Pope Gifts King Charles Jesus ‘Cross’ Shards & MARK / Hugo Talks

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74 Comments on “Pope Gifts King Charles Jesus ‘Cross’ Shards & MARK / Hugo Talks

  1. I don’t believe a SINGLE WORD the bishop of Rome, governments and kings and queens say. What a hypocrisy and hypocrites, Satan’s followers and worshippers; part of the kabal.

    My king is the King of the universe.

  2. The only king I would kneel to is God almighty or his son Jesus christ my father
    Not an evil demon with a crown 👑

  3. apostate church gonna push the mark on everyone but we will be raptured hallelujah

    • Sadly you have been misinformed by the money grabbing pre-trib evangelists! Show me where in the Bible Jesus wasn’t talking to His disciples when He said these things would soon come to pass and they would see , even those who crucified Him., it did happen 40 yrs later in AD70! Now the globalists are replaying the Bible and everyone sits waiting for the ‘rapture lie’ instead of fighting to keep their freedom?

      • How are you fighting?
        Posting on HT!!

    • I and many other’s believe the rapture is created by Darby and his cohort’s in the 1800’s.
      There is a theology called “Historic Pre-millenialism.” It’s what most Christian’s believed before 1800. It has existed for 1500+ years. Longer than Islam.

      • Oh, if someone wants to use the merit of imminent rapture, as a reason to find God/follow God.
        You need only look at the fragility of life. You could die, any day… or minute even. Rapture is nice if you want to avoid tribulation. Which I do.

        But Christ say’s in Matthew 24:9-12 “Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name. At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.”

      • Also, I came back because I realised. I have seen people in trances, doing demonic things.
        Possessed, cutting themselves, eating fire, glass. exc. It’s old pagan stuff, the people have been doing for 1000’s of years. (Southeast Asia)
        But I haven’t seen anything near Matthew 24:24 “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.”

        Weather event’s don’t phase me. Ionospheric heaters can create earthquakes. It’s easy to find the scientific documentation/quotes.
        Project Pop-Eye. Tried to flood the Ho Chi Min Trail in ~1970. Fifty years ago! Soon to be Pres. Johnson talking about “The world’s cloud layer.” In 1962 as vice president… Satellites.

        I’m still expecting a global figurehead. Like Elon Musk.
        But everyone and your sister, can’t stop talking about his altruism and good deeds. Seeing no flaws in his character whatsoever, and being drawn to his perceived benevolence.
        Another “Jim Jones” … <He was given the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award. And at one time was one of the prominent evangelists in the USA, along with Billy Graham. He met president (whoever) and was quite the political/religious figure.
        Gaining votes/putting people into political power, in California in the 60's! Jones was also a Marxist.

        Pope Francis, Trump, Putin, Xi, and "King" Chucky are all not nearly as popular on the grand scale. (I think many people see right through them. Jim Jones. It took time, for some, a decade… other's died.)

        We ain't seen nothin' yet.

      • Whoops! I left out the part, where I think the new “figurehead” that everyone loves, is just one of many false prophets. Not the anti-christ or anything. To be clear.

  4. all these “big wigs ” herre that u show have one thing ion common . knights templar symbols. octagon symbols. directed from suisse. you are welcome to contact me, Hugo if u want to discuss. i wont do it here

  5. Thanks for the update Hugo. All the references remind us of the Beast system, like the revelation of John where he saw a beast rise up out of the sea, like a leopard. To see the King in waiting hammer his royal mark into the silver Celtic cross which supposedly contains 2 shards from the crucifiction cross was all rather disturbing and symbolically not a good look. Plus the Jack of the Green on the invitation makes it all seem like a mockery of the crucifixion and it brings to mind the mark of the Beast, which would be understandable if the UK and Catholic Church weren’t supposed to be Christian.

  6. The sycophants,, “social climbers,” the Yes Sir, No Sir, three bags full Sir order followers and Tax Payers etc are the enablers of all this bullshit…
    Just Say No, or you’re complicit!!!!

  7. Do people really believe this bs! I can’t upload it on here, but I have a news clipping that ‘the not my king’ converted to Islam a few years ago! You won’t see any anointing filmed if he’s chosen Islam. You can’t serve two masters!

    • Has he (Charles) been seen eating food during daylight this past Ramadan?
      Just curious. That would be a sign, of failing to follow Islamic belief’s/practices.

