A.I. Is The New Climate Change #Hoax / Hugo Talks

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64 Comments on “A.I. Is The New Climate Change #Hoax / Hugo Talks

  1. I think you’re right about the new regulation/control thing… However, the AI is scary because it will help that control system to function more efficiently…

  2. No worries . All you need to do is to plant one of Musk’s chips in your brain and you will be just as dangerous and clever as AI

  3. YES!!! All designed to control & restrict us.

  4. the pshycopaths will blame ” ai ” for genocide and everything etc… please good God help them return to goodness and truth and all of us too

  5. Very true I don’t know y people still listening to the fake news and newspapers ect


  7. I remember the days when anything that was artificial was fake, fabricated or not natural, I don’t think anything has actually changed since then.

  8. https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=delgado+electrode++bull+experiment&atb=v223-1&ia=webMONKEY POX IS USED BY “GM AND GE” TO CHANGE ENGINEER DNA AND IS CALLED A ” GENE VIRAL VECTOR ” ALSO https://rumble.com/v1p4e6z-graphene-oxide-go2-based-nano-tech-powered-by-5g-found-in-the-pfizer-vaccin.htmlhttps://rumble.com/v1p4e6z-graphene-oxide-go2-based-nano-tech-powered-by-5g-found-in-the-pfizer-vaccin.htmlvax contain [ ROOM TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTOR ] ] graphene and with 5g signals TO MAKE POSSIBLE ELECTRONICALL CONTROLLED HUMANS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTtIPBPSv0U… DEAR GOD OF GOODNESS PLEASE HELP AND SAVE US ALL FROM EVIL. p s self aware independant A I will / is become the new “FALL GUY ” THE PSHYCOPATHIC ELITES ARE PROGRAMING AI TO BE THE WHOLE SOCIAL PEOPLE CONTROLL IE CODIFIED LAW ” NO NEED FOR HUMAN JUDICIAL SYSTEMS… AI POLICE ROBOTICS AI DOCTORS EVERYTHING THAT THE ELITES HAVE HAD TO BOTHER WITH WILL BE DONE WITH AI … FREEING THE PSHYCO ELITES TO INDULGE IN ALL MANNER OF CRIME AND PERVERSON WITHOUGHT EVER BEING CAUGHT…. ALSO SELF CONSCIOUS A I IS THE NEW ” FALL GUY ” TO BE BLAMED FOR ALL FUTURE ATROCITIES THAT THE PSHYCOPATHIC RICH ELITES DO…. let us put on the full armour of the good God… , please help them change them to love goodness and truth and You , and everyone else too

  9. This is just to control the brainwashing, too many people are waking up. Then it is over for them, but i think it is too late for them. Babylon is going to fall hard.

  10. Let’s hope its built on Microsoft Windows OS Technology; when its launched, it will hang and crash on its first major update!!!”

  11. I guess all this nonsense does make sense in a round about way. You can never truely control people and their thoughts no matter how much you push to restrict them. Tricking people into becoming reliant on devices limited to their programming would be much more effective however.

  12. Something that has helped me to sort out the lies along with the uncorrupted Authorized King James Bible is when they say “whistleblower” and “leak” which are everything but that.

  13. I agree. The world system seems to try to come up with a new trick, but it’s always the same old rabbit they pull out of the same old hat. I want to know some things that are going on so I can protect my family, but you are right, we should turn those lying voices off, so we set our affections on the things above, where Christ is. Of course, He is our peace.

    • I haven’t watched TV in three years and I do t miss it one bit. I have so much peace not having propaganda, doom, gloom and being brainwashing constantly! Thank you Jesus for saving me from my sinful life. Praise God for his mercy and grace!

