BBC & Media Make FOOLS Of The Masses Again / Hugo Talks


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  1. Ah, the good ole’ PPC (Paedo Protection Club / Public Propaganda Channel) at it again. Totally agree Hugo – not worth our thoughts or energy.

    The fact that the sculpture depicting a naked child – in a highly dubious pose – created by known paedophile Eric Gill, still remains outside their London HQ, should tell anyone all they need to know about the PPC and what they stand for!!

      • Yep! If they had an ounce of decency, they’d have taken it down after Saville!

  2. Well said I didn’t take part in it nor do I listen to any news I only record programmes that interest me mainly how to live off grid or listen to my music

  3. Glad to say:
    I have absolutely no idea what story you’re talking about and frankly I have no desire to find out. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even know about the latest psyop…
    Thanks for everything what you do Hugo, stay sane!

  4. Say ■ No; there is enough to occupy now, and the ‘yes or no’ decision is a must to endure to the [e]nd; the called, chosen, and faithful, the remainers; Revelation 20.9

  5. Well said Hugo… The usual suspects are out in force, baying for blood, they don’t care who it is…
    I don’t know who’s worse, these cretins (being polite) are their targets, if guilty…
    One thing we do know, The Media Are The Worlds Most Prolific and Accomplished Serial Killers, being polite..

  6. on our flight home from michigan to montana there are all these screens on the backs of the chairs and you can watch free movies. it’s so gross that people are watching sicko stuff openly right in front of the children on the planes. i watched willy wonka, milo and otis, the Jesus revolution, my flight tracker.
    the oprah book club books back in the nineties/2000’s were all books that had sickos hurting kids.
    so much perversion and nastiness in the heart of man.
    poor little babies if they survive gestation and birth and are deemed fit to live then protected by parents until adulthood it’s almost a miracle.
    I think that’s why there was so few kids who drowned in Noah’s flood and why also there will probs be few kids around at the rapture. but they will get caught up anyway. just had to throw that one in there for fun. haha. my cat whistle. i love to argue about the rapture, it’s so fulfilling. jk
    I was listening to Exodus as i went to sleep last night and the little babies en utero are called “Fruit” of the womb.
    saw an old X files yesterday that had abortionists being actual alien highbreds that work there for access to parts.
    I think the whole alien thing is actually demons. Falled angels. Kicked out of heaven for being SICKOS. they would like to kill human babies, if they can’t corrupt them or use them for magic spells or whatever. eat people. soylent green, the green movement. the dragon.
    My son told me what dog whistling is and how if you mention wooden doors it means you deny the holocaust. Good thing my daughter went to Poland and saw the truth. the holocaust of the unborn is not being ignored by God either. He sees it. He will judge. Gotta repent. Only way to be saved. Praise the Lord that Jesus saves sinners!!!! and He is gonna save Israel after they go thru a really bad time again with another temple, but I love those two witnesses that can call down fire from heaven. I don’t pack a gun bc I kinda feel like I could do that too. Especially if I am hotflashing.
    I don’t have my own blog so I just mooch off Hugo.. thanks for the free therapy.

  7. That’s suppose to be “or their targets,” how did that happen??

  8. The reason for this witch hunt could be due to the this “ sound of freedom “ film that’s been released in America on an independent film production,
    Platform, away from Hollywood.
    It’s a film about child sex trafficking an it’s gaining traction. Mel Gibson has used his platform to get the message out! Check it out hugo. Side note, mel Gibson directed some great films including the passion of the Christ! He’s on the right side of this spiritual war.

    • I’m not 100% on that movie, sound of freedom, there’s been a lot of controversy about it’s real intent. It doesn’t adddess what’s going on in the west and no arrests have been made..

    • I have downloaded a CAM of this movie just to check it out 😉

  9. Stop watching the news! Stop watching tv altogether. Throw away your tv.set. Pray more

    • People are afraid of missing out…Rest assured you’re not missing anything…

  10. Great video as always Hugo..
    Its quiet strange as i stopped tv licence now, years ago, and basically told tv licenceing, i waa fed up with the Rubbish they have on there, also £180 to watch news, not on your nelly… Lol…
    I told them on the last phone call to them, (as i record all calls now) i said to tv licenceing, that the bbc stands for, British, brain-washing corporation….
    , so dont call me again… Lol 😂

    • I have never and will never pay the ‘TV licence.’ In any case ‘I do not require a TV licence’. I noticed the other day an job advert from Crapita for these goons. They are now fitted with bodycams. Also in addition to the PDA thing they are also appear to carrying a tablet device on a strap. So if you see anyone fitting this description on your doorstep just ignore. Which is what you should be doing anyway. Just do not engage with them.

