MASS Closure Of RAILWAY Ticket Offices / Hugo Talks

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49 Comments on “MASS Closure Of RAILWAY Ticket Offices / Hugo Talks

  1. Said on the news that disabled people will be catered for and they wouldn’t have queues,remains to be seen

  2. This will make it difficult to get a ticket and put more people out of work. How does that help to interact with the customer not having any staff or ticket Office? What happens if there’s an incident which would require a physical presence to deal with the situation?

  3. Apparently ticket office staff will be deployed to sell tickets, advise etc from the platforms, so I’ve heard. Yeah, right.

  4. Hugo is the full ticket ahead of the curve on many subjects because he THINKS about the issue

  5. Bartering will be used in future .cash must be king.

  6. May God bless you brother Hugo, Your wise words and shared truths jave been a huge inspiration to myself, AND THEREFORE MUST BE FOR MANY OTHERS TOO. With your help I’ve inspired my friends and family to wake up & several have turned to Jesus & the TRUE GOSPEL… Your/OUR tribe is a family of many who hold dear “God’s Truth” & the fight goes on…… ♥️ in God we trust! In Jesus’s holy name AMEN….. 💕 ✨️ 🤗 🙏

  7. I think that the new postage stamps with the bar codes will also be a way of controlling people. It could be that each person will have a unique number on their stamps, and if you upset the powers that be, your letters will be intercepted. Targetted people will not be able to contact others by letter, email, social media, phone, without the PTB knowing about it.There would have to be strict laws about using other people’s stamps, I expect. Royal Mail have been testing the system for the last few months.

    • Saying to buy stamps with cash is rather missing the point. I believe that the PTB intend that stamps can only be bought by people presenting their digital ID. Other people won’t be able to buy stamps for you, because the stamps will be able to be traced back to to whoever bought them, and they would then be penalised.

      • I’m paying cash for stamps just now. It might come to what you say in the future, but not just now.

  8. On a related note, not that I travel much by train outside of work, but booking tickets for family…have you seen the price of rail tickets these days? Robbing bastards should be wearing a mask. And they’re trying to get more people to use public transport to help combat “climate change”…yet petrol remains cheaper than most rail fares!

    • Well until they improve the services, routes & reliability &, as you say prices, of public transport , they’re not going to get any takers, certainly not from this end!!! They can push all they like but it’s up to Us the Public to NOT Acquiesce!!!

    • I still have the ticket from the last time I travelled. 21st September 2017. We went to Cardiff. The toilets at the station were closed. The waiting room was filthy. The carriage could have been cleaner. When we returned three days later, the toilets were still closed. There was a group of noisy, drunken women from Cardiff to Wiltshire, who left all their bottles on the train. This is Britain today. Yesterday, I used my bus pass for the first time for about three years. We went to Portsmouth bus station. The toilets were ‘closed for cleaning’. When I finally managed to get in there, they were disgusting. I worked for four years as a cleaner, so I know it’s not easy. This country is heading for the buffers – fast!

  9. Thanks Hugo. You’re a blessing. Keep going. God will take care of you!

  10. These “organisations” are all controlled/headed by two, BlackRock and Vanguard..
    It’s a Masonic Control System, The Scottish Rite and Swiss Octogon being the top of that tree, one War (BlackRock/MIC), one Financial (Vanguard/BIS) and both everything in-between…

  11. russel brand is such an arse
    clearly controlled opposition like david kike

  12. A ticket to hell…
    The last Christians will be pedestrians!

    Ljubomir Micic wrote in 1926:

    “Cars are raging machines on four rubber wings
    They carry cannibals
    They will surely trample a few gloomy pedestrians even today
    In the Balkans, the pedestrian is still the only person
    Pedestrians — zenithists — poets — proletarians, perish
    And know: freedom is a coward asleep on the rotten branch of Europe”

  13. I do engineering work in rail stations everyday, I’ve never heard about one ticket office closing.

  14. America, being in 32 Trillion dollars of debt, in reality must be using the cashless system for financial transactions – just an un-substantiated “promise to pay”, so it looks to me like we’re all being dragged down the same dodgy path.

  15. Well, you’ve been warning long enough – the digital trap is getting tighter and tighter yet STILL most people can’t see where this is all going, truly like lambs to the slaughter
    God bless you Mr Hugo 🙏🏻

  16. It’s obvious what’s happening.
    Petrol and diesel cars will be phased out and most people won’t be able to afford the alternative electric cars…. So then it’s down to bus and trains. But to use those the companies will demand to see your covid style apps to make sure you are fully jabbed and have a decent credit score. If not, you’ll just have to walk and cycle. But you’ll also find that when you cycle to the next town or city your debit card is declined because your are out or your ‘zone’. You’ll be able to window shop but that’s it. 15 minute cities will be easily forced on people if their apps or debit cards only work in the zones they live in (you may be able to apply for a permit to move into zones to visit family or things but eventually that’ll be too expensive for the average joe…)
    That’s how I see it.

    • Well the noise is tightening unless we make a Stand & SAY NO!!! There has to be a tipping point, like France just now, when we say Enough’s enough but all the while everything is rosy & we’re getting everything we want it ain’t going to happen anytime soon!!!

  17. Always happening in the summertime when people organize for holidays…

  18. “What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” ( James 2:14-17)

    • I have to agree with Tom. This was a sticking point with me for decades that kept me from finding the truth. There seem to be so many contradictions within the Bible. Many of them are caused by what Tom said. You must discern who the audience was that the writer was addressing.

      In this particular scripture, written by James, if goes against the doctrine of salvation by faith and looks very much like “works” is what saves a person.