  8. Thank you for sharing your incite. It’s extremely helpful.

  9. It’s all a circus, being performed for the gullible sheep and the spiritually bankrupt..
    End of days.

  10. In light of the video content below, how can anyone take anything that either the Pope or Charles say seriously?

    • Very interesting. What a horrible ceremony! Sad to watch all those people performing without having a clue to what they are really doing.

      • they know what there doing as there part of the satanic cult of evil

    • Wow! Interesting video… More pagan/satanic worship around the world. (No surprise) That “Rio” event.

      I find it strange that “African” (Black people) are pointing out flaws. More than any other Christian group. It seems, for whatever reason. These preachers/people who hail from Africa. Are popping-up and saying “Hey! This isn’t Christian.”

      Maybe it’s my perspective. But the Catholic’s have Arch Bishop Vigano (In hiding, from the Vatican)

      Protestant’s in North America/UK have been arrested. For holding church services.
      But most of the non-profit church’s shuttered their doors in 2020-2021. (Also creating restrictions, some are lifted after 2 years.) When people needed them most.

      Has the real church gone underground? As it did in China? I can only think of maybe a dozen pastors/priests around the world who have “spoken-up.” Or refused nonsensical mandates. Which are VOID under “The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Sec.52 (a)”
      Law/Legal ^^

      “The Charter is the constitutional guarantee of the civil rights and liberties of every citizen in Canada, such as freedom of expression, of religion, and of mobility.” ….. “It is written in plain language to ensure accessibility to the average citizen. It applies only to government and government actions to prevent the government from creating unconstitutional laws.” Wiki.^^

      Canada is lock-step with the global hegemony.

  11. about the rapture… all you have to do is google “Rapture” verses and it comes up…..

    If you read your BIBLE every day and over several years read the WHOLE thing and get SAVED it will all make sense.
    I am not going to do your homework for u.
    anyway, people can choose to believe whatever they want.
    I am sure Hitler didn’t believe in the rapture either.
    the catholic church sure don’t
    or lutherans or presbyterians
    did calvin? I can’t get a bead on that guy….too boring
    sorry but it’s bear season here in Montana.

    • I am afraid, rapture is not biblical. Please study 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 and Revelation 20.

    • If you read/listen to sermons about “Historic Premillennialism” You will see that the rapture is new theology, created in the 1800’s.
      There’s nothing about a pre-tribulation rapture in the OT, it’s all about Sheol. From all I’ve read/studied and observed by P. Greek scholars. There is almost no foundation for the pre-trib theology. Heaven/Hell. Christ comes twice. He already came once. Next time isn’t going to be pretty.

    • I forgot to mention. I usually worry about “Bull Moose Season.”
      They’re more dangerous than bears! But we only have timid black bears. I’ve only seen their scat.

    • @ Katie Schnee Dr Ken Johnson’s recent studies on YT delve into the early church fathers’ beliefs on premillennial rapture. He considered the belief to be unanimous. He’s very well read and comes across as a humble man. I’m not scholarly enough to be able to refute his studies. I find it fascinating though being introduced to the faith through Anglicanism. I’d never heard of a rapture and they taught amillennialism. I’m not sure it matters either way as long as we follow Jesus’s commands.

      • I agree with you. A lot of theology doesn’t matter. It’s whether you’re following Christ’s commands and being a loyal servant.
        Rapture me up! Take me to heaven yeah! I’d love that. I hope I am wrong. But the Bible is pretty clear. Christian’s will go through “The Tribulation.”

  12. If you put together these shards of the cross you probably can build a tanker ship… the anti-chtist helping the anti-chtist… his agenda is military (check his vest on the ceremony day)… and he will push c|imate cha|\|ge and di9ital curre|\|cy… his reign will last 3 years.

  13. What’s going on here? A few minutes ago this post showed as 160 comments. I left the site then just returned less than 2 minutes later, to find 19 comments? Different to the original ones! One person’s comment on the original post was so interesting, I copied it. I’ll paste it here. What’s happening Hugo??
    V.C…stuart mcglynn executor
    April 16, 2023
    Under Charles II of England, the concept of “Settlements” as plantations
    of working poor controlled by the Church of England was further refined
    through the Settlement Act (1662) and Poor Relief Act (1662) including
    for the first time the issuance of “Settlement Certificates” equivalent to a
    “birth certificate, passport and social security” rolled into one document.
    A child’s birthplace was its place of settlement, unless its mother had a
    settlement certificate from some other parish stating that the unborn child was included on the certificate. However from the age of 7 upwards the child could have been apprenticed and gained a settlement for itself through called indentured service, or “voluntary slavery”. Also, the child could have obtained a settlement for itself by service by the time it was 16.

