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106 Comments on “Multiple Partners & Menopause Patch / Hugo Talks

  1. She’s rampant is Carol, loves the young men and they line up too. Get your name Hugo for September if she can fit you in fanar, fanar.

      • She’s wearing a mask, in the car. Maybe it was virtue signaling. Or dumb? 5 partners? What/who are the 5 doing? Diseases are real. Hepatitis, Sexually transmitted diseases/infections. 1st Corinthians 6:19 “Do you not know that your body is a temple?”

        That squeak in her voice was great acting, maybes it’s because I couldn’t see her face.
        Or she was really getting choked up. Is it possible she was fooled? Like a million people across the western world alone. Who are ignorant and believed the media barrage of lies. And “just wanted to get back to normal.”
        Take note, the “leaders” of the world have stopped saying “new normal.” This is it, or worse.

        The Bible says it will get worse. No worries though. Matthew 6:26 “Behold the birds of the heaven, that they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are not ye of much more value then they?”

    • As they say, No whore like an OLD whore.

    • This woman is what we, here in the US, refer to as an “Old Skank”. There was a woman like this in a little town near me in Texas that acquired the very appropriate nick name, all over town and beyond, of “Sticky Britches”. All comedy aside, the agenda this person is promoting is one that is extremely damaging for young ladies in particular. No decent men want a woman who has engaged in this type of behavior for either a girlfriend or a wife. All of this is very damaging to the fabric of society and the more people who behave like this the worse it is. It is part of an anti-family and anti-human agenda.

  2. Yes Hugo, the jabs are at the back of it all. My daughter knows several women who have had their bodies ruined by the jab. This is probably an effort to deflect attention away from what the jabs have done. Bastards.

    • She was pushing the jabs too. See my comment further down!!!!

    • Well said Hugo. In addition I’d like to add that the primary objective of sex the way God made it is to make a baby. If you are going to have sex be prepared to have a baby. Even if you’re married, your are not to use “protection” because it’s a sin as you are wasting the seed(sperm) and not intending to have a baby. Hence only married people should have sex, as they are in position to raise the baby together.

      That’s the biblical way.

      If people followed God’s ways there would be no abortion..

  3. It may simply only be because a petition has been generated about many woman needing to meet the high and rising prescription costs for menopause therapies.

    Agree, there could be an agenda here. However, having had the testosterone patch 20+ years ago and a couple of days after having life threatening surgery whilst feeling at deaths door, trust me I felt like I had so much energy within ten minutes of applying the patch. However, I was only permitted to take it for 2 days because I had acquired a blood clot during surgery and it was determined I shouldn’t have been given it to begin with.

  4. I agree with your thoughts here, and believe that it explains my inability to form close connections since a woman I loved left me 25 years ago. We get back what we give off, and I don’t trust people anymore, as we’re all wrapped up in egoic needs, myself included. Hopefully, I can live my remaining years in a better manner.

  5. You are spot on. Except where as you think there is a real God. That God is actually a group of beings who nutured humanity through the ages. All will be revealed Hugo. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    • Nonsense. The Bible makes it quite clear that there is ONE God and ONLY One !

      • Is Elohim singular or plural?

        Exodus 20:3 (and Deuteronomy 5:7) “you shall have no other gods before me”: This does not say there were no other gods, but rather infers that there were…!

        Proper translation of the Bible actually seems to make it quite clear that there was more than one god.

      • @Al
        Well if we want to get technical. Elohim is used in the Bible for God/YHVH… But also false god’s like Baal, Moloch, the god’s of Egypt.
        In the Hebrew verse of Deuteronomy 4:28 “And there ye shall serve gods, the work of men’s hands, wood and stone, which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell.” The word used for gods in this verse is Elohim.

