Wieambilla Labelled Australia’s First ‘Christian Terror Attack’ / Hugo Talks

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45 Comments on “Wieambilla Labelled Australia’s First ‘Christian Terror Attack’ / Hugo Talks

  1. True Christians follow the teaching of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    A Cristian terror attack is a contradiction in. terms .It could not happen.

    • American Evangelical judeo-Christians support Israel, and therefore support terrorist activity.

      • The True Israel of God, there is neither Jew nor Gentile, but those begotten of the Holy Ghost, i.e. Born from Above. The term Christian can be used when someone sees Christ in you. In my opinion, those hiding under the cloak of some sort of denomination, non-denominational “religion” but not “Born from Above” are just warming church pews to ease their conscience. Many so called “churches” are just cults with a charismatic leader, whom the “church” members follow not matter what is taught. Bible study has to be intensely personal. All a pastor can do is pique a person’s interest to go home and study The Word, and the words in The Word from the original languages. I believe The True Church is The Body of Christ as Paul taught. Christ is the Head, we are the Body, and when The Head of the Body returns to planet earth, we are All One Body, in Unity, moving as one man. I once asked a friend, who has been “churched” her whole life, who believes in the Rapture (which is not scriptural, if anyone wishes to actually forget what they’ve learned in “churches” and study for themselves when this doctrine actually entered the church it was not taught in the early church)” I asked her so when Christ returns to earth, how can the whole world see Him at once? Her answer was the internet! duh!!!! I was shocked. No… When our Head, the Captain of our Salvation, The Alpha and the Omega, HE WHO IS AND WAS AND IS TO COME, returns to earth, the whole world will see The Head and The Body at once. In other words “Christ EN You, the Hope of Glory! If Christ returns in our lifetime, I refer to us as the “feet” of Christ, our feet here, planted on planet earth sharing Christ, following Him, not the antichrist. It will be glorious!! If I’m wrong… I’m still EN Him, no matter what.

      • No such thing as Judeo-Christian. I can’t stand that term. It’s ridiculous.

    • Their property was the last remaining one next to a gas field owned by Dick Cheyney, Rupert Murdoch & Rothschild. They were school teachers & were awake to the death jab & they were harassed to move, even the bank foreclosed on them. The police were paid to take them out & they sacrificed 2 young cops probably shot them themselves. Get it right Hugo. Check out Genie Energy & see whose on the board of directors, they’re robbing Syria in the Golan Heights oil I think thanks to that vile scumbag Netanyahu

  2. This seems to be a total pile of lies from start to finish about the ‘Train’ story in the Queensland shooting. The official story given as to the reason for the police visiting them was untrue. The teacher had tried several times unsuccessfully to expose a paedophile ring he had discovered within the teaching system at several schools which made him a target by the police who were involved. The house they lived in was also needed as a construction project which was planned to go through it and ‘they’ wanted the two people evicted. Allegedly, it was a gas pipeline. It was the last remaining property as an obstacle. If you look deeper into the story there’s a whole lot you are not being told. Strange coincidence that after the murders the police union opted to buy the property…

    • Please copy your comment on Hugo’s YouTube channel and even ask Hugo to pin it on top so many more people can see it !
      God bless you !

  3. Thank u I hadn’t heard that news but than again I don’t watch the news only programs I record

  4. The monsters from the WEF will not stop until they impose their ONLY one religion upon us.. the evil as leader. They used all the resources to lay low ( witty, tam, Wallace, sajid) avoiding the spot light thinking we have forgotten what they did to all of us. Unlike, the clown Boris and the slug Hancock trying to get back into the limelight. What happened to monkeypox ? Kraken variant? All scaremongering which it’s only working on the 🐑🐑🐑 we need to keep protesting against the MSM as they are the only way these scumbags will carry on pushing all their agendas. People in the Hugo tribe never give up. Our future can changed only by us if United. Let’s make sure we boycott anything these corrupt politicians try to impose on us.

  5. Question:
    Compare and contrast judeo-Christianity and Christianity.

  6. Your typical American evangelicalist supports that stolen land called Israel.
    So, yes, some judeo-Christians do support terrorism, Hugo.

    • This is true. I was brought up in the Kirk of Scotland. Supposedly, among the original Protestants.