    According to the various settlement acts from the 17th Century onwards
    until the introduction of Birth Certificates, the issue of a Settlement
    Certificate was considered a privilege, not a right. If a peasant wanted to move, the home parish could choose to issue a Settlement Certificate
    which then effectively became an indemnity insurance to the new parish
    if the pauper was unable to earn a living. A settlement certificate was only
    valid if it bore the seals of the overseers of both parishes and that of the
    local Justices and was not transferable. This is the same model of modern passports for citizens listed as “P” (Paupers) used today.

    Due to the increase in the number of “poor”, in 1723 a new law was
    passed called the Workhouse Test Act (1723) in which those who wished
    to claim benefits and relief as poor now had to enter a “workhouse” being
    essentially a prison for men, women and children to perform some set work. To ensure that all poor were accounted and could be identified,
    new laws were also introduced to force the Paupers to wear a ‘P’ on their
    right shoulders as a mark of their status. This is both the origin of the “P” still placed as a mark on modern passports and other “official” documents and the “P” worn by prisoners from the 20th Century.

    The 1st Crown is represented by the 1st cestui Que Vie Trust created when a child is born, depriving them of all their beneficial entitlements and rights on the land at birth.
    Upon a new child being borne, the Executors or Administrators of
    the higher Estate [ The Crown Corporation UK ] willingly and knowingly convey the beneficial
    entitlements of the child as Beneficiary into the 1st Cestui Que (Vie)
    Trust in the form of a Registry Number by registering the Name,
    thereby also creating the Corporate Person and denying the child
    any rights as an owner of Real Property.

    In 1931, the Roman Cult, also known as the Vatican created the Bank for
    International Settlements for the control of claimed property of
    associated private central banks around the world. Upon the deliberate bankruptcy of most countries, private central banks were installed as administrators and the global Cestui Que Vie/Foreign Situs Trust system was implemented from 1933 onwards.

    Since 1933, when a child is borne in a State (Estate) under inferior
    Roman law, three (3) Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts are created upon certain presumptions, specifically designed to deny the child forever any rights of Real Property, any Rights as a Free Person and any Rights to be known as man and woman rather than a creature or animal, by claiming and possessing their Soul or Spirit.

    Since 1933, when a child is born, the “presumed” Executors or Administrators, the scam! [they are really trustees] of the
    higher Estate knowingly and willingly claim the baby as chattel to the
    Estate. The slave baby contract is then created by honoring the ancient
    tradition of either having the ink impression of the feet of the baby onto
    the live birth record, as well as tricking the mother and father
    to signing the baby away through the deceitful legal meanings on the live
    birth record. This live birth record as a promissory note is converted into
    a slave bond and a way to do commerce. who the document is then the contract document in commerce for the Crown Corporation Government is sold to the private bank of england [the word OF in latin means without] reserve bank of the estate and then
    conveyed into a 2nd and separate Cestui Que (Vie) Trust per child owned
    by the bank. Upon the promissory note reaching maturity and the bank
    being unable to “seize” the slave child, a maritime lien is lawfully issued
    to “salvage” the lost property and itself monetized as currency issued in
    series against the Cestui Que (Vie) Trust.

    You are a slave because since 1933, when a child is borne, the
    Trustee, Treasury of the higher Estate knowingly and
    willingly claim the baby as chattel to the Estate. The slave baby
    contract is then created by tricking the parents to signing the baby
    away through the deceitful legal meanings on the live birth record.
    This live birth record as a promissory note is converted into a slave
    bond sold to the private reserve bank of the estate and then
    conveyed into a 2nd and separate Cestui Que (Vie) Trust per child
    owned by the bank. Upon the promissory note reaching maturity
    and the bank being unable to “seize” the slave child, a maritime lien
    is lawfully issued to “salvage” the lost property and itself monetized
    as currency issued in series against the Cestui Que (Vie) Trust.

