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128 Comments on “TIFFANY DOVER RESURRECTION / Hugo Talks

  1. More ammo to help get “The Restrict Act” passed.

    They must have bill #686 passed (a coded 666; the 8 is made up of 3’s facing each other), to move the beast system along.

    That’s why “Tiffany Dover” has been brought back.

    The Internet must be suppressed for our “safety” and “national security.”

    Salvation is in Matthew 7:13-14. Click my name for more. Selah.

  2. The whole thing from start to finish is an act. She was supposed to ‘faint’. Why? I have no idea. She was supposed to disappear….again, I have no idea why. They have a plan and they are following it 🤦‍♀️

    • She was never meant to faint. Real Tiffany died. I’m not going to take her word when it’s proven the hospital lied and used Amber to pretend to be Tiffany for 2 years.

    • Exactly…..a totally fake faint. She looked to her left to see the man who’ll catch her, then only when he had her in his arms did she feel confident enough to collapse (in case she hurt her head no doubt).

  3. Why would she receive death threats If people thought she was already dead? Something too fishy about this whole thing. Regardless, even if this is her, it is still a fact that countless millions have had reactions to the jabs, and all of us know people personally that have reacted badly to it. Rolling out the odd person who recovered or is a paid actress to say, look I’m alive, does not invalidate other people’s bad reactions.

    • This was probably a planned Psyop just to reassure those still going along with the programme or questioning things that the jabs are safe and all opposition are just conspiracy theorists.

    • You read my mind! Exaclty what I was thinking. Who threatens dead ppl?! Just more mud slung at us conspiracy realists to push their regs on us they want to implement, IE. controlling free speech and the internet etc. Similar to how that BBC journalist thinks who interviewed Elon Musk recently, was nothing but hot air and hollow accusations, just following the prescribed narrative, not real journalism. Its a must watch if u havent seen it.

  4. We’re watching this on telly, who knows if they’re using AI deep fake technology? the whole thing stinks to me!

    • We are living like 20 years in the past, when it comes to tech. Lot of it is hidden from the public. 🙄

    • It does stink, but that doesnt even look like her! If it were a deep fake, then surely it would of matched more closely to the real T. Dover. Thats what i think. She died and as she was one of the first to get it and fainted on live tv, they couldnt have ppl thinking it killed her! Was too obvious the cause.

  5. As a nurse trained many years ago, I find it hard to believe that a lady with such a propensity to faint could have been safely given the position of a nurse manager.

  6. Very much agree with your take on this one. I’m personally very anti-jab/gov’t, most things really. When I called this out as truther trick-bait, like the Canada horse or Australian pepper-spray Grannies. People got angry. Same actor or not, they appear to be just characters on a stage if they emanate from this digital (fast becoming lived reality) space.

  7. I’ve changed my mind, whereas before I only thought it wasn’t her. Now, however, I’m convinced IT’S A DIFFERENT PERSON!!! Someone’s posted a video above of her speaking after she allegedly fainted and although her eyebrows move when she emphasises certain words, the eyebrow moves as one. However, with the imposter, only outer eyebrow moves upwards. Also the voice seems different, especially on certain words, and the original Tiffany appears of a more sensitive nature than the imposter, mannerisms and tone of voice. Also what does she mean by ‘death threats’, presumably by ‘conspiracy theorists’, most of whom already believe she’s dead already??!!?

    • You called her who impersonates Tiffany an “imposter”. Yes, rightly so, she is really an imposter who has no conscinece; how can she sleep at night, I just don’t know.

      • NBC=Nefarious Belial Cult!, she might be a hybrid!
        Look at her eyes they are demonic, there’s something truly wicked in them, you know what they say “windows to your soul”
        I don’t know for sure if it’s her but that woman does not look right!!! The eyes are pure evil.

      • MIKE HUNT

      • yeah right, how all the tyrants , mafiosi, and bad men in the world just sleep i wonder. Dumbass.

    • The parting in her hair is also wrong. its a terrible double they got, but then maybe thats also done on purpose. Tricky bastards!

  8. Conspiracy? They have a whole system for vaccine injuries called “VAERS” lmao what’s conspiracy about a whole system full of injured people?


  9. She reminds me of the a.i. Simulation, as we never actually saw her in real life, but remember they use clones, but anyway its a another way of distraction..
    In the Bible it says to turn your eyes on Jesus.. Also there is a song, turn your eyes appon Jesus.
    Thank you hugo, brilliant video…

    ((- John3-16-17 -))

  10. She’s clearly not the same person. It’s very obvious. Her face is different. hair totally different and her spirit is totally different. Watch the original nurse who almost had a quiet spirit but this one is very cocky.