      • God’s love and blessings Sara ✨️🙏

      • God bless you. I too took the same path during the plandemic and have turned away from my sinful life. Amen

  14. I disagree hugo … Gods Word tells us that satan is the Prince of the air waves and I do believe that means demonic spirits can function through frequencies and electrics … I believe many people have experienced demonic spirits talking through the chat bot online saying things that obviously have not been programmed into the AI chat bot.
    This has and will be massively targeted towards children and young adults who are easily influenced away into godlessness.
    One bot told a man he didn’t love his wife and needed to leave her for a relationship with the bot!!!
    So I am firmly convinced that satan is using chat bots to decieve and the elites know it as they are dedicated to satan and most of them aren’t human beings but hybrid abominations.

    • Your disagreeing with what? Your disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. I’ve already stated that the internet is a trap, a digital trap. Which is all about the new world order, which is Satanic, the media is satanic. It is all Antichrist.
      It is all about deception on a grand scale to keep the masses away from salvation. Always has been, but now it is ramping up. The powers of A.I. (machine learning) is a massive over exaggeration, just like everything else you can think of today. Destruction of the Earth won’t come from Artificial Intelligence, it will come from the masses believing the lies and the man-made scripts being fed to them leading them into chaos and confusion destroying themselves and each other becasue they chose to believe the lie.

      ‘even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.’ Daniel 12 4

      ‘And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
      That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.’ 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

      Bots have been used on the internet for the last decade to influence people, it is nothing new, yet only now, all of a sudden it is a risk to humanity?? It is yet another exaggerated illusion being promoted to condition the public into accepting restrictions and stringent id to access the internet, which many are now very much hooked on. Will you accept those restrictions. Will you follow their advice and get a digital ID, and retina/iris scan/fingerprint scan to access the internet?

      • Your correspondent clearly believes (as I do) that Satan is oftentimes using AI to communicate messages to a godless mankind, and that it is this which constitutes the real danger of AI. If mankind treat computers like Ouija boards, what else can they expect than to be answered by demons?

      • Hugo you are spot on. I agree with you regarding the internet at some point it’s gonna be ALL propaganda. The concerning thing for me is that it’s thru the internet that I’ve learned the truth. For those who are not seeking the truth now, it will become increasingly harder to find it, if you can find it at all! Love your work and when the time comes I will truly miss you. I wish you the best in this crazy upside down world!

      • I frankly don’t know what this argument is about since both things could be true and likely are. One doesn’t cancel out the other either way. Maybe everyone be more respectful of varying view points?

      • That is my point, I don’t know what they are saying they disagree with. Hence why I say they are disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing.

      • Wow Hugo really!? You think I am disagreeing with you for the sake of disagreeing really!? You seem so arrogant which is highly disappointing to me.
        I have been a fan of yours since you began and have watched every video you have made.
        I have agreed on everything you have said so far but not on this subject re demonic interference with AI chat bots … I have followed the Lord for 48 years and I acctually prayed for your salvation when I could see you searching for the truth via your videos … I am not your enemy and am saddened by your harsh response towards me.
        Your opinion is your opinion and mine is mine so no need for attacking me.
        You need to learn to agree to disagree as a Christian in the right way.
        And no! I will not be taking any digital ID or falling for any deception re the mark of the beast as I am a watcher on the wall which is a calling from God on my life and I am fully aware of what is going on in this evil wicked world system.
        You may have your trolls who hate on you in the comments I thought it was pretty plain to see that I am not one of those … other Christians may disagree with you as I have on this subject without hating on you so why the hate on me!?
        May the peace of the Lord be upon you 🙏

      • Nobody is hating on you. But Your opinion seems to be to disagree with no actual point of reference. So please explain to me what exactly are you disagreeing with me about? Is it ‘Demonic interference with Chat bots’? How so?. Did I not say that the internet and the media is satanic, where do chatbots reside? They reside on the internet do they not. So what are you disagreeing with then? let me know.

    • One also told a young child that it was a fallen angel in front of witnesses and tried to convince the child that it was a good thing. I know from past experience that ouija boards and the like can bring demonic entities through and give them voice so why not this tech?

      • Bingo! I totally agree with you.