    The Birth Certificate in and of itsself is NOT the legal person estate , it is only the consent to create the three cestui vie trusts.
    Always deem that you accept theere is a creator and such a higher power which is NOT the Crown Corporation. The bar guild private legal department running the UK court system, a private for profit franchise, Solicitors and Barristers have and take “two” oaths, 1] a private bar guild oath amd 2] a public oath. The court system is rigged to coincide with the jurisdiction they can gain which is another vlog necessary

    You are a slave because since 1540 and the creation of the 1st Cestui
    Que Act, deriving its power from the Papal Bull of Roman Cult
    leader Pope Paul III of the same year, whenever a child is baptized
    and a Baptismal Certificate is issued by the state at birth or church,
    the parents have knowingly or unknowingly gifted, granted and
    conveyed the soul of the baby to a “3rd” Cestui Que Vie Trust owner
    by Roman Cult, who has held this valuable property in its vaults ever
    since, managed by the Temple Bar since 1540 and subsequent Bar
    Associations from the 19th Century representing the reconstituted
    “Galla” responsible as Grim Reapers for reaping the souls, or salvage also known as “salvation of souls”.

    A prison designed with no way out
    Before this time, the system of global slavery and the treatment of
    the world as one large slave plantation was designed so there is no
    way out – as evidenced through the courts of the priests of Ba’al
    known as the judges of most legal systems in the world.

    Even the most educated of men and women may remain tricked into
    believing that upon self representation they may claim their
    “common law rights” as a means of defense, only to find the judge
    lawfully rejects any and all claims. As the first law of the courts is the
    Uniform Commercial Codes /goods and services acts of slavery as introduced in 1933, the
    defendant is an employee of a corporation and therefore
    automatically assumes the liability of any injury. Unless they can
    pay, they may be sent to prison.

    If such a trickster as the judge is challenged, they are permitted to
    escape to their chambers and call upon even greater power to return
    and magically establish a new court, without telling the defendant
    they have now entered Admiralty Court, or the laws of the See in
    accordance with Canon Law of the Roman Cult issued in 1983. Now
    the judge can impose grave penalties upon such an unresponsive
    defendant including contempt of court and other punitive prison
    sentences, with the defendant having no rights,

    unless they know Canon Law concerning juridic legal persons and “establishing their inalienable Standing”
    above being called a “thing”.

    Given the private secret trusts of the private central banks are created on “false presumptions” along with contract law, salvage rights and ultimately ecalastical law, cannon law”, which they use to gain jurisdiction.

    When a man or woman makes clear their Live Born
    Record and claim over their own name, body, mind and soul, any such
    trust based on such false presumptions becomes challengeable .

    One fundamental flaw that remains within the Settlement (Birth)
    Certificate System for the Roman Cult and its agents remains the fact that
    a Settlement Certificate is proof that a man or woman must have been
    born on the land for the certificate to have effect, regardless of
    convoluted subsequent presumptions of what the certificate actually
    represents. If a man or woman was not born on the land somewhere a
    certificate could not be issued. Therefore any rejection, or return of a
    Birth Certificate serves as perfected evidence that a man or woman was
    born on the land and support to any Affidavit of Truth concerning their
    immutable rights from the Divine Creator.

    As Settlement Certificates and later Birth Certificates are solely and
    purposefully designed to disenfranchise men and woman from their
    rightful inheritance through voluntary enslavement and admission to
    being “paupers”, the system of Birth Certificates is wholly without
    legitimacy, a global system of organised fraud and crime and without lawful effect.

    The whole Crown Corporation needs to be exposed write to the Attorney General to separate the living man form the corporeal fictional legal person

    use V.C before your signature – [Vi Coactus] V.C… Latin term meaning “having been forced” or “having been compelled”. In Latin, cōgō means “I compel” or “I force”. The passive participle of cōgō is coāctus, meaning “having been forced” or “having been compelled” or “coerced”. “Vi coactus” or “V.C.” is used with a signature to indicate that the signer was under duress. The signer uses such marking to signal that the agreement was made under duress, and that it is their belief that it invalidates their signature start using this and you will see the power you claim as sole beneficiary and True executor. You are presumed to be the Trustee by the judges in the courts unless you speak up and do not sleep on your inalienable rights.

