Another Actor #Pantomime / Hugo Talks

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35 Comments on “Another Actor #Pantomime / Hugo Talks

  1. What about curbing the excesses of lying politics and MSM. Extreme I know

  2. I look forward to the video of him being treated like a baby seal.

    • Ha-ha, ha, ha-ha! I live where Beatles band member, Paul and his wife came, complained about seal hunting. Now most countries won’t import Canadian seal products.
      Ignorance blew though their lips decades ago, and we’re still dealing with the lies/ignorance.

      Meanwhile the seals are apex predators, eliminating Cod fish and Salmon stocks.
      A “Hakapik” is the most humane way to kill a seal. One swing, pick to the head and dead. They’re not used on cubs or visible mother’s. Contrary to popular belief. I know, I live here. (Female seals don’t abandon their pups, they have a herd that includes males.)

      Blood looks nasty when it’s smeared across white ice.

      I want for all to be saved by Christ. But if you’re wishing harm, go for incineration or a biological toxin/disease that kills painfully.
      A Hakapik is too easy. By your comment, you don’t know that killing white seals, is against hunting regulations.

  3. Well researched Hugo I actually fell for the scam till you showed his acting profile. 👏

    • He looks like a clone of Samuel L Jackson and Dionne Warwick


  5. “Director what is my motivation” (Director)”you’re a angry young black man with no inner monologue”
    “What do you mean?” (Director) “just be youself”(Morgan) “what is my motivation” ( Director) “you’re a vacuous white man who will do anything for money” “what do you mean” (Director) “just be yourself”

  6. Always spot on and to the point. Thank you Hugo for being obedient to God

  7. Spot on, Hugo… what a farce this all is… Although, I’d never heard of this non-entity. I like ‘Baldur’s’ take on this… LOL.

    Have a great, blessed weekend, guys and gals. Love and light.

  8. Yes hugo , he’s a actor , they all are , this world is a stage . Each and every one of us are playing our own roles , we’re all acting / sinners ! Why concerns regarding a online safety bill … ? Truth is non of us should be engaging with anything online , read the book , understand the scripture , speak privately with god . And I heard another voice from heaven , saying , come out of her , my people , that ye be not partakers of her sins – revelations 18:4

  9. This is classic manufacturing of consent as described by public relations pioneer Edward Bernays. They create a problem and then provide a “solution” which somehow always involves everyone surrendering some of their rights. This has happened over and over again from the bombings of the “red summer” of 1919 to the 911 attacks and more recently the corona virus. And people never seem to pick up on it.

    • @Tom “Sigmund Freud” nephew ,I agree,but let’s face it,he was a propagandist,who with others coined the phrase “public relations” do you know why Freud and Carl jung fell out,amongst other things?jung believed all people’s have a unique collective unconscious and pushing a “psychology” of his ((own))people on others was false teaching and would lead to great harm.They never spoke again,also look into the female aspect of the family “Freud”,I believe a “netfix” CEO is a descendant also.

      • Interesting, Also Jung developed the concept of the ‘shadow self’ the side of us, we are ashamed of, he believed people should integrate the shadow self with their identity and in doing so, would eliminate problems arising from it. You can see this being played out in society now, with encouragement for people to openly show who they are, those 2SLGBT groups and furries springs to mind. Jung however was wrong, it just fuels more of the same, even amongst those that would never have thought of becoming such. That is imo why the world is looking more insane by the day.

      • @Neo Not quite Mr Anderson,I would look into the 7 hermetic principles,you’ll find a few on yt.Jung thought it a time bomb to not understand the terrible things we are capable of doing,not that we should do them,like not putting yourself across right in an altercation and letting the “inner critic” run wild,this can then build and build and then blows.His and my point were “Freud” had issues from his childhood and his people as a group share this, but it is not applicable in others. You are right about the staff “the fifth” Dionysus staff.

  10. You are preaching good Hugo! Love it 🙂 The church is going home soon.

  11. Gee Hugo how did you ever get such a great shot of the actors background page before it was removed from the internet? You are a real sleuth! Just using my God given discernment here.