      And, yet, I’d never heard of tribulations or raptures until very recently.

  7. First Christian Terror attack also implies that this is the start of their new soap.

  8. The Spanish Inquisition was a formal declaration to execute (not murder) those who denied the Christian faith, the condemned were witches, Satanists and Muslims. One needs to remember the Muslims (i.e. the Moors) had colonised the best pat of the Iberian peninsula and were entering France. The Inquisition occurred as the result to keep Europe Christian. According to the book “The Spanish Inquisition – an historical revision” by Henry Kamen (a Jewish scholar at Oxford University) the total number of those executed by civil authorities (not the Church) was around 75 documented.
    More importantly, Christ does allow for the penalty in Matthew 18 : 6.

  9. more like they were attacked by the police. sorta like ruby ridge or waco or january 6. Make christian conservatives the bad guys. take guns away. take land away. take rights away. Israel was promised to Abraham and belongs to the Jews. Sorry but they ARE the chosen people and it is a blessing to bless them. everyone is just jealous like Cain, Esau, Lot, Ishmael, the brothers of Joseph. Get a life anti semites. repent.

    • And who wrote that the Jews are the Chosen People? Oh, that’s right, Jews, in the series of books that they wrote, which became known as the Old Testament. Oh, and the people at Waco were the bad guys. Illegally stockpiling weapons, turning semi automatics into automatics …. They were mental. And why would Christians need guns anyway? What happened to turning the other cheek and loving your enemies? Oh, and there has been lots of Christian terrorism. You had the terrorism that was wreaked by the Roman Catholic Church, for about fifteen hundred years. The terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan. The terrorism of Bob Mathews and his Pacific Northwest gang The Order. The terrorism of Eric Rudolph. The list goes on ….

      • @ Old Cigarette If you care about the truth of “Waco” or at the very least hearing a more complete understanding,then insomnia stream did quite a comprehensive doc on it.I will say no more,make up your mind.

      • So you really think the people at Waco were nutty criminals. I don’t think they were that’s just the narrative they want you to know. They set those people on fire on purpose. Did the CIA kill JFK? Did Bush orchestrate 9/11? Is the COVID jab safe and effective? Is our food/water poisoned? Are the chemtrails safe? You might want to do some research on at least one of these topics and realize the govts are a criminal mafia. Don’t use Google, use Yandex, brave or any other search engine. Check out Brighteon.com

      • Show me where in the Bible it says the Jews are the Chosen people?

      • @Hilda, that’s a dumb question, similar to questions like ” where in the Bible is written that Jesus Christ was an orthodox christian?”. Well…Moses was a jew and God gave him the Law for his people to follow, stressing on many occasion that they should not mingle with idolater nations…

    • Nice try Serpent.

      Give me one scriptural reference in the KJV Bible which states 1: Jews are Israel 2: Jews are Gods chosen children. Should be easy right to find in 66 books both old and New Testament. Look forward to your answer so I can expose another counterfeit snake.

      Now I can find many scriptural quotes from Christ himself stating the complete opposite about them, they are in fact Satans offspring and they are NOT his SHEEP (nothing to do with ‘believing’ either, as you are either born as a Wheat planted by God or a Tare planted by the devil) And say they are ‘Judah’ but are not and belong to the Sinagogue of Satan.

      • Very correct, Karl.
        Adam to Noah to Abraham to Jacob (Israel). Jacob had 12 sons and one was called Judah.
        “Jews” wasn’t even a word when the bible was written.
        @Amber: Abraham was not a Jew, he was the great great Grandad of Judah (where the term Jew derives from), i.e. he predated Judah. Abraham was an Adamite (white man).

  10. So I take it none of you here have come across the point in history called the Crusades.

    The Crusades were a series of religious wars between Christians and Muslims started primarily to secure control of holy sites considered sacred by both groups. In all, eight major Crusade expeditions — varying in size, strength and degree of success — occurred between 1096 and 1291. The costly, violent and often ruthless conflicts enhanced the status of European Christians, making them major players in the fight for land in the Middle East.

  11. Gates did a talk some years ago – they’d looked at which parts of people’s brains lit up when looking at religious texts. He wants to target people who were motivated by religion so they are no longer motivated. In his mind they’re the ones causing terrorism! But we all know about him now don’t we!