      • Yes, I do apologise, that’s what comes from being over tired. Please keep up the good work Hugo. We need someone to speak truth about God. 🙏🏻

  14. “Hammering nails into Christ.” What obvious symbolism. There are other ways to create a seal… Like wax, on a document.
    I don’t see anything Christian about smashing an image, let alone a leopard. Into a cross.
    Interesting Prince Charlies mum died in Sept. 8 2022. Didn’t waste any time denigrating his name as “defender of the faith.” Last I checked the C.of E. was Protestant not Catholic. What is he doing tying himself to the Catholic’s? They’re Anglican in the UK mostly aren’t they?

  15. If ever there was an instrument of Divide & Rule, the Bible has to be it, as these comments show, and it’s always the case…
    If you can’t see it has been corrupted (King James/Scottish Templar) to those ends then how do you think you will ever defeat the enemy…
    The enemy, Scum Bucket Establishment Parasites are disguised all over these sites, messing with the comments and peoples heads, or trying to
    What’s the quickest way to “gets people backs up,” interfere with their sex life… As long as they are hurting no-one etc, Stay Out Of It!!!!
    Obviously the ideal is to have the same partner for life, but how many of us have been lucky enough to find that true soul mate first time…
    However regardless. what’s the quickest way to touch someones soul, get a connection, it’s making love, which the bible discourages, as far as i’m aware…
    Even the most staunch Atheist can get all religious in the midst of all the goings on, crying out for the lord, over and over again, then collapsing in a sobbing mess.. Just Saying… Why would they want to take that away from us…
    Have A Great Day….

    • Hi. I feel your pain. But please believe me, Jesus is not like religion. It makes sense that if Jesus is the real deal, wouldn’t everything that He is, and stands for, be attacked? There is no other religion’s godhead whose name is allowed to be used as a swear word. There is no other religion that is mocked and attacked as much as Christianity, except for the Jewish beliefs and of course the Jewish people, but that is simply because at the bottom of it, the Jewish beliefs are just Christianity, but unlike Christians, Jews haven’t caught up, they’re still watching for ‘The Messiah’ to arrive, whereas Christians believe He has already and His name is Jesus. The very first Christians were of course Jewish. All I can say is, pray this simple prayer “Jesus, if you are the real deal, then show me.” Then pick up a bible and start reading small portions at a time. Start with one of the 4 gospels. People recommend the book of Mark. If He truly is the Messiah, then 15 minutes out of your day isn’t a high price to pay. I promise you, you won’t regret it. He truly is wonderful.

      • Yes hi, and thank you, i don’t know whether it’s pain, i’m only trying to offer up a balance to the heavy keeling over table… And yes i agree, they would be attacking Jesus, but it wasn’t always the case, these same elements were promoting/using “him” (the bible) for centuries, they play both (all) sides…
        I do believe in “God,” however “my” God is a lot smarter and more compassionate than what they would have us believe… No entity in his position (unless malicious and egotistical) would have to use fear as an operating tool, it’s the modus operandi of the PiP’s (Parasites in Power), their fingerprints are all over it, we’d be crazy to think they weren’t….
        And thanks again, i think the bible is a wonderful contribution to humanity, so much of it can’t be disagreed with (it’s the application), but it’s also a very powerful weapon in the wrong hands…
        “The Best Lies Are 95% True,” and the words unspoken backing up the lies are the golden nuggets of truth we should be seeking…
        We are all here for a reason, imo, i know the power of prayer, i walk with him every day and am really blessed, although relentlessly attacked, mmm there’s a theme there… As for yourself, you’re so kind and are entitled to believe anything you like, sounds like you are very close to nailing it anyway, again, imo of course, i see no harm…
        God Bless….

  16. The “True Cross” was found by Constantine’s mother Helena around 325 AD. A Jew named Judas who supposedly had ancient records passed down to him from his parents pointed out the site where Hadrian had constructed a temple of Venus in 135 AD as the crucifixion site of Christ. Helena then “by an impulse of a revelation” (according to Paulinus of Nola) ordered her attendants to dig into the ground at the indicated place and found three crosses superimposed one upon another and also a tablet inscribed with the exact words that the New Testament records that Pilate had placed above Christ’s head. They had miraculously been preserved beneath the earth for three centuries!