        Yes there are other gods. More like demon’s, who have rule over certain regions. The Bible speaks of areas influenced by spirits. Israel repeatedly… Read Samuel, Kings, Chronicles. They keep reverting to idol worship, because of outside spiritual influence and corruption.
        That’s why Exodus 20:3 says: “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

      • I believe this because the Bible is clear in Job that Satan cannot be everywhere at once. “Going to and froe.”
        So Satan has to have minions with dominion over certain areas which report to him. 1/3rd of the angels fell.

      • I am the YAHWEH, and there is no other; there is no God but Me. I will equip you for battle, though you have not known Me, so that all may know, from where the sun rises to where it sets, that there is none but Me; I am YAHWEH, and there is no other.…
        Isaiah 45:5

    • You are correct, only in that all will be revealed.

      Romans 14:11
      For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

      Notice GOD is not plural.

  6. Marriage is grossly over rated.
    Well done, Carol. You have my number if you want to make it 6.

    • One sexual partner in a loving relationship is the ideal.

    • How disgusting, she’s probably had it worked on (tightened/stitched up) like the rest of her. It probably plays individualised tunes also (like her phone), to accompany the differing rhythms so she knows who’s atop the situation/who she’s “entertaining” etc, even in the dark…… No doubt all finished off with the countdown tune…

    • hahahahaha thank you! glad Im not having lasagna for my tea tonight! :)))))

  7. I met a man online who felt utterly condemned by God for all his sleeping around ..he felt he was damned to Hell ,whereas before he fell from grace he said he was a mighty man of God. He was suicidal and terrified at the same time. I spent years trying to help him. I gave up. The last time I spoke to him he told me he was worse, mentally . Fornication is the road to death , I’m certain of that .

  8. Lol’s, bloody hell Hugo, nice one! i was onto the Vord donkeys years ago, you know when this “great mathematician” (think that was fake also, besides all the silicone and plastic since, of course) got all those debtors to consolidate their loans, landing up costing them a hell of a lot more and putting some in dire straights… She got away with that Scot Free…
    The Spanish pronounce their V’s as B’s, that would make her Bord-er-man. There must be a reason man is in her name, she obviously gets bored easily but can’t get enough cockney to be going on with, what a pre-dick-a-ment…..

      • Fancy seeing you here my Scottish friend, and thanks very much, you’re not bad yourself, especially considering what i come out with. There is hope in Scotland after-all, but i knew that really, re the very few Scots i have chatted with before who were brave and ethical enough to be honest, you’re in a rare club…
        I don’t consider myself “intelligent,” in the “normal” sense of the word (and i’m sure i’m not), although i feel my mind/heart has expanded enormously in this process, it was always there, just needed bringing out. It’s an incredible feeling and i have “the enemy” to thank for it… Funny how things work out…
        Hugo on the other hand surprises me, he’s just amazing and is doing a great job. It’s like listening to myself (not bigging myself up) without the scripture. Obviously he’s missing a few aspects from my catalogue also, but he would be taken out/silenced if he went down those roads, so maybe that’s where the intelligence comes in, lol’s..
        The lad is spot on in most of what he comes out with, imo of course, even regarding the bible, but he is “forgetting” that it has been messed with, not least by a Scottish Templar, King James, what are the odds…
        If you think about it, who uses fear to control the masses, i don’t think God would need to do that, and yet the bible is full of it, you just need to twist a few things here and there, the “best” lies are not said, also 95% true…
        The bible used to be the “information highway” of years past, put in “every” hotel room up until recently (as it’s now getting in the way), these parasites are going to get hold of it and corrupt it to their own ends, and they have i feel… That’s where Hugo and i differ as far as i can see, but it’s no biggy, for me anyway… God, the creator/creators is/are real and i’m very thankful for every day…

    • So true, I hate to think that the bible has been messed with but it would be naive to think that it hasn’t been. I never thought about what you said about God not wanting to put fear in people but it makes so much sense.