    • They invented the “Funvax” to be used against religious extremists – they claim the found the “God gene”. Of course, that brings to mind the groups like Isis, but that’s not really their target.

  12. These people were murdered by a corrupt, nepotistic, & evil police department, the case is shocking, & these people were hounded.

  13. There’s so much wrong with the media coverage of this story. Not too long ago they tried to label them antivax extremists. Others insisted the teacher was a psychopath that brutally mauled wild pigs like a rabid dog and went into great gory detail about it. I’m guessing the person who wrote that article has never tried to man handle a wild pig before, I’d rather take my chances with a kangaroo. At least they’re predictable.
    And a well fair check? The original story was that they were responding to a possible hostage situation, with inexperienced police I might add. Then there was the officer that survived, the one everyone was celebrating for her ‘bravery’. Apparently bravery is running to a shack and hiding to call your parents while a curious civilian is murdered. Yeah, the media loved her for a couple weeks there. If this doesn’t scream coverup I don’t know what does.

  14. The Guardian again. I’m struggling here but is there any aspect of the globalist agenda that this Gates funded rag doesn’t actually support? It ticks every single box doesn’t it? Nudge journalism on full display for those who can see but not its pious readers of course.

  15. things u dont hear on the news : the corporate guvment association had been trying to get a gas pipeline across the property for ages b4 the incident, they refused. now the property is being appropriated by the police, and u betcha the gas pipe line will go thru it . also, they already knew of the dude making cross border trips with guns for months before etc, so why did they send rookie cops to “welfare check”? it’s a royal setup patsy load of shitte. great report , Hugo, as always

  16. OGC Quarterly report to shareholders 1st July – 30th September 2008 – the properties of both the alleged shooter’s & murdered neighbour appear within detailed maps from the above mentioned report in conjunction with the Roma to Brisbane Gas pipeline. Both properties would seem to stand in the way of this pipeline as the map & drawings clearly show pipeline running through both of these properties. Either side of the properties is marked as Coal seam gas wells. I would suspect the police have sacrificed 2 young officers & murdered both the trio & the neighbour.

    • And there were two army’s in the Bolshevik offensive,one behind and one in front.I see this much the same way.

  17. Hmm I wonder what most important book in western civilization up coming central bank digital currency policy might be about to directly contravene some of the most important parts of? Also predicting it would occur?

  18. It seems that govs can get away with anything these days by labeling the victims as terrorists. But of course it is not terrorism to flood the media with hugely exaggerated reports of a new viral disease and threaten people’s jobs in order to terrorize the them into lining up for dangerous and ineffective shots.

    Note the masonic black and white checkerboard stripes on the brims of the police hats in Australia and the UK. This is a sign that most of the higher ups (and probably a significant portion of the rank and file officers) are masons. The same situation applies in the US although they more often use black and white cars to signal this.

  19. “Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus. ” ( Saint Cyprian of Cathage, 3rd century AD).

  20. Catholic “church” received Pontius Pilat’s heritage. Catholics have separated from the Church in 1054.

  21. More subtle attacks on followers of Christ. People love to blame Jesus Christ for the sins of MAN. It’s just another ploy by Satan to turn souls away, and from finding Jesus. Keep quoting scripture Hugo. 👍🏻

  22. all of a sudden we have a new office called Population Health and Epidemics in our building at the senior center and i guess they are mostly obsessed with vaccines and registries, it really creeps me out they are seeming to target the old, young and poor. always going after the most vulnerable instead of breaking their yokes of bondage and setting hearts free. kinda makes me ill just thinking about it. I saw a video about a poisened raccoon in Ohio and almost cried, but what about all the people injured and the baby humans being offered as evil sacrifces.