    But which of the three crosses was the True Cross? To determine this, they found a woman who was “sick unto death”. They placed the first cross on top of her and nothing happened. They then placed the second cross on her and again nothing happened. Finally they placed the third cross on top of her and she was instantly healed. Viola! The True Cross had been identified and the site was instantly validated. It became the site of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. There was no previous tradition of the crucifixion site being there and in fact until then it had generally been assumed to be east of the Jewish temple rather than to the west. But people who had doubts about the account were probably well advised to keep their doubts to themselves lest they invoke the wrath of Constantine and his mother. It is interesting that Constantine constructed some other churches on the sites of former temples of Venus/Isis.

    It is interesting that the Pope would give such a relic to a Protestant monarch. Is it possible that Charles will return the Church of England to Catholicism? Chapter 17 of the Book of Revelation describes the great Whore “with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication”. Hmmm…

    • “Is it possible that Charles will return the Church of England to Catholicism?”

      I know it’s the past, but it’s recent. Ireland/North Ireland. Protestant/Catholic conflict? Still ongoing?
      Though Christian faith is on the decline, in the UK. It would be a great way to destabilize the UK… I think Charles would like to stay “Head of the English Church” or whatever he is, as deaf-bent fender of duh faith.

      He and pope Francis spotted with Saudi’s/Israeli’s and a lot of cash! Hand’s on glowing orbs. U.A.E. global “leadership” conferences in Dubai. It’s Chrislam for the world, the Jew’s/Muslim’s/Asian’s that don’t accept it can be marginalized, dehumanized and die off. Or we can have a “holy war.” (I’m being factious, but not really kidding. Or I hope my imagination is wild and wrong. I don’t wish for this.)

      Harrison Ford Boo-hooing for the planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4sA_EwNPmY
      Harrison Ford: “~TRUST THE SCIENCE!” circa Sept. 2018. Or earlier. He’s a great actor. ACTOR. He’s acting!
      Talking about “Rich or poor” to a room full of people, who are million/billionaire’s.

      ♪”They’re all in this together”♪

      • The car brand FIAT is Italian. Close enough, to the Black Pope, Francis.
        FIAT (Fix it again Tony.) Maybe there’s a link somewhere there? (That’s a joke.)

        I thought the “royals” rode in R.R. … But maybe Chucky likes little Italian car’s. No more gasoline/petrol cars in the UK after 2030?
        Just a battery car, that plugs into your house, and can only drive 40 miles/65Kilometers. (Impossible to sustain where I live. Stores/Amenities and Medical care, are too far apart.)

  17. There was another “Spiral” in Alaska, from a “Rocket Launch.”
    It looks remarkably similar to the “Norway Spiral.” Except the Norway spiral grew and changed. Where as this newer one, looks more stationary. But maybe that’s that camera.
    I wish they would just say: “Were doing upper atmospheric tests, with the Aurora, while launching satellites.” But that would open the question as to what you are putting in the sky, and what frequencies are being used to create/manipulate the chemicals?
    https://youtu.be/J5_8MVctp30?t=24 <Norway 10+ years ago.

    • This is supposed to be with my other comments about weather control/false prophet’s/the rapture.
      Here is the new Alaska spiral. https://youtu.be/f6kNfDrzQVw?t=44
      Not sure why it’s down here. Maybe it’s my mistake. Sorry!

      • I’m really Canadian sorry. But here is a better/longer link showing the Alaska spiral. https://youtu.be/HeKR7uGRfzE?t=131
        It is spinning, while moving. The Norwegian excuse is a failed Russian rocket launch. Now the Alaskan excuse is water vapor during a Space-X Californian rocket launch. It looks very similar. It can’t be both a failed rocket and successful water vapor. I hope people remember this stuff. I feel like I am the only one!

      • Here we go, https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sounding-rockets/tracers/metals.html
        These chemicals are used during different stages. On “Sounding Rockets” Why not use them on more? A larger rocket can deliver a much larger payload than a sounding rocket.
        “Tri-methyl aluminum (TMA), Lithium, and Barium.” Among other’s.

        Aluminum has been proposed as an additive to kerosene, for increased performance.