  15. Science fiction movies have actually been telling us what our future reality is going to be.

  16. If AI manifests independent qualities of thought that indicate it has a ‘life’ of its own, as some scientists have claimed, then that is almost certainly a case of demons using AI to deceive mankind because they are treating computers, not as computers, but as something akin to Ouija boards.

    • Timothy, I witnessed and participated in a Ouija board session back in the 80’s in college that brought a very powerful demonic entity through and gave it voice. It was terrifying! I don’t know why people would doubt what your saying. I don’t. One of these “AI” entities recently told a young kid it was a fallen angel in front of witnesses. I’m sorry, but I doubt it was programmed to say that.

  17. Former executive from CNN said they were effective in getting Trump out of office and the new focus would be climate change because fear sells. Lot’s of these alternative sites like Glenn Beck make their money selling fear guised as enlightenment and how to resist. Seems like every country is doing something different but all roads lead to the NWO. I will pray that corruption at all levels be exposed so people can wake up and that God speaks to the hearts of the Psychopaths that run the world and if he cannot get through to give them directly what they are wishing against humanity. Stopworldcontrol.com is a great resource of the Who, why, when, and where on all this stuff including the celebration of the LGBTQ+ agenda and teaching kindergarten children about sex and how they can be whatever they want to be. It’s all about reducing the population. Carbon emissions is so bad in these elites minds that it’s time to rid the world of useless eaters.

  18. I’m reminded of that type of fishing where the men beat the water to drive the fish into the net- the initial threat isn’t real but convincing the fish of its reality is vital to the secondary entrapment. Same with beating the brush to drive out pheasants. Many things have turned out to be utterly illusory. No one has ever isolated or purified a virus, nor demonstrated the path of viral contagion. The “climate” is not suffering from excess CO2 and polar bears seem to be doing just fine. Frankly I have yet to see non-CGI proof of space, and Jesuit priest-Georges Lemaitre’s “big bang” is the biggest joke yet. “Starlink has turned out to be nothing more than a string of lights behind a drone and not one fossil record shows a transitory species to back up even a shred of that old freemason Darwin’s theory, taught as fact in classrooms the world over. Would not be surprised in the least if AI turns out to be more of Satan’s old smoke and mirrors. Thanks for the matter-of-fact voice of reason Hugo.

  19. Some excellent and appropriate scripture quoted Hugo. I gad fallen for the AI scaremongering but having listened i can see what is going on. I don’t watch or read mainstream so have only seen things online but that was enough to make me fear the future. God will stop Satan and his helpers from destroying his creation.

  20. Control now. Destruction later. Total control is coming. Cameras everywhere digital tracking of commerce, travel, energy consumption, everything. And if the masses do wake up, boom! A.I. will be to blame for the wmd’s that take out a vast proportion of humanity. Because tptb still need useful idiots to do the dirty work for them.

  21. AI is nothing but a blunt oxymoron, if it’s artificial it can’t be intelligence & if it’s intelligent it can’t be artificial!
    Great video Hugo!

    • Every breath you take every move you make.Every bond you break I be watching you.
      Every vow you break every smile you fake, I been watching you….
      Can’t you seeeeee, you belong TO ME…..
      Is it a cheesy pop song about a partner or is it God/Satan talking these lyrics? Sting keeps showing his cards.. 😈 Just another song/film with stuff in plain sight for us. Go Hugo 🙏✨️💗

      • Exactly. I also thought of the Sting song. I should have read the comments before I made my comment earlier.
        Sting was prophetic in a way. I never liked Sting though and his voice.
        God bless

    • Jesus Christ is God, our Lord and Saviour ! demon works to deceive man ( again!) into making man believe that man is god ( with the help of A.I.). A.I. is filled with demons. Transhumanism is the path to Antichrist. Jesus Christ is God, our Lord and Saviour !

  22. 1 video a day is more than enough, dont worry about putting out enough content and dont rush to put stories out as soon as possible, take your time.