  23. Globalist billionaires (Jews)
    Have implemented 9n western nations! Diversity, tolerance of everything! Open borders, gender confusion on our children. For decades.. With the help of all MSM!! God is banished from the minds of the goyim!
    Put in place, is free porn, cheap booze, gambling, drugs etc.. Which will destroy your soul.. England has been subverted into a satanic cult!
    They hate “Jesus Christ” this is war 9n Christians and patriots! If you love “Jesus Christ” and Country and your brethren! Then you are labelled a “Domestic terrorist, white supremacist etc! By the communists!
    15min cities, climate change, jabs all designed to kill and enslave us! UN agenda 21-30 is being implemented! Before our eyes! The government hate us! Local councils enact the restrictions… All working for the communist NWO!
    Our children are still being raped, all covered up! England stinks to high heaven! The English do not rule our lands!! We live under a globalist regime!!
    They must destroy Russia because it stands on orthodox Christianity, and the Russian people have their own identity.. No open borders, or promotion of perversity! It is the last bastian of christendom, nationalism! That is it’s foundation! And must be destroyed to implement the NWO!! The war monger! Media! Stir up lies and hatred against Russia!
    They’re desperate to take down! England capitulated! A long time ago! Our people have no idea! Who are what they are!! It’s all been hidden from them! Their heads filled with diversity, gay parades..
    Utter travesty!! We have sunk so low!
    We forgot our Christian roots!, At our own peril! And forgot where we come from! And the sacrifices our early ancestors made!!
    Confusion! Reigns! In England!
    Only the “Gospels of Christ” can set us free! And return to who we are! Only “Christ” can save you!
    The TV! Is from hell! Full of lies and deceit!!
    The “Gospels” is the bread of life!
    England’s history! Is rich in Christianity! Catholicism! Until the protestant reform! By the tyrant, Henry 8th! Who sacked, looted the monasteries! And killed the true men of God! Who would not bow to him!!
    England was thrown into chaos! Jews were let back into England by “Oliver Cromwell” protestant in 1656,, who took 9ver the finances in 1694 with the opening of the Jewish (Bank of England) usury! Usury!,
    Wealthy Jewish daughters married into the English aristocracy.. To dilute the bloodline of English nobility! Thus the Jews had a powerful voice in the corridors of power!
    Now they own an run everything! They orchestrated two wars against our Anglo saxon Christian cousins (Germans) to weaken christendom.. And sacrifice our people! Bankers got richer and christendom poorer!!
    (synogogue of Satan) masters of deception! Royal family since have been crypto Jews!!
    Jesus! Warns us many times who these people are!!
    They are parasites, on the host nation!! Now! Truth is lies! And lies truth! 500yrs England has been subverted!
    Now they are stepping out of the shadows!! With blatant lies! About our heritage and history!! We are Anglo saxon (Christians) as was our ancestors!!
    Many deceivers and liars abound! This is the truth!
    And the truth! Will set you free!
    Viva christore!
    Ave Maria!

  24. Maybe we should stand back and realise that everything, everything, that we think we know has been twisted or, outright, altered – to suit an agenda.

  25. @Hugo. Are you not going to do a piece on the surreptitious creep of rationing? A week ago, a University think-tank (Leeds, I believe) published a study which ‘suggested’ that our consumption (meat, heat and travel) should be rationed…in order to save the planet.

    Fewer than five days later, there’s a ‘shortage’ and people are being ‘rationed’ to three cucumbers…according to the usual suspects.

    Wtf buys three cucumbers…in the winter?

  26. I’d be surprised if these police officers even exist. Probably another hoax / false flag. Most of these shootings etc are just staged.

  27. Christian or not, how was this terrorism? What was their political aims?
    These sort of incidents happen every so often, mentally unwell people go on rampages when police show up. It’s completely reactive by people losing their nut, not some planned terrorism designed to achieve some political ends.

    This was a horrible incident, very much the making of the pandemic policy of the governments. You had these 3 already estranged from their parents, church community that they grew up in (bit of a Christian cult their dad was in) and even their children, now forced out of work and pariahed for not complying with ridiculous mandates and after one of them having nearly died from vax.
    The media managed to bury the fact the youngest brother had a heart attack after taking the first shot of the vaccine mandated by his job as school principal. All 3 had to leave their jobs in education due to not complying with the mandates (injured youngest wouldn’t take the 2nd) and they ended up holed up in a rural property thinking that there was a conspiracy to kill them. And they also completely left out the brothers had aboriginal heritage and identified as such (checkout the missing person report from Dubbo from when Nathanial Train fled interstate) – which was another factor in them being totally distrustful of the government.

  28. Very small correction. Logans age of ‘regeneration’ was 30. I believe having seen it many times at the cinema when it first cane out, that they were being recycled as food.

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