bread and wine offering in the OT pre-figures It.
      However, if you do look up pictures, videos and literature on Eucharistic Miracles, be sure that you only view those which happened prior to 1958… before the satanists infiltrated His Church… as any that claim to be recent are obviously suspect. They removed His Words at the Last Supper instructing the apostles on this…exactly what to say to confect His Real Presence… His Promise to always be with us. They also removed the priesthood ordinations Christ used to ordain the men in His re-established priesthood too…. all of this during satanist Paul 6th’s reign in 6/1968. Therefore, His church is again, temporarily ‘underground’ receiving Him spiritually now until His return.

      If you take it and I hope you and many others do…..Enjoy your journey…. it’s an awesome one.

  8. β€πŸ™ Makes total sense & pushed in plain sight! My ears, eyes & heart are open to the truth of this spiritual war Great work Hugo. God bless. I know your words & music helps awaken millions. God guide bless & keep us & all the little children. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  9. Lots of animals were taken to be sacrificed to Yahweh, the firstborn killing, plague sending, fire from heaven sending, drought and flood causing “g-d” of the torah, not just to pagan “gods”. Jesus of course showed us a completely different spirit to that of Yahweh, but an identical spirit to His Father, God. How do you think Satan has deceived the world? By deceiving followers of so-called “Abrahamic” religions to worship him!!

  10. Your theories are totally plausible Hugo; historically and theologically they make perfect sense. Spiritually, they are spot on. All will be revealed in the fulness of time…. Thanks for this one and best wishes to see you through a difficult time.

  11. yes the whole bible is about mary and to worhip her. that makes so much sense. NOT

    • WRONG KATIE ! Don’t know what bible you’re reading, but we do not worship Her, we Honor Her like you might on Mother’s day.
      If Her Son Honored Her and God the Father created Her without sin… who are you in your uneducated rant ?

      She brought us Her Son and Her ‘job’ is to assist in guiding people like you back to Her Son – as God appointed Her to do. Who are you to know better than what God created Her for….

      It won’t be much longer before you will see very clearly how wrong you and the rest, who in their pride, think they have all of the answers.

  12. Dear Hugo, I believe that the main satan’s lie is the shape of the earth/ the nature of the universe. All other lies are secondary and very little can be done to save a humanity who doesn’t even know where they walk upon.

    • Agreed upon this. We’re not on a spinning ball in space. We’ve never been to the moon and never will – it is a plasma ball of light that it is not a physical thing. Everything we’ve been taught about space is science fiction – we don’t know what’s really up there. This is biggest psyop in human history, and most people believe in the spinning ball nonsense – no wonder people are confused and scared.

  13. 5:12 shows the pope with two crosses. One is the “lamb to the slaughter”, the other is a sodomite’s cross.


      • Pope’s are not in the Bible, they are a creation of man, as is Captain America or the CEO of Blackrock, We are given true and reliable divine revelation from God in the Scriptures. There is only one head of the church and that is Jesus. He alone is the head of the church, and His authority is never passed on by succession.

      • OH REALLY…what ‘bible’ do your read…must be THE SATANIC BIBLE’ , as you certainly don’t know who Jesus is, His Words and what He clearly established at all.
        Peter.. the Rock…”and upon this rock I will build My church” – a singular Church, the Catholic Church which has withstood all of the demonic infiltrates within and without – like you – over 2000+ yrs. and will never be conquered πŸ™‚

        “My people die from lack of Knowledge” and if they choose blindness, so be it.

      • Where is the word pope in the Bible? answer nowhere. Now be gone with you. Go and spout your cult nonsense elsewhere.

  14. The Pope is always lecturing on ending Poverty and that we should be supporting the disadvantaged. The Vatican state is decadent in its display of wealth. Why doesn’t the Vatican lead by example and sell all of its wealth, distribute to the poor and live a humble existence as Christ did.

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