      So which is it? Works or Faith? Or maybe both? But you can’t have both that makes no sense because faith is the opposite of works!

      • opps I meant “grace” by faith, I am sure you all knew that is what i meant.

  19. Very interesting topic. Like they sit there and think of ways to cause hardship on the vulnerable. Thank you for your discerning spirit, and for sharing what seems, every day occurrences, with profound affects. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  20. Hugo, I have a question about Satan worshippers. (By Satan worshippers I mean Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau… and all the others who are behind the NWO agenda). My question is this:
    Have these NWO people WILLINGLY accepted burning in Hell eternally in return for a few short-term riches during their Earthly lives?
    Or have they been FOOLED by Satan into thinking they will get a “special place” in Hell (air conditioned, perhaps?)
    I’m not being facetious. I really wonder how they think.

    • Josh, I know you addressed your question to Hugo and not me, but please allow me to interject my understanding. From what I have read, Satan has deceived them all into believing that Adam and Eve were being held captive as slaves to God and he, Satan, rescued them and freed them so therefore he, Satan, is the “hero” and he “beat” God at God’s own game. Accordingly, Satan is craftier, smarter, and more clever than God. Or something to that affect. I am pretty sure part of Satan’s deception involves more lies about there really not being any “hell”.

  21. Thank you Hugo for all the information. I only use cash and you are right they are making everything more difficult using it. I do not have a smart phone and my husband does not have a credit card so thing are getting more difficult for us.

  22. This is only the start of approximately 300 million jobs being lost to technology throughout Europe, and North America, by 2030.
    It starts with ticket offices, for your convenience, and ends with your job being lost!

  23. I’m jist waiting for the banks to start restricing the cash supply so that people can’t pay with cash. THen the banks will turn around and say that fewer people use cash now so it seems an ideal time to do away with cash entirely, like they have done in some african countries.
    Now that more shops, initially the large food chains, have dispensed with accepting cash as payment, it won’t be long before more obstacles are put int eh way of people using cash. E.g. Insurance companies raising premiums on small stores that have cash registers and stocks of cash.

  24. All about control-control what you can buy, where you can go, what you can say etc.
    Damn conspiracy theorists…right yet again.
    Sheep worried about pro nouns!!

  25. Banks are increasingly restricting the amount you can deposit and withdraw. Now down to £2,000 a day and £20,000 on a 12-month rolling basis. Central Bank Digital Currency Incoming. Also toughening up on refusing outgoing and incoming payments. All under the pretext of staying ahead of the criminals 😀 They need to look in a mirror.

  26. So with all the God bothering and Mark of the beast BS aside… cashless society… it’s not hidden that they are trying to do it… it’s not what they are “trying” to do … they are doing it … yes it cuts jobs, it increases profits for the big fat cats … and yes it’s puts all of your money in the cloud.. I don’t really agree with it…, but all your/our disagreements with it do F all… in short Hugo, you are telling people Not to comply … well unfortunately it will be those people sat on the platform waiting for the money train… I know someone who “after listening to you” wants to take all of his money out of his account and put it “in a safe place” well as you me and all the people on this site “we” are not stopping it … it’s happening… shit or bust ! What you could do is advise your flock on what to do to help ourselves when it does comes … Sticking our head in the stand or acting like a defiant teen is not helping … and all those that do act like that are going to miss the train and be left with Cash that you can’t wipe your ass with… now before you come out with BS like “your with them etc” … just think… have any of your assessments changed what the world are doing? NO… do you think because you and me and your followers don’t like what’s happening, they will stop ? You aren’t going to get enough people to agree to push back as the world is so divided (BLM. LGBTQ+, Just stop Oil, etc … your F&ckd, I’m F&cked, and so is everyone else … so what can we do … it’s like the Judaea people’s front on The Life of Brian…all sitting around talking .. great film by the way, the group are too small and it will not get enough to do anything against the world…

    • Mr Wright, the fact that you stated “with all the God bothering and Mark of the beast BS aside”.

      Well there is your first mistake. You cannot put aside either God or the fact that the jabs WERE the mark of the beast because they are the reason all this shite is taking place … we are in a spiritual war!! Wake the fk up there is no other alternative to that fact.

      Further, there is NOTHING you or I can do about what is happening, there is no “white hat” who is going to come to our rescue, excepting of course Jesus when he does finally come.

      So it comes down to you “accepting” what is being, and going to be, offered. It is an individual choice and only you can make that choice. And of course you are correct, not complying is NOT going to stop any of this and Hugo never said, nor insinuated I believe, that your noncompliance would CHANGE the situation or stop it from happening.

      • Now, I live by Logic, evidently you don’t. So someone was swallowed by a big fish for 3 days and lived, someone built a boat, that even with the modern tech we couldn’t build today, but not only did he build it, he got two of every animal and put them in it .. someone died and 3 days later was alive, someone parted the Red Sea, someone fed the 5 thousand with a fish or two … and I should believe all of this because it’s written in a book that has had more translations than I have had hot dinners and was written 100 years after all of this took place … non of this is logic … !!
        Back to the ACTUAL matter that Reverend Hugo was talking about when you take your superhero stuff out … oh yes, digital currency, cashless … so let’s stay on topic … the Ark has sailed, the cashless is coming and no amount of talk is going to stop it… so you can stick your head in the sand like a perpetual teen OR we can work out how to best protect ourselves going forward… or in your case, wait for Jesus to come back and sort it …
        If he does, ask him to pop round as my banister needs repairing…

    • Sounds like you are understanding the concept of prophecy. Without really understanding it at all. Revelation is unfolding before your eyes. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ.

  27. I think all this is leading to everyone being plugged into the matrix.

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