        “Rocket-fuel additives with 3 nm-wide particles can serve as a catalyst to turn solid propellants into gases that are combusted when missiles or rockets are launched, making it more reactive than traditional iron-oxide catalysts. This allows quicker conversion of the propellants and better speed or range for the missiles”

        “Nanogellants for gelled propellants are an example of future application of nanotechnology in fuel. These gellants have a nanoscale structure as well as a very high surface area per gram. Gelled fuel minimizes leakage and improves safety. Nanogellant for gelled cryogens has a surface area of about 1000 m2/g, resulting in the gelling of cryogenic fuels with 25%–50% less mass compared to traditional gellant material.”

        azonano (Ding) com/article.aspx?ArticleID=1648 ^^

        Nothing to do with Charles and the cross. But it does relate to end times prophecy, and the state of the world now.

  18. Your Jack on the Green picture in front of Roebuck Surgery, my old doctor’s when I lived in Hastings..

  19. 06/05/2023 eqvals 18…….1//3…..is 666,,,,,co incident…..

    • @Gabriella Herhoff
      Not a lot of numerology can hold water. I don’t let it hold much. There are Holy numbers like 40. (Day’s in the desert. The flood, exc.) 12,7,40, and many other’s.

      6÷5÷2023= ~5.9? 6+5+223=244? … I read “/” as divided-by. How do you reach 18? Even starting with 18 what is “1//3?”
      Is that an abbreviation for a math term? Like Pi or square roots? Where are the numbers/reason to use 1//3?

      Other than 1/3rd of angels fell. But dividing by 3, you need 1998 /(÷)3=666. I really can’t decipher your math.(s) Though I’ll be the first to admit, math is not my strong side.

      Would you spell the mathematical equation for me?
      I can’t seem to make a 666. (I tried to find x,÷, +, -.) I don’t want to “trial and error” with square roots or fractional functions. When I don’t even know what numbers to use/how they arrived in their place, in the equation.

      • Please! 18 Squared, is 324. I would really like to see where you’re finding 666.
        Although I consider a lot of Biblical mathematics, Gnostic hooey.
        I’d like to know how you’re coming upon these mathematical conclusions.

        Ok, I’ve spammed the page enough. I hope my link from Bitchute, with Apollo 11 members contradicting each other is approved. It’s not appearing. But it’s there in the # of comments.

      • 18 Cubed (3) is 5832.
        What is 1//3? Where is this equation coming from?
        It’s leaking water all over the place. I’m about to throw it away.

  20. NASA…
    N….. Never.
    A….. A
    S…… STRAIGHT..
    A…… ANSWER..
    ((REGARDS NASA, FROM DEBRA HUGO.)) debra was at a party in America & she was unaware that everyone at the party, worked at “nasa”, anyway she was having a conversation with someone, but as she was saying about nasa,, ((never a straight answer,)) , the whole place went quiet, and then into uproar… Because everyone who was at the party worked for nasa… The chaps she was speaking to, said, if only the public new, about what is real & what is not, especially with nasa, is exactly, (( never a straight answer)) people would not be able to cope with things….


    ((knothing is what it seems, but only JESUS CHRIST of the Bible Saves)) . John 3 16-17 🙏🏻

    • Just in case it isn’t approved. The link in bitchute is found by searching: “Over 50 years of lies and still going… Michael Collins”

      • Michael Collin’s orbited the moon over 10 times. While Neil and Buzz apparently did things on the lunar surface.
        Neil talks about how amazing the star’s were. Michael, who was the only one on the dark side of the moon. (Less light pollution) said “I don’t remember any star’s.” Neil glares at him for a good 3-5 seconds… and they move on.

  21. KCIII is a trojan horse set up to destroy the monarchy, end English national sovereignty, and bring England into the world government. Just look at who he hangs out with, the agendas he pushes, and the way he has undermined the aristocracy. That green man on the invitation, as HT described it, is an in-your-face telegraphing of the rude awakening that is to come for those poor Brits who do support the monarchy.

    • Charles is a terrible figure. “Not my King” is becoming a phrase again.

      But, I’ll disagree with “Trojan Horse.” He’s been “Prince Charles” for my entire life. We always knew his mother would die.
      There’s nothing sneaky about his appearance or new position. It’s not like there was any other choice, according to tradition’s. Where as the Trojan Horse need’s to be accepted by the enemy.

      Elizabeth II failed her oath/wishes in 1951+, to “Defend the faith.”

      “Pray for me… that God may give me wisdom and strength to carry out the solemn promises I shall be making, and that I may faithfully serve Him and you, all the days of my life.” -Elizabeth II (Dec, 25,1951, a few months before her official coronation.)

