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  1. It’s not the Mark of the Beast Hugo it’s the Beast System that leads to the Mark of the Beast.
    The Mark is Sunday Worship

  2. Free Energy, mmmmm, now there’s a thing… Not only that “they” have us paying to breath now, oh how they laugh… Wakey, Wakey…
    Masonic Control System, Scottish Rite in Action!!!

  3. Thanks Hugo, interesting and timely in line with a spat I’m having with British Gas currently. Told them I’m withholding payment until they remove the SMART meters from my property (I was still asleep when I said yes to them in 2016) and have given them a deadline before I start charging THEM £25 per meter, per day for the unauthorised storage of their property, on my property. We shall see.

    On the word ‘mandatory’, I’m with you on what you say but do you, or anyone else know a verifiable source that confirms this? The usual BS from Google “mandatory means it’s law” etc. yeah yeah

    • You can find the verifiable source for ‘mandatory’ in Blacks Law Dictionary, or similar.

    • Look at Blacks law dictionary for definitions of everything. Not sure if it’s online ?

      • Yes it is online or it used to be because I have copies of all editions thru the 9th edition on my computer that I downloaded sometime ago.

  4. EDF have emailed me three times recently telling me that my old meter will soon stop functioning so they need to replace it with a smart meter. The email assures me that if I don’t want smart features they will simply disable that function. I don’t believe a word of that, and have ignored all their emails. Three days ago I received a letter from EDF in the post telling me that I will no longer be able to pay my bills quarterly in arrears. They say I will have to pay them monthly.

    • Sneaky little blackmailers… You can’t even “go green” because that’s a load of codswallop also, if you buy into their stuff, “all” angles covered…
      “EDF” (or “someone” with one of their vans) were being used to follow me at one point, among a multitude of other low life trickysters (being polite) with nothing more constructive or better to do. Everything and just about everyone has been weaponised.. Their animal rights antics have nothing on what they get up to now. No target too big or small, tip of iceberg…

    • That’s against the Law (UK) to switch of an electricity supply

      • ‘Smartmeters’ can switch the supply off remotely. There is a huge relay inside to accomplish this.

  5. Ok if you own your property but if your renting or have a mortgage what you gonna do?
    Doubt the Missus is gonna want to go live in a tent with 3 kids. I’m fucked

  6. EDF threatening me with compulsory replacement of analogue meter due to age.

    Does anyone know of a reputable firm capable of replace my old analogue meter with a new analogue meter?

    • Put your own meters in, its not against the law and EDF are just a billing company to get you to pay more. You send three letters 14 days apart informing EDF that you haven’t got a wet ink, signed contract to deal with them. After the 3rd letter the account is dead. You send the National Grid the meter reading every year as its paid for at source. The billing companies just double dip you. All FRAUD. I have done it.

  7. No TV/radio for me since 2020 ■ TV years before; if I saw any media it was on independent news.

  8. I never watch the news or read the papers

  9. The abomination/shot in NY on Hannukah 2020 that I am watching from December 14, 2020 will be 42 months complete at the end of Shavuot 2024 sundown, July 14, 2024 is the next day. ■ BILLGATES111 is Six hundred threescore and six in ASCII code, the number of his name is his patent in these shots/so has been reported. The QR image code for the passport is operated on Microsoft worldwide, phone is a Greek word that means ‘to speak’. People workdwide, all ages had to get this abomination inorder to buy and sell, they had to have the QR code and passport as well. It is in the number of a man, whom has a calucation of 666. If there is a delay in the return of Jesus, then Fall Feast 2024 is said to be the End of the Jubilee/50th year; it is 7 years from the 2017 Revelation 12 sign. This is what I watch now. People have been marked out of the book, the image of God, this seed war has rewritten a human into a permanent chimera; legally known as a Homo Borg-Genesis. I do not expect times to get better, but the few remainers will be blessed according to what is written. He comes like a thief, because they did not think it was time for him, they talk to him and he does not know them, even if they had operated in the spirit before/prophecy; they are given to the delusuion, because they did not love the truth; God/YHVH gave them over.

  10. I get letters from E.On regularly saying that my meter has reached the end of it’s life and they need to fit a smart meter. I had a smart meter fitted a few years ago when I didn’t realise how bad they were and my son told me to get rid of it so I phoned up and told them I wanted it removed as I was not told about the health effects when they fitted it and they actually changed it back to an old style meter and never charged me for doing it. So I know my meter is not that old. I just ignore the letters.
    No smart meter for me.

  11. As always Hugo, thankyou for enlightening people, wish there were MORE like you bro 👍
    God bless ✨️💗🙏🤗

  12. My energy company informed me that my electric meter was coming to the end of it’s life. How do they know? I ignored them. I do not trust anything anymore and certainly agree with you Hugo that if they come for your electricity supply then let them. I too will seek alternatives! People see the word mandatory and immediately think they must comply. Masks, for instance. I never wore one. You simply have to be strong and stand up to all this crap. I will never, ever comply with any of it. Many thanks Hugo. I appreciated the passage from Corinthians at the end of the video. There is only one person to obey and that is Jesus.

  13. Around 2 or 3 years ago I had British Gas install 2 x “dumb meters” – electricity & gas – to replace the “smart meters” that had been installed in 2015 before I woke up. I was told by the BG installer that it would cost me approx £200 for the “dumb” electricity and gas meters to replace the smart meters. I never, ever received a bill for this reversal of “smart” to “dumb”. I suggested to the BG installler, Danny, that the BG terminology was “highly offensive” and how embarrassing it would have been for him using this BG terminology if I have been unable to speak! He agreed that the terminology was really embarrassing. After a long and agreeable chat, I sent Danny off with a copy of (- Alasdair and Jean Philips : The Powerwatch Handbook) so he could take steps to look after himself and his young family in the face of the EMF assault..