  11. I used the buses again yesterday, and in the two bus stations I visited, they have the mainstream media crap pumped out on the screens next to the travel information. Talk about 1984! The last time I visited a hospital, about four years ago, it was the same, with big screens in the waiting area with the BBC churning away. As an aside, it seems there were two instances of buses out of service recently due to a ‘medical incident’. If you bother to notice it, the number of people with sticks, crutches, wheelchairs, electric go-karts etc is frightening. And take note of the age of these people – they are not old.

    • Local supermarkets always had these huge screens pumping out ‘BBC News’ at the checkouts. Just vision without the subtitles being turned on. Are we all lip-readers? 🙂 Recently, they have disappeared . Talking of supermarkets I have noticed that a huge swathe of electric go-karts has suddenly appeared to assist shoppers.

    • We actually had an announcement at our bus station recently: “If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911″… never heard THAT before!!

      • The only time I called 911, about two and a half years ago, I had to sit and listen to endless messages. I gave up in the end. Anyone noticed how many heart-starter machines have appeared on walls all over the place? Now why would that be?

  12. Just one more thing! As soon as I saw the amount of coverage this ‘subject’ is getting, I thought of what you told us Hugo. ‘If it’s in the MSM, it’s there for a purpose. THEY want us to see it’. I look at things in a new way, thanks to you, Hugo. Keep it up, my man!

    Tim Davie, director-general of the BBC, said: “I am proud of the content we have delivered – the very best of the BBC – from royal programming to wonderful sporting moments and coverage of the Ukraine war. We have seen this again recently, with Eurovision, the Coronation and Glastonbury.”

  14. In these, the last days, any child of the living GOD should be wearing the armour of GOD which is in the knowledge of scripture.
    The minds of the Godless and even those who claim to follow Christ are ripe and maliable when they feed from the mainstream Roman trough.
    Much is being touted about the latest movie by Mel Gibson, highlighting establishment corruption and the child sex slavery industry. I have no doubts that the majority of it’s content is completely true and verifiable and that the film is extremely well made. But how does such a film get so much alternative media and now mainstream coverage for a subject that goes straight to the black heart of the modern Roman establishment other than they want you to see it and more importantly, react to it?
    My own humble opinion is that the maliable masses are being trained to reject the current form of world governance as being fundamentally evil and corrupt to the point where a new form of governance, currency and legislative control to stop this evil corruption would make perfect sense. Nothing that is truly of the living GOD will ever find it’s way on to the Roman mainstream, unless it is used to corrupt and lead away.
    Switch off your TV and your phone.

    • An afterthought on my last comments regarding Mel Gibsons latest film, The sound of freedom.
      I’m Scottish and live in Scotland. Mel Gibsons movie ‘Braveheart’ which was also an extremely well made emotional movie did more to provoke anti-establishment, especially anti-English emotions and division here in Scotland than any war ever could. An emotional division that’s exploited to the full to this day by the current Roman political puppetry on all sides of their so called democracy.
      There is only one way, one truth and one life and it isn’t found in any man, especially a politician.

  15. Totally agree. Diversion and also a reason they can use to shut down speculation. Nicola Bulley was another story. Encourage speculation. Condemn speculation. Create a new law. Problem, reaction, solution.

    • Agree about the Nicola Bulley ‘story’. Anything that is in the news day after day is there for a reason – their agenda.

  16. Huw could this ‘mystery presenter’ be? Hmm… Strange that Huw Edwards who is now the fourth highest earner at the BBC has been missing from his usual slot. Hmm…

  17. Interestingly, since this ‘mystery presenter’ story appeared Twitter now requires you to log in.

    • People have had to log in to Twitter for a while.

      I don’t watch TV, but realised immediately that the BBC presenter scandal was part of their agenda. Apparently Victoria Derbyshire gave a clue.

      “We do know that the BBC is in the middle of another crisis and big questions are being asked again about who – who knew what, when, and why the corporation is on the back foot.”

      The journalist repeating the word “who” twice and even stumbling on it before quickly correcting herself led netizens to speculate about Huw Edwards’ alleged involvement in the BBC presenter scandal.

      • You used to be able to view ‘content’ and search without logging in. There was a huge banner at the bottom reminding you to sign up but it was trivial to remove it.

      • This is turning into a right huwdunnit 🙂

  18. We have similar agenda being played out here in Ireland. Since 22nd June we have had an RTE presenter scandal on tv, radio, also daily front page newspaper headlines. We’ve had to listen to this morning, noon and night. (Not that I listen but it’s still filtered through to me and I’ve no tv and I don’t read the newspapers). National broadcaster Ryan Turbridy received £295,000 in addition to his published salary between 2017-2020. So BBC and RTE are matching in tandem…surprise, surprise

  19. Breaking news… HUW EDWARDS has been named by the BBC as the ‘mystery presenter’. Knock me over with a feather duster 😀

    • They couldn’t help but to mix in some “broke covid rules” BS, so this is definitely fake.
      After beeing ratted out by his wife, he is now (allegedly) in hospital, suffering from poor mental health. Yeah, right!

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