  12. Never heard of Mizzy but thanks for keeping me informed on this crazy stuff. I don’t watch fake stream media so I guess that’s why I don’t know. Love U Hugo

  13. and the Phillip Scofield debarcle how long can they spin that

  14. Creating Hate, Divide and Rule… Hegelian Dialectic, Problem, Reaction, Solution, it’s all there… it’s a Masonic/Satanic Control System, Scottish Rite being the top of that tree, Double Headed Eagle/Phoenix In Action!!!!
    and Well said Hugo, the verse also…

  15. Thanks Again Hugo. Yes it was on Twitter. Mr Musk is still allowed talk and do as he pleases, like back in the olden days.

  16. Mizzy like the rest of them is an invert as well and so is his friend Harle Jourdan -lots of one eye and devil horn pics and a track suit with ‘Fallen Angel’ insignia – the Legion spirit can only indwell profane vessels hence all the duel sexed and secret transgenders in Freemason world

  17. Online streaming bill to stop misinformation passed in Canada as well. $250,000 per day fine for spreading misinformation. All supposed “free countries” are passing legislation to ban free speech. I think Hugo is right, it’s going to be a ploy that people will required digital I.D. to access or go anywhere on the Internet. Humanity used to be able to function without the net and not all that many years ago.

  18. A Brilliant Video Hugo…

    But a Excellent Bible Text…

    God bless you Brother..
    ((John 3 16)) ((kjv))

  19. I just tried to go to YT to share this (on Brave) and I get a msg that states “YouTube is Blocked”. Hmmm…

  20. Hugo is correct that the Creator Father is in complete control. The plan of salvation is to seek Father’s face through the Son who’s kingdom was set up 2000 years ago, to change our ways and follow his commandments in obedience and faith and freewill. Unfortunately 99% of us are still spiritually dead men, thinking that we are saved just by belief. The Father is very merciful and his laws carry consequences to those that refuse to listen…..Judgement will follow and every eye will see the Son when your eyes close for the last time…..Father is in complete control.

    • Fear is not the way to convert people, thats the tactic of Lucifer.

      • Sorry Neo. Proverbs 9.10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”
        That’s divine scripture. Lucifer can quote and twist it all he wants. YHVH is God.

  21. Did you know, most people associate the rainbow with Gods Promise doing Noah, BUT there is a infernal association with the ancient Peacock Goddess of the ancient religion of Ulkraine, This Fallen-angel peacock goddess, is in fact Lucifer, same traits, trickster, refusing to bow down to god, it emanated 7 colours as it descended from heaven, now count the letters 2SLGBTQ – 7 in total, 7 infernal colours shaping the world in THEIR image, not gods.
    The world religion IS Luciferian and stemmed from Augury – the ability of certain bloodlines to read the behavour of birds to give answers whether something the king asked was auspicious (derivative of Augury) or inauspicious, these groups become rich, gained land and resulted in 3 ancient classes of people, the Auguries, the royalty and the plebes.
    The Augurys later sacrificed animals and read signs associated with their livers (spots bumps, etc) to predict events and give answers, this group was called the haruspices and evolved to form the sacerdotal(the priests), now whether this evolved to human sacrifice in Western society is hard to find definitive answers, however there are debatable sign, such as very rich people wearing red shoes, Podesta, pope and many celebrities, this seems to associate with the Hans Christian Anderson tail of vain children seeking riches and getting into ‘trouble’.
    Now you may also remember Dorothy wearing Red Shoes on the Wizard of Oz-another story deep seated in mythology and esoteric imagery. Oh, and the Auguries also had a shaft with a spiral top – the same sign some say indicates such involvement with those activities.

  22. If you want to convert a nation, drip feeding ideas they would agree with and slowly turning up the temperature has more chance then flat out preaching. Flat out preaching will please those already Christian but might be ineffectual on those already disillusioned to religion, in fact it might even turn them further from God, something I am sure we all agree would be counter productive to the intention.

  23. Completely unrelated…. He looks like a young Michael Jackson! I’ve never heard of this “Mizzy.”
    “♪ Dance with me, all night! Dance until the sunlight! ♪” – Rock with you, Michael Jackson. 1979.

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