Multiple Partners & Menopause Patch / Hugo Talks

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106 Comments on “Multiple Partners & Menopause Patch / Hugo Talks

  1. I think Carol’s father cheated on her mother with a 16 year old when Carol’s mother was pregnant with Carol. They had 2 children already. Carol’s mother left due to this affair and Carol’s dad didn’t want anything to do with Carol until she was 40. I guess this all takes it’s toll and she came from a broken home from the word go. Perhaps this accounts for her craving of male attention yet having no desire to marry, who knows. She’s pushed most of the ‘agendas’ lately anyway (the stabs, these other drugs, promiscuity) so she’s just another celeb to ignore (apart from that 2 min research on her background for this post). It’s pretty vile her advertising her promiscuity and being proud of it. And what happened to growing old gracefully? Her cosmetic surgeon will be laughing all the way to the bank with her repeat custom.

  2. I wouldn’t even use a modern plaster these days – NO TO PHARMAKIEA REVELATION 18:23

  3. Sometimes your words are not too great. When you say that someone doesn’t have to follow the instructions from the bible if they chose not to and that you should not be judgemental, you are wrong. The bible says that we Christians can and should judge a certain behaviour of a person with the goal to correct it and we should always say that all people should follow the instructions of the bible

  4. The menopause hasn’t been happening since the dawn of time. It seems to be a western affliction that we exported over the world.
    Tribes people and still a fair number in China do not go through this.

  5. A lot of slutty people. I had one partner, I met him when I was 16, he was 26. We had 41 faithful years before he passed 4 years ago. And he was no slut either, had a total of 3 partners, one being his ex wife. She cheated on him and left, so our marriage was Biblically sound. A traditional Christian marriage, he was the head of the house and had the final say. We would discuss, but he had the final word. I never told him no, if he reached for me, he got what he wanted. Women that use sex as a weapon make me angry. This goes both ways, if I was not feeling well, had an injury or something, he didn’t reach for me. Mutual respect goes a long way. People today give up too easily, over stupid stuff.

  6. I wouldn’t listen to one of these he-male celebrity’s Carol’s in the special ‘club’ They all are at this point – ‘her’ son’s been initiated recently It’s very easy to research these ‘people’ once you know wht you’re looking at As for judging we are actually allowed to judge the wicked and celebrities are generally full of wickedness

  7. With prostitution is a bit different story, most of them were abused as children, they only spin trauma all their lives…… Here this woman is promoting plasters with hydrogel and spreading spike proteins through many partners……

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