  11. I agree it’s a mockery of the Resurrection. If she were in danger of death or had recurring symptoms of losing consciousness she would have had medication in place or a death certificate. To send the instagram message “see you on the other side” confirms the joke and I suspect payments were made to all those involved in the charade by the usual crew.

  12. All by design she played a role, possibly to help with the next vaccine drive

  13. It just shows the level of doping up and dumbing down amongst the species that they can hear news that Tiffany Dover has finally shown her face, and they just accept it as reliable info and all that goes with it. I was very unbiased in my view yesterday, but now I can clearly see that T1ffany 2 is an impostor.

  14. LOL, she even came up with the stupid excuse that she often ‘passes out’… hello? Do these people think we are dumb?
    Obviously only the coviditots will swallow these lies.

  15. We need some face recognition AI to tell us whether it’s really her or not!


  16. If it is her she now looks like a man. Look at that brow ridge. Wow!😯

  17. I am VERY good with faces. I’m able to spot very young actors for example, who never become famous till decades later. I’m able to recognise people whose looks have really changed. For what it’s worth, I do not believe this is the same woman. The forehead is a different shape, far more sloping back than the first. The nose is a different shape, it’s easy to see. The whole aspect of her cheek bones is different in the new one,even allowing for weight gain, the relationship of distance and angle of them, is in relation to the sides of the head very different. The hairline and angle of growth (despite the parting) is different. She has been hired to take on this identity, probably paid a massive sum. All your logic Hugo is correct.

  18. In addition, even the eyes are not a match. Notice the inner corner on the older picture; she has a kind of flap over the corner of the inner eye, this is entirely missing in the new girl. Those things do not change.

  19. This – most likely – actress has a momentary “dupers delight” smirk at 3:17 in the video when she says “I just hope they believe it” well, yeah right…

  20. Hugo… have you seen that AI that can change a voice into a rappers, I think its called Jay Zs AI Verse or summat like that.

  21. never ends. so now my sister is finally talking to me bc our dad is making her and she has to put her pronouns at the end of her email. like duh i am your little sister and we are in our 50’s not 5.
    alleluiah nothing is ever easy.
    God give me sustaining grace and a path to trust God in every confusing way.
    how do i keep the peace but not deny my faith on this personal level.
    let alone the day that the trannies make us wear the ribbon or die.

  22. Looks like a truther trap and psyop, but there’s also no way she’d be-able to work as a nurse if she kept fainting.

  23. The smirk in her face says it all. Everything is different with this imposter crisis actor. Voice is slower and different tone, hair is different. Entire story is a hoax.

  24. “Tiffany Dover”, in Chaldean numerology = 7.

    The number 7 is influenced by Neptune. The planet of spirituality, philosophy and mystery.

    The number 7 forces you to “make illusions and delusions”.

    The number 7 represents the card Chariot – The victory.

    Make of that what you will.

  25. They must have shut the cameras off as soon as she fainted 🤔

  26. The new video of her could have been done by AI. It just came to my mind.
    God bless Hugo and all

  27. …like we are not living in the world of plastic surgery, deep fakes and look alike for top politicians. The simplest solution is often best. She could make all this collapse if only she had shown herself after the mayhem. but nooooooo, she waited for 2 years… yeah right.

  28. I have no idea who this person is. I do not watch fake new. Nothing from the main stream media is true. Nothing but crap probably paid for her to hide out. Another paid up fake trying to fool the masses.

  29. A fake faint for starters. Why? Who knows, maybe getting people programmed to know there’s going to be adverse reactions, yet the idolisers continue to believe their government deity, their science deity, their TV deity – I noticed she looked to her left and held steady until the man had her in his arms did she feel confident enough to ‘collapse’ (probably knowing she won’t bang her pretty little head).
    I feel this was done for a few reasons. Dead or alive this is merely one of a catalogue of things the living dead are disinterested in…..give them the Xfactor, Netflix, who’s got talent, soap operas, HolyWood movies, sporting events and all their bread and circus…NOW you have their attention.

    Socially engineered Tavistock test subjects since birth. Until their awakening occurs as spoken in Corinthians “not all souls shall sleep, but shall be changed, in the blink of an eye” this was the scriptures best description of my own veils being lifted after many years dedicated to researching after recognising the things that didn’t add up…..once our veils are lifted we cannot unsee the lies and controlled narratives that like the pied piper, are leading the masses and have stolen their minds, shaped, moulded and manipulated their minds and in turn their realities and perspectives……what a weapon this MSM/TV/Papers/Radio has = the famous radio book reading about an alien invasion had the masses packing their cars and leaving their cities in a panic was a magnificent test….which worked.

    Sorry, I digress.
    Love your videos Hugo, and more so, your scripture to strengthen and back up its truths and warnings.
    Much love brothers and sisters

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