      • Thanks for seeing the point… Yep, the bible is amazing, i can discus if for hours and have, however “they” corrupt everything good, if they can. Some people can make it back though and they are usually the more tolerant, loving and insightful, “if allowed,” so there is hope for all of us, lol’s… You Have A Great Day M…

  9. I was in a BBC documentary a few years ago and they were doing studies on “women” and menopause. It was the biggest lie ever and actually told the wrong results during filming. We questioned it and we’re told they would edit it before screening! Guess what? The results were not changed! I write to the BBC because the information they gave showed our group as unfit and prone to more issues during and after menopause if we didn’t take their HRT. in fact we were the less risk than those who took it! And wore yoga pants and did 10k hikes every day

    • The media are not there to inform/assist etc, they are there to manipulate and help the PiP’s (Parasites in Power) control the masses… The Media Are The Worlds Most Prolific and Accomplished Serial Killers, being polite…

  10. The devil relies on the children believing they are the sum of their parts.
    They forget that Flesh is fleeting and this journey is absolute.

  11. What an embarrassing old slapper she is. Doesn´t take a mathematician to work that out……

  12. If we have Jesus Christ of the Bible, we have all we need, i have him & i prayed for a wife & he gave me Debra… I have a Eve & Debra has me. Because we both have Jesus.

    John 3 16-17

  13. Sin is the transgression of the Law (Torah) – 1 John 3
    Everywhere the Word says “sin”, replace it with “transgressing the law”, and see how it reads.
    The Scripture from beginning to end, is the enemy getting us to transgress His commandments.
    Follow His Torah, keep His Shabbats, keep His feasts, and receive blessings from the Most High!
    Happy Passover
    Praise Yah

  14. You got me when you used ikea furniture analogy . I literally fell as I’ve been using the same analogy when witnessing to people.
    Indeed Bible is an instruction for life in Christ Jesus .

  15. Again I am proud coming from very conservative culture and times, in which a girl was supposed to get married to not necessary the 1st but definitely to the 2nd or 3rd boyfriend and she was not involved with them simultaneously.
    Problem or … should I say … no problem with sex, you are tackling Hugo, comes not just from media but also from non-judgemental propaganda that is being pushed on society. Society that would not dare to shame anything related to debauchery. Society that accepts anything that is perceived obscene by a person with a common sense. Putting aside religion and jabs, in my view promiscuity is not spiritual bonding. It is non-bonding, shallow activity. It is, in fact, spiritual deprivation.
    Sadly, guilt free promiscuity is pushed on children and my daughter talks about her female school mates who are in their early teens and have quite ‘rich’ sexual experience with multiple ‘boyfriends’. My friend whose daughter is 13y old has similar stories to say. It is lamentable state of affairs.
    Every adult knows that a sexual act to include foreplay is rather short lived, and is not a fundament to build on. There other fundamental factors that constitute relationship like an emotional intimacy, sharing joys and sorrows together, struggles and victories. Sex is just one of them. I’d say eating meals at the table together is equally bonding as sex, but I am afraid, I would appear old-fashioned.

    • Nothing wrong with having morals…..incidently in the bible people didn’t get married the way we think/do nowadays….the wedding is the consummation between the man and woman,(read Genesis 24:67) and not a big ceremony like we are led to believe……the wedding feast is afterwards.So when people sleep around they commit adultery.

  16. The Holy Bible intimates that women who behave like a whore are an abomination to our Lord. It is said by some that everyone has a price, but Carol prefers to keep that to herself. Nor does she say whether her partners are single or married men or women. Perhaps, for a women of 60 plus, having a number of partners is no more than pride or vanity, however, using the media advertise her sexual prowess leaves little doubt about her morals.

  17. What’s new, just more the promotion of degeneracy, & she should have some decency at her age, her poor grandchildren.