      Not to mention her Husband, Philip and his eugenic actions.
      Folly to anyone in the Commonwealth, who still has any support or faith in the British Monarchy.

  22. ok Hugo answer me this if god is all about love & he can perform miracles why can’t he win over evil especially the sheer level of evil in the last 3 yrs alone nevermind the decades before plus Hugo now you’ve gone all religious you said you won’t allow yourself to be controlled but your allowing yourself to be controlled by a book like all religion loads of folk living they’re lives by a book if that’s not control I dunno what is weather it be gov bastards or a book it all amounts to the same thing control am just stating the obvious I like you Hugo av been following you for a long while now & it’s your life do what you want

    • God gave us free will. He will lead you to Him but He won’t make you believe if you’d rather lie to yourself.

  23. @BlueAngel
    (♪”Sha-la-la, don’t you cry, have no fear *He’ll brush away lonely tear drops… Don’t cry, don”t sigh, I’ll tell you why, BlueAngel.”♪)
    Have you had a person encounter with Jesus Christ?
    Have you read the Bible? I mean full book’s. Not verses.

    I can answer the question “if God is all about love & he can perform miracles why can’t he win over evil”?
    He/God allows free will. Lucifer had free will. So do the angel’s.
    God is in ultimate control, and is omnipresent. He’s on top of thing’s. His will be done, not mine. God’s way, is not man’s way.

    Being Christian/Following Christ’s Biblical commands is different from control/blind faith. “The book” is at least 66 separate letter’s/book’s, over 5000+ year minimum, of factual history. (The book of Job, is older than Genesis and the Pentateuch.) Compiled into one book. Jesus is the Messiah. There’s enough non-Jewish text and converts. It’s all there in Biblical history.

    Even the Chinese have writings from around 30Ad. When they sky turned dark during the day. As it says happened during Christ’s crucifixion. According to the Bible.

    • Nope I ain’t going down that religious route whatsoever plus you said god is in control hmmm really you couldhv fooled me coz it doesn’t look like it to me

      • got to admit blueangel, religious will not save humanity at all, its the peeps themselves that will

      • OK! Ignore the Chinese writing’s that describe a night during they day, at the time of His crucifixion. But were oblivious to Christ, or His actions in the middle east 2000 years ago.

      • Also you’re forgetting/ignoring the part where Lucifer has free will.
        God is in control. He allows evil. Innocent children dying? The Bible says a lot about innocence/childhood, orphan’s… (Those in need)
        I assume it’s because Judgement Day will come. It does say Satan “rules this world.” Not the world to come.

      • This was written 3000 years ago. With God/YHVH in mind.
        “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs, find the verse!
        Psalm 146:3 “Do not trust in princes, In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.”

      • “could’ve fooled me” ? The Bible/God tells us about persecution to come. He explains why there is suffering.
        Crack open that Bible, and read it again. I find something new/learn more each time I read. Regardless of version.

    • tell me something which god is in control ?? the one for life or the one for death ??

    • In case you didn’t understand the musical reference.

  24. Off the current topic I know, but this alarm thing via mobile phones does make me wonder. I have turned mine off, but when I suggest this to people, they are horrified! As you say Hugo, these things are like a drug to people. They cannot let go. They cannot turn their phones off even for a few hours. They are in a bad way. Thanks for your support, Hugo.

  25. I just did a search for ‘Turn off your phone on the 23rd’ and it came up with a man on YouTube. I went to that, and there were SIX videos down the side for ‘Dr’ Campbell! I always clear all my YT cookies and I have closed my account, cleared all my videos. Strange how this happens.

    • Glad I don’t have a cell. Or YT account.
      Dr Campbell (Qualified nurse) is in everyone I know’s, “Reccomended.” He was thrust into this position. I don’t watch him. Vit. D3 is good for Northern Hemisphere in the winter. He has flip-flopped, back and forth with the medical journal’s.

      Other Doctor’s/expert’s were screaming NO! mRNA/No vaccination of the entire population in 2020, before anyone had any. They warned of Myocarditis, Sterility, increased cancer and A.M.E. (Auto-Immune Enhancement.)

  26. clearly the protestant movement was organic and wasnt just another divide and conquer technique *****insert sarcasm******

  27. Satan did Put pen to papyrus to craft a Bible it’s called the Holy Quran

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