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35 Comments on “US BANK RUN As UKRAINE Win BANK OF YEAR Award / Hugo Talks

  1. The Wonder this country is Rich it’s got most of England’s money when people are starving in this country taking us for a right fool also America then mugs France any other country was putting into this country is crazy can send it from the beginning it’s all about money laundering it’s corrupt country

  2. Thank u Hugo for your information stay positive and close to our God almighty 🙏

  3. I don’t know how old you are, Hugo, but you sound like me, and I’m an Old Fart! Thanks for keeping us close to reality.

  4. Hey Hugo I been trying to get into the telegram group but it needs to be approved. hoping you see this God bless you

  5. Hi Hugo been trying to get into your telegram group but it needs admin approval. Hoping you see this
    God bless you

  6. the repentant remnant will be secure in God no matter what the antichrist does bc we belong to the Good Shepherd so we can even smile at our enemies and hope they get saved, too!

  7. “Silicon Valley Bank is one of the biggest evangelists of DEI and ESG – environmental and social factors,” he said. “In fact, just January of last year, barely over a year ago… they made a $5 billion commitment to sustainable finance to actually make for what they call a climate-ready, healthier planet. Well, guess what? That $5 billion would have served their balance sheet – how about a healthier balance sheet instead? And that’s something that actually, it’s a lesson that everyone else ought to learn by example. The lesson they ought to learn is not when you waste your money and burn it in a financial trash fire that… the taxpayers of this country are there to save you. No! It actually ought to be a lesson for everybody else that a healthy balance sheet is the responsibility of a bank, not… what they call a healthy planet.”

  8. When will this war movie end? Will it win the award for best film of the century? Will K. Schwab, B. Gates, S. Soros, the Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller’s, Black rock, Vanguard, and the rest of the Luciferian elites win best script writers and best director’s for this movie? Will their puppet actors in Zelensky and Putin win best actor and best supporting actor respectively? How many trillions will they be able to con out of the tax payers of America and the rest of the world to fund and bankroll the reconstruction of Kharzaria aka Ukraine into the world’s first fully automated “smart” digital beast nation in which everything will be digitized and monitored, tracked, traced, and controlled wirelessly 24/7 by the beast that is ‘AI mind cloud’ and the World Wide Web/internet which includes the ground-based 5G network and the 11,943 satellites of E. Musk’s “Starlink” constellation by 2030 as per their plan?

  9. Well to be honest, I have lived in my “overdraft” for most of my adult life. If all the banks crashed tomorrow all it would do is release 90% of the population from abject slavery. If NatWest want my house back the twats will need to sally forth on horseback with lances and swords and scare me out of it like the good old days 😂. Anything less will result in them getting binned off. The councils will be facing empty coffers as more people refuse to joinder with them. Equally bailiffs will need iron clubs and chainmail shirts to extort their pound of flesh. The Belligerent arseholes in government have broken the unwritten social contract and have already made attempts on our lives. We are in a state of perpetual war with our aggressors and whether people like it or not if they do not stand tall they will be crushed forever. It’s the best TV we’ve ever had. If you like action movies you can tune in for the Wars, if you like a bit of a thriller you can zone into the satanists. If you enjoy detective programs just spend a bit of time watching the fraud and corruption. I myself enjoy comedy so I read the Daily Mail and watch a bit of sky news. Anyone seen that “retired vice air marshal” on sky news bleat about how easy Russia is to beat in a fight. I have never enjoyed life more than at this moment. 2020 was the best year ever. It severed the slave mentality and awoke the fighting spirit. Do not be afraid because for the world to become a better place it’s got to get ragged to pieces first. We can all agree at this point the systemic issues are too large to be resolved. They want the chaos to bring the anti christ. I think their mistake is that ……. I will bend my knee for no man or beast. Not ever again. They want “war” and “struggle” well 10/10 they have achieved it. What they don’t realise yet is that……. We know who and what they are now. Each and every one of them. You can tell the tree by it’s fruit. On the day of the harvest the weeds shall be pulled up and burnt. Well I am a peaceable loving man and I won’t be doing anything violent. However I also won’t be complying. Not this side of a Viking style raid on my village anyway. Anyone who has loads of money and investments and is in danger of losing it should consider withdrawing as much as they can and giving it to the people around them in desperate need. Then maybe down the line all those they have helped will rally round and help them. For only by filling your brothers cup will your own be refilled. It’s not about what baubles you can hoard but what good you can do. Money is a tool, riches are a fallacy. Good luck to all 🫡