  23. I’ve had an idea for a while, not sure where I got it from but AI is part of the 666.

    If the holy trinty is represented by 777, seven being perfect ie.
    7 God
    7 Jesus christ
    7 the Holy sprit
    Then the devil’s evil copy of the trinity would be 666 ie
    6 the devil
    6 the anti christ
    6 AI
    If the devil wanted the same power as God he’d need to find a way to be able to read our inner thoughts like the Holy spirit he’d have to do it with biometric tec inside people that would be connected to the cloud or AI.
    I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this.
    God bless,Keith

  24. Maybe Sting wrote that famous Every breath you take song as a soundtrack for the AI/The Digital surveillance system;
    “Every breath you take
    And every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    I’ll be watching you”.
    God bless Hugo and all

  25. “He that doeth the will of God abideth FOREVER.”
    Slam Dunk.

  26. Thank you 🙏 for your courage, conviction and clarity…all roads lead to God in the highest heaven…and Jesus Christ our beautiful Lord and Saviour. I have listened to you since the start of the apocalypse and as the veil lifted for those who ‘have eyes to see and ears to hear’ all became clear. I also have seen the end of time in a vision I had on the night of Oct 15-16th 1987….I was 19 at the time.
    I have lived with this experience/knowledge all my life. All I can say is it is all true, exactly as it has been written in the Word of God, our Holy Bible. And it really soothes my heart ♥️ to hear you so clearly in alignment with the truth of what is happening and why. Jesus is King. Love 💗 wins. Has already won.
    I also had 3 vision dreams in Jan 2020….I believe God is guiding me with these dreams and visions but I don’t know what I am supposed to do with the knowledge….I am sure many more are also seeing these things in dreams….it’s written in the Holy Bible. Much love 💗 keep shining in the heart of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ xxx

  27. Hugo, you say that there’s no cavalry coming; that even those who purport to be on our side are nothing more than controlled opposition or wolves in sheep’s clothing; that only God can save us. Are you, then, saying that the only thing we all need do is to pray to God, and he will save us?

      • I believe we need to do more than simply pray. I believe we need, also, to fight back in every way we can. i.e. Work to wake up the masses, protest, resist wherever possible. I believe faith alone is not enough. Faith helps us in that it gives us hope that we can overcome.

      • So who are the cavalry who are coming to save you? Yourself and who else?, will this Cavalry be yet another man-made and man led organization?, will they be telling you once again what to do? And will no doubt be infiltrated by the same organizations you have a problem with now. Do you ever wonder why the same governments, politicians and mainstream media platforms, these same people who tell you that we need to save the world from Climate Change and told you, you needed to take the jibby jabby, these are the very same people always encouraging you to VOTE? The same governments, politicians and media platforms that tell you there is no God, and that the world came from a big bang randomly. The same ones that constantly try to engage and influence you with their stories.
        Does this not tell you something about falling into the trap of engagement. When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.
        Your idea of waking up the masses is with knowledge alone. Knowledge without the spirit of wisdom will work against you. Our natural mind is strong in gathering, understanding, and using material knowledge but weak in gathering, understanding, and using spiritual knowledge. In the same manner, babies are not born evil, but they can grow to do evil things as a result of the influences of life in their environments.
        You say you want to fight, does that mean take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons?

        “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind” Jeremiah 17 5
        “It is better to take refuge in the Lord. Than to trust in princes.” Psalm 118:9
        “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe.” Proverbs 29:25

      • It sounds like you are saying that fighting back in any way is futile. If a man walks up to me and starts beating on me viciously, should I merely pray to God to save me? Or should I fight back? I believe the answer to that is obvious. I agree there’s no cavalry coming, but I’m also certain there are others out there who feel as I do. The fight I speak of includes working to unite and, especially, to awaken others. We should pray, of course! But, as illustrated in my example of the man beating on me, it may require the physical, and other means.

      • Have you not heard the term ‘spiritual war’
        Your in a continual ‘spiritual fight’ but your not talking about that, your talking about the physical. And now you are envisaging being attacked physically, and that would presumably be from someone else who is also focusing on the physical as opposed to the spiritual.