  18. I’ve got no time for her, but my God the pius thrive, “he whom is without sin etc.” As long as she is not hurting anyone, what’s it got to do with anyone else…
    “The “consolidation” scam she was involved in really hurt people, no-one says a thing… However, the inadequate and usually spiteful (goes along with it) just love the juicy bits (of others that is), which is far more of “a sin” (if it is) than she is “committing,” imo…
    “She has five boyfriends,” so what, Grow Up!!!

  19. Makes sense that the jabs could be there to bring on the menopause. The females I know who took the jabs had the period issues. Heavy bleeding etc.
    That would get their depopulation plan done. Interesting how it’s all unfolding.

    Another good video.
    So I reckon ugly fekkers like me, who can’t get multiple women are actually blessed!
    Happy days!

    • I’m sure you’re dashing to someone! You follow so that’s a massive plus!!! 👏😊

  20. These androgynes/hermaphrodites appear ready to do or say anything which will push their agenda, after all these jabs appear to have been nothing more than a steriliser, just as they did in Africa with the Tetanus jab, the clue should have been when they were issuing multiple jabs over a specific period with a yearly booster, this appears to be how the temporary sterilisation works.

    Check out what it says about the medication for dogs and ask why they were mad keen on getting as many jabs into ever yonger groups over the past 2 years, have they manufactured something similar, along those same infertility causing lines for humans?

    “Infertility Duration: 6 or 12 months – In clinical trials – 5 consecutive treatments – suppressed reproductive function in male dogs for 3 years
    Fertility returns post final treatment” – (page 8)

    • I agree with you that the jab is a steriliser but what about the increases in cancers, heart diseases etc from the jib jab? The Payload 2 documentary gives an amazing explanation of the jib jab harms to the human body.

  21. “There is a dullness, monotony,sheer boredom in all of life when virginity and purity are no longer protected and prized.By trying to grab fulfilment everywhere, we find it nowhere.”( Elisabeth Elliot, Passion and Purity).

  22. Shalom Hugo Happy Passover everyone 🙌🙏

  23. They have Demonized the natural cycles of Women since Big Pharma became a monopoly. Be you. Be Free. Embrace Womanhood like God wants you to. Men o pause is a MAN description of a Cycle that women go through. I also would like to know why MEN Doctors become Gynecologists?? I went to one such Doctor. Never again. Female OBGYN doctors understand Women, at least I hope they do. Right now I do not trust anyone from the Medical system at this time.

    • It’s only spelling… Why do women become proctologists?
      For me it would depend entirely on the demeanor of the doctor. A man can help with 100’s of birth’s, be an expert with a ultrasound. Gentle touch on the belly. Delicate with tools. As a woman can as well.
      Medically, I hear of hysterectomies being the norm. It’s bad, but there’s not much you can do about nodules on ovaries, or other problems in that area.

      Menopause happens as it does. Or I think it should. I don’t plan on taking Viagra or whatever when/if the time comes. The jabs are bad.
      I would rather no one take birth control. Because the synthetic hormones enter the water cycle. As a man, I don’t need the female hormones.

      Perhaps they were just not the right doctor. Their manner was not to your taste. Let’s not condemn them all!
      As for doctor’s… Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. Yeah, many are like lawyers… But so are most people. Anything for $.
      Also most importantly, no one is perfect. Everyone is fallible. We all need more grace.

      As a man, looking for a proctologist. I might prefer a woman for the mere fact she has smaller fingers, for you know what. :O
      It’s not fun.

      • Well said that man, modern day feminism (Rockefeller/Masonic construct) has a lot to answer for… Aristotle: “Masculine Republics give way to Feminine Demonocracies and Feminine Demonocracies give way to Tyranny,” which is where we are now under the tyranny of “Hate Speech” (“can’t” say anything unless it suits the agenda) and Virtue Signalling Zombies, must be all those female hormones in the water…. Being flippant of course, but there’s a basis of truth there, women have been weaponised, as have most “things”..
        Not saying women are things, before the virtue signalling cretins get going…

      • @ScotchMistConCeption
        I agree. Except it’s not women who have been weaponized. It’s femininity and conversely, degraded masculinity.
        Note the feminizing of males. Females becoming masculine. (Hormones or not)
        A reversal of roles. Anyone who thinks your statement is sexist, are plain ignorant. I see your “flippant-ness.”