    • Really like your comment. That’s you speaking from the heart.. Genuine stuff. 👍

  10. You missed a some recent news, re SVB just before the collapse they transferred billions of $ to Ukraine

  11. Thanks Hugo

    All the dates on them ‘start up tech’ pages are all pre Scamdemic dates.
    And the energy crisis, planned!

    All planned in advance.
    But hey… we know that lol

  12. Lately, when ever I comment on, the comments just don’t appear. BTW, I’m virtually always banned in some way on shtbk. Another good video Hugo.

    • @ddelanougerede hi

      If any help your comment come up.

      I was advised by a kind person on here
      who suggested putting @ at beginning of comment.

      All the best.

  13. Hi Hugo, I wanted to say that I do get your videos recommended to me on YouTube, even though I don’t have the silly bell(end) icon on. I also get emails as I’m subscribed to the website, but every couple of months they end up in the junk folder, so I sort that out.

    The videos are getting to me fine personally.

  14. Great video, banks have always been there to serve the rich indeed… the Khazars that invented the system were trading worthless scraps of paper for gold… with a basis like that, it could never be a fair system.

    “Do you know Jesus ?
    Do you know Hugotalks ?”

  16. BTW I love the frequency of the word crp! It’s a London thing! Definitely my favourite word to convey CRP! 😁

  17. happy st. patties day everyone
    wear green or get pinched
    hope the road rises up to meet u

  18. Hey, just to remind everyone. The global economy crashed in February 2020… We have been printing money and warming up for war, before and since.

  19. Thanks Hugo! You’re one of the men who actually realize exactly what’s going on, know how to simply explain it and are actually standing up to spread truth and knowledge. I feel like I’m listening to a good friend when I hear you talk. Keep up the good work and if you ever find yourself in Mexico, please contact me, I’d love to buy you lunch. Buenos Días & God Bless you friend.

      • Indeed a refreshing change on here.. and in this day and age in general.

      • @Gina T

        Yes it’s important we keep positive with each other.

        Have nice day Gina.

      • Thank you.. Same to you
        Being kind and pleasant to each other, as well as tolerant and open-minded,are what more people on here, and in general, need to be practising. There’s more than enough agro and corruption and bad vibes in the world without us on here being at loggerheads.

      • @ Gina T

        Thank you.
        It’s a very good comment, I agree,
        Hugo is doing it ‘his way’ & so should we all.
        Life is crazy enough
        as you say without arguing between us all as well, it will get us no were.

        All the best now.

  20. Proof that the Earth will always be maintained by our almighy and holy God until the Day of the Lord. This is not to say that we should not keep it tidy; you keep your home tidy, so should we do the same with the Earth. This environmental crap is all a hoax. newspapers published that the Maldives would be under water in the 1990’s; still there…
    Genesis 8, following the flood, scripture tells us that God said these words to Noah: “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.
    Truth is that Day and night will NEVER cease until God decides it wil not; not man!

  21. Thanks Hugo for all your brave effort. I do appreciate what you do and want you to know that we need you to carry on the hard work.

  22. God is not the cause of human suffering. “Far be it from the true God to act wickedly!” states the Bible. (Job 34:10) Who, then, is the prime instigator of misery?

    Jesus called Satan “the ruler of the world.” (John 14:30) True, Jehovah is the Universal Sovereign. That position he will never relinquish. However, for a time, God has allowed Satan to rule most of mankind.​—1 John 5:19. this will soon end as the nations will declare peace and sucurity and false religion will be taken down this is the Great tribulation and the wicked will be gone following the tribulation satan too locked away peace at last x

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