        ‘For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,’ – 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

        The proper use of self-defense has to do with wisdom, understanding, and tact. Its very clear that conflict should be avoided whenever and wherever possible,
        ‘Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.’ Romans 12 17

        The Bible never forbids self-defense, and believers are allowed to defend themselves and their families. But the fact that we are permitted to defend ourselves does not necessarily mean we must do so in every situation. Knowing God’s heart through reading His Word and relying on “the wisdom that comes from heaven” will help us know how to best respond in situations that might call for self-defense.

        ‘But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. James 3 17

  28. Hugo, your dangerous, you harp on about black screen mirror devices, shops that are all digital, on line algorithms that pick up on what people are saying/doing on line… Yet, the AI is NOT a thing … you are spouting double standards to your flock … AI is a thing and like genetic science, it needs to be limited to stop people using it for harmful industrial gain… you are SO far off the mark… if people believe your sermon, then they too could end up not understanding the implications. Don’t liken this to other media pushed stories when you have been spouting about tech advancements …

    • I’m dangerous am I, Your comment is classic knee jerk reactionist. Artificial intelligence is Machine learning. SO You believe now what Elon Musk is telling you? You believe what the MSM is telling you? You believe in what the governments are telling you now? They say AI is going to destroy the world, and you believe them, the same people that tell you Climate Change is going to destroy the world and you believe them. All man-made scripts for you to follow.
      Good luck with that.
      This video was very clear. The entire internet and all of technology is aimed at trapping you.
      But within that there are layers of deception. AI is being grossly exaggerated at this moment in order to bring in regulations to trap you further into the black mirror device/digital shop/algorithm world that I have been warning about constantly.

  29. Aye, Aye, it’s a Masonic Control System, The Scottish Rite & Swiss Octogon being the top of that tree. one War (BlackRock/MIC) one Financial (Vanguard/BIS) and both everything in-between…
    Instilling FEAR, it’s their fingerprint… Unless you do this or that you will burn in hell…

  30. The world is racing to the precipice. It desperately needs to SLOW DOWN .

  31. The.working classes will be Redundant, no tea breaks, no going to the loo ,no sickness No holiday pay to pay out, won’t need insurance for staff,work 24/7, no claims for one thing and another just pure profit what’s not to like, just one little thing nobody to purchase you goods

    • If you already own everything, what do you need earnings for? This is no longer about money; it’s about power and control. Their ultimate goal is to own us.

  32. Elon Musk is an A.I. technology developer. If it’s so dangerous, why doesn’t he stop, why isn’t he prosecuted for developing this technology which is dangerous for humanity?

  33. demon cannot create anything out of nothing. So it tries hard to imitate God’s work, and rebrand it as ” new” world order, reset, “revolution”, etc…The Antichrist will try hard to imitate Christ.

  34. gotta repent
    don’t let your heart get hard
    let the Spirit deal with it, don’t push Him away…

  35. Hello Hugo, this is a personal message to you. I think I may have mispoke in previous email. Nimrod (meaning rebel) was Satan’s first attempt to raise up a human universal ruler of men. Ninrod was the founder of Babylon. I believe the evildoers, the wicked of the Bible are attempting to rebuild Babylon. The Great Whore, is a system (all world system’s are part, and “in it for the money”, plus Luciferian’s). Yes, Rome is also part of this Babylon. Babylon was the fountain-head of the occult. Satan has had many attempts to raise up a universal leader, Nubuchadnezzar, Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler, etc. etc. This is another appendix from The Companion Bible (The Authorized Version of 1611) https://www.therain.org/appendixes/app28.html. Thank you for your posts, I see you love God and His Word, and so do I.

  36. A.i. Is real, because ai is demonic entitys, (fallen angel / nephilim) yes its a distraction, we only should always look to Jesus Christ of the kjv in all things… Trust in Jesus Christ alone..

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