  14. This is down to us the customer to decide what WiFi smart meter ,if and when we have such a device installed I’m quite happy with my original therefore I will never be getting one anytime soon I’ll have one when everyone has one ,NEVER

    • The ‘smartmeter’ communicates via the mobile phone network; they have a SIM card inside. The main meter communicates with the (IHD) In Home Display by whatever.

  15. Webster’s English Dictionary ;- Mandate
    n. An official order: a prescript of the Pope: a commission to act as representative of a body of people.
    (L. Mandatum, an order)

  16. Dear Hugo, Unfortunately, I can’t find your meaning of ‘mandatory’ … Please can you explain where you looked it up? Thanks

    • Legal definition, Mandatory only applies if you agree to the contract/request of the other party. A mandate is a contract by which a lawful business is committed to the management of another, and by him undertaken to be performed gratuitously. The mandatary is bound to the exercise of slight diligence, and is responsible for gross neglect.

  17. John & Debra
    just now
    I had a smart meter gas and electric, but i pushed and pushed and SSE had to remove it, as i said under EU law and after about 40 hours of me recording them , they in the end, removed the meters… But now i have, pay as you go meters, but now there trying to charge me £400 for last winters non paid vat… All these companies are corrupt, just like the k i n g and nato…. There all demons…. Especially the uk government, bbc and nhs….

    Thank you hugo, Great Video…

    Im glad we have Jesus Christ and we have the Bible ((kjv))

  18. Smart metres are mandatory now in British Columbia, Canada. They were optional to begin with, but presented as mandatory, just as you said. For a while, one could opt out and pay a levy monthly, but now this option isn’t even available. Not only does the smart metre track you, but it also emits high levels of EMF.

  19. Good luck with your plan Hugo.

    I am in the US. About 5 years ago after having REFUSED a SMART meter for a couple years and after locking my meter so that the power company could not install one, the power company sent 5 big trucks to my house (because it took that much manpower, lol) to turn off my electricity UNTIL I removed the lock from my meter and “agreed” to a SMART meter.

    Well it was the middle of January when they did this and after living in the dark with no refrigerator (all my food spoiled) and no internet (that was no big loss) and NO HEAT (I was freezing to death) I CAVED IN and “agreed”.

    I KNOW that I will SOON be facing the same thing, only worse, when I can no longer “buy or sell” unless I take the mark (which WILL be or include the trans humanism death shot). How will I survive? I do not know but I am not afraid of death and in fact at this point welcome it. But I am not interested in the long suffering that will precede my death, WHEN I refuse the mark and get thrown out onto the street, or worse.

    Again you may think you are “prepared” mentally, emotionally, and spiritually but when it actually comes you will wish for death.

    May God help us when that happens!

    • Oh I forgot to say, I lasted ONLY 12 days before I caved and “agreed” to a fking SMART meter!

    • You’re right and you learned a lot. The preparation for detachment from the system is massive. We have lost the skills it takes to do so. I am in Iowa, where are you?

      • Hey farmer, I am presently in North Carolina after being thrown out of my home in SC using force and guns (long story but it was NOT a mortgage foreclosure as I didn’t have a mortgage, it was outright theft of my private property with NO Legal basis). YES I wish I could find “like minded” ppl who understand what is about to come our way VERY SOON.

  20. Hugo, Non compliance and detachment from the system is a massive job. I have came to the same conclusion a while back and have been spending every dollar I make in an effort to detach.( your either all in or out -no middle ground) Drilled a hand pump well, new barn, started a cattle herd (large learning curve- black angus), put in orchards, (peach and apple), Heat with fire wood (three years stored) secured medicines etc. etc. etc. The list goes on. I am doing this on a scale to become a safe house for the innocent so everything is done 10 fold. Then, last night I wondered, asked our father, if I am on the right path or am I the fool who built bigger barns to store his grain and his life was demanded from him. I got the answer today in your post. Using the exact terminology, “going Amish” “non compliance” etc. I asked or father a question it was answered the next morning.

    • Good luck on your plan. I HATE to sound like a downer, but God has told us to depend on him and that he will supply our needs and that we should not be relying upon any man (which must I assume include relying upon ourselves). I know this sounds wild and I would have to agree because if we could rely upon God to supply our needs why would there be any homeless, starving, believers? Out of all those homeless starving people SOME of the MUST be believers, no?

  21. S.M.A.R.T
    Secret Military Armaments in Residential Technologies…

    • I was always led to believe it was Stealth Military Armaments in Residential Technologies, whatever.

  22. Ya, Good point and would say Noah had a plan. My thought is we have skin in the game and some responsibility to act. Along with a 99.9% dependence on God. I just do not want to go down easy and do my .001% part.

  23. some people seem to love to have all their freedoms taken away to save the planet and assuage their white liberal guilt…bc they aren’t born again. and they usually like to go around bossing everyone else too. now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. (more corinthians)

  24. Mark 16:15 not exist…………………………………………….

  25. I certainly pray that your Corinthians quote applies to me, because I have a severely autistic adult 34yo daughter, (MMR age 13 months) whom is 100% dependent upon me. She has zero understanding of anything other than her mental age 2, wants/needs. I pray God has a way out for us, because without refrigeration, we’re stuffed. Life is extremely hard for us as it is. I pray God protects us from Satan’s influence on the world.

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