        But it is also a reality. Gender/Women have been weaponized against “Western/Heterosexual Male Culture.”
        Who experiences at least 40-50+% of spousal abuse, degradation and promotion of self-hate? (Caucasian males)
        There is a psychological, targeted attack by the eugenic elite. Against the congenial (Nuclear) Family.

        Talk to a BLM activist, or a XR goof-ball. They’re both brainwashed, eugenic, Marxists. Calling for community child rearing, and serious disdain for males. To the point of disregarding fatherhood.
        And yet, most National leader’s are male. As a Canadian, Trudeau Jr. makes me sick.
        I love women. I love my mother. People are/becoming deranged.
        There is a plan to destroy the “nuclear” congenial family. It’s well underway.

      • Yep, sounds like you have a handle on the situation, good to hear, Kudos!!

    • No, the “men” is a reference to the moon, not a male! A woman’s menstrual cycle would naturally follow the rhythms of the moon but these have been messed up by artificial light, chemical toxins and EMF toxins.

      • @Marybarber96
        Is it really? The moon? That makes sense. Because people used to say: “How far along are you in your moon’s?”

        Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner! “Mary Barber, come on down! You’re the next contestant… What do we have for you today? IT’S A BRAND NEW CAR!”
        Watching “The price is right” now isn’t so fun. Inflation makes it so hard to play along. (Must remember the decade it was recorded in.)

        Thanks!! I learned something new. “Menstruation or moon time comes from the Latin word “Mensis,” meaning lunar Month, and is also related to the word “Mene,” meaning moon!” … “Menopause: The stopping of the moon.”

      • Oh it blocked my link because it had no text.
        “Well it’s true, I am Russian. I’m rushin’ constantly around, in my new car!!!”
        I thought it was too funny. It’s during the cold war. At least they could joke about thing’s back then.

  24. In reply to Al, the other ‘gods’ are anything that you put before God. Money, possessions, spouse, etc etc. Anything.

  25. You can tell we are living in end times. Promoting this kind of relationship to the masses as normal. It’s so sad. Men and women were not meant for this.

    As for menopause, it’s interesting. It’s more pharmakeia. Pushing hormones to change our natural responses and alter us. I note this one (testosterone) is all about increasing sex drives. As a 50 year old woman who is very reluctantly on a low dose hrt, I watch the promotion of hrt with horror. They must be anticipating a flood of women with hormonal issues.

  26. Shes part of the deep state….old bag, of course shes bragging its the new thing all about sexualisation

  27. the devil knows that happily married people display the glory of God’s beautiful plan of Jesus and His church. I am so thankful for my husband and I hope my poor sinful stupid children (what can I say, I was one too) will discover that wonderul prize of obeying God’s Word, the joy of trusting God that He is good and His ways are best. Turning to idols instead of our One True God is adultary and fornication. The ten commandments are really really really good.

  28. Thanks Hugo. Good inspired thoughts, you have insight. As Jesus said to Simon Peter, ““Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven” (John 16:17).

  29. I’d be surprised if Ms V didn’t go cold turkey after the first week

  30. Yes, the jabs affect the pituitary gland which impacts growth and sexual hormones resulting in premature aging and early menopause. I have noticed that the boosted women I know have unfortunately aged a lot in the past year. Payload 2 documentary describes this.

  31. I can’t say as much because I am a man. I can say that @6:28-10:00 was a great breakdown of lust and it’s fruit. With examples.
    I’ve heard of various menopause symptoms lasting a decade or more. Declining with time.
    I haven’t heard about this patch or woman. But I don’t watch MSM or go online much.
    I can say that I know having loose sexual relationships, can damage the mind/heart/soul.

    Not a medical pro. but a testosterone transdermal patch could cause hair growth, mood swings/aggression and all kinds of other things.
    That’s why some elderly women grow whiskers… Their ovaries are not producing as much estrogen and other female hormones.
    But if you add extra hormones you disrupt the system.

    Great scripture quotes. Thanks Hugo!
    James 4:15-17 “Instead, you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that.”
    But as it is, you boast in your arrogance; all such boasting is evil.
    Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.”

    Do these people feel any remorse, or are their minds seared by evil?
    It’s not me to judge, but the Bible says God sears minds. It also says He desires all to be saved and He is full of mercy and grace.
    Many people have been saved from the depths of evil. We can pray for God’s will to be done.

    (Walt Heyer, age 82. Former transgender, now married to a woman. Gives all glory to Jesus Christ. Saved him from a life of drugs and near suicide. Now helps others with their trauma and resulting sexual issues. Voice of facts and reason, when it comes to surgery/hormones/gender. A very selfless man.)

  32. Women in the West are on artificial hormones from about aged 18 to over 60, except when they are having a baby. The rest of the time, they are under the influence of artificial hormones made either form tortured pregnant horses (Premarin) or yams. I’ve never taken these, ever. I’ve gone through the menopause and turned from a very fit, strong person to an old lady with a lot of health problems. That is life. Carole Vorderman is an inauthentic person, She is being pushed to try and make older women feel shit about themselves, take drugs, have plastic surgery and think they should be promiscuous. Lots of money for big pharma in these patches and big medicine in the surgeries.No need to worry about it increasin the population as these post menopausal women are now sterile anyway.

    • HRT increases the chance of developing breast cancer (especially for the unfortunate jabbed) so the push for HRT could be part of the de-population agenda too.

      • Interesting view point. I’d bet she hasn’t genuinely got 5 partners.

  33. Money and marriage are promoted as unquestioned virtues when in fact these are blessings people can do good and bad with.

    • Can’t “like” for some reason, just letting you know.. You have a like, not sure about money being a “blessing” though, have a good day….

      • Mammon is not always a “blessing” for sure. Look at the ultra-rich. They have issues.
        Poor Robin Williams committed suicide, because of lewy bodies degrading his brain and body.

        Though God has “blessed” my family over the years. Keeping us from hardships that other’s around us suffer from. Maybe it’s because we don’t have the same vices, or expenditures other’s have.

        My family supports 3 children and their families through “World Vision”… Donates to Canadian drug counseling therapy (Teen Challenge) That’s $34X3 and about $25-35 monthly. ~$130-140 a month.
        We are not rich. We are frugal. Not to boast. This is our limit, we cannot donate any more $, because we need a “float” for emergencies.
        By the grace of God alone, our household has everything we need. Thing’s are getting tighter now.

      • I forgot to say: A fruitful, loving marriage is definitely a blessing. It’s not something to hastily/enter in lightly.

      • 100%, it’s a glimmer of hope that some people still achieve happiness together amongst the relentless divide and rule targeting, being polite..

    • I appreciate all these thoughtful comments. MSM is poisonous influence. I was highlighting that people are largely conditioned to attain financial fluidity and marital or equivalent partnership come what may. Very target-oriented. Then these are accepted as achievements setting people apart from and more to the point – above others with differing journeys. Setting both of these things as being beyond reproach, which is unreasonable. Hence the superrich may have probs, because it’s almost unquestioned as their crowning glory, and as their virtue. Although what did they decide to do with the wealth economic surplus. Marriage is viewed in the same light regardless of what goes on within the marriage, and elevating human status regardless. I don’t know if the Bible says anything about this. Jesus wasn’t married as far as I’m aware. So it’s not the only way of life and it doesn’t represent virtue, it may be an institution from where virtue is expressed perhaps, I’m not sure what that would look like. Happy marriage, definitely a blessing. Roof, job, solvency, health, connection, definitely blessings. Not possible to have them without money in this world.

      • @inevski
        I agree completely. Money is needed in this world, but “the love of money is the root of all evil.” That’s why God promises to provide in Matthew 6:26.
        Plus Luke 6:38 says: “Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure— pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.” And many other promises for generosity to be returned.

        Jesus was not married. There is no evidence He had relations with Mary Magdeline! Like pop. culture likes to promote.
        There is one verse written by Paul… Divinely inspired!
        1st Corinthians 7:8-9 “But I say to the unmarried and to widows that it is good for them if they remain even as I. But if they do not have self-control, let them marry; for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.” (Clearly, he was abstinent.)

        5 Partners? That sounds like a flame, that could be tempered by a loving marriage. If God wills it.

        One of my grandfather’s died, kind of pre-maturely. It was over 15 years before my grandmother re-married. The new union is definitely a blessing for her. And the rest of the family.
        My step-grandfather, though I call him Uncle. Is one of the kindest, most Godly men I know. He knows the book of “Hebrews” by heart. He can recite it from beginning to end. I aspire to be able to do that.
        “Nan, and Pop” are reserved for my biological family. It’s easier to discern in conversation. While keeping respect. Not calling an elder by their first name.

  34. The thing is that they talk as if everyone should be over-sexed like this and that there’s something wrong with you if you’re not.

  35. this reminds me of microneedle patch vaccination technology

  36. Another insightful video Hugo yes the archers trying to put across that this is how everybody should be living their life regardless of those that do believe in God and a fact that it should be one man and one woman together they are trying to make out that this is how we should all be living and yes it is interesting like you’re saying with and pushing all this about menopause I recently heard of a young woman who is 26 saying that she’s going through the menopause my first thought was OMG have you been vaccinated but she didn’t answer honestly I definitely think it’s accounting for a lot of issues within the women’s cycle not just menopause but I’ve heard of lots of stories of women who have been jabbed struggling with periods thank goodness my daughters never took it but it’s a real worry amazing insight you’re showing and I really do think God is speaking to you keep up the great with the great work that youAre doing Hugo

  37. This ties in with David Haye being plastered all over the media for having two red head girlfriends and that awful unfunny new film about a bunch of old hags who go to a football game or summat acting all slutty and cringy..

  38. It’s not good for man to be alone. He needs a helpmate. Woman who don’t marry aren’t doing their job and society suffers. A bunch of pirates and hobos instead of fathers and grandads

    • It’s a reductive thing to say on all fronts. Are you for real. Plenty of people weren’t married throughout history. What do you want, forced marriage, marital rape? People can marry for convenience or love and Lord knows whether it will last or can be worked at. Helpmate. We can all do with one of those haha.

  39. ‘Woman’ in scripture represents the carnal mind….whether it be a ‘harlot’ (of the world) or of Christ (Rev 14:4).

    • ‘the carnal mind of Christ’ what do you mean, explain pls

      ‘Woman in scripture represents the harlot’ sounds pretty male-centric interpretation of anything to me.

      This is all ungodly talk. Quote scripture, let’s have a look at it.

    • No it doesn’t! What a twisted way to interpret the Word of God! It’s men who are most prone to commit the Deadly Sin of Lust, as they’re more driven by their base urges than we are, and men who commit the vast majority of sexual crimes, men who are most likely to be perverts such as fetishists and paedophiles oh and it’s men who pimp out or even enslave women and little girls and even boys and live off immoral earnings so if any sex represents the carnal mind, it’s the male sex!

      • Think you may have bought the official line and we know that’s backwards..
        There’s a reason Eve got the apple…
        Aristotle: Masculine Republics Give Way To Feminine Democracies and Feminine Democracies Give Way To Tyranny,